What Size Violin...

Dec 21, 2009

    1. ...would fit a 43cm doll?


      Or 15cm?

      I don't have my beautiful doll yet so I cannot measure, but...what do yall think? :)
    2. Don't know if this would be much help but the only one that comes to mind is a 20 cm violin from Dollmore. http://dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6544 In the last picture it looks like the smaller doll is the Dollmore Flock girl, who's 43.5 cm tall.
    3. No, that last pic is just to show all the sizes of instrument they carry. That violin is for the Model Doll size, which is 70cm so it'd be way too big.


      That's their MSD size violin, which is unfortunately sold out. :( I think there's a seller in the MP that sells MSD size instruments though, you could try there when you get access. :)
    4. MSDs are 1/4 size, so I would take the measurement of a real violin and divide it by 4.
    5. I'm guessing an average violin is about 24" long, making a 1/4 scale 6" which is 15cm, but that looks so big to me??!! ... but it does include the tuning thingy on the end, LOL....
    6. Thanks all for your replies!! :) 15cm it is!!