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What size wig for a Nissa?

Jul 12, 2008

    1. Ive searched the forum but cant find the answer anywhere!

      I have two new Nissa's that Id like to buy wigs for.... but I have no idea what size.

      Can someone please help!
    2. Are they the new Nissa's without horns? I love those and hope to get a boy and girl soon

      If you check out the tiny chart here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116773 Bobobie's Eric and Erin have heads of 4.33". If Nissa is the same, then I would guess at her needing a size 4-5 wig

      If you check out Denver dolls, I think they may sell this size

      Hopefully someone will be able to tell you for sure
    3. Size 4-5 is what I ordered for mine, and it fits perfectly!

      Also, although some websites still have it wrong, a Nissa without a horn is now called Elfkin by Bobobie. ;)
    4. Here are the measurements.

      * Overall Height:15cm
      * Head Circumference: 11cm
      * Head Diameter: 4cm
      * Neck Circumference: 5cm
      * Shoulder Width: 3cm
      * Arm Length: 4cm
      * Body Length: 4.5cm
      * Chest Circumference: 8cm
      * Bottom Circumference:9cm
      * Leg Length: 5cm
      * Feet Length: 2.4cm
    5. Thankyou sooo much! Now my little Elfkins (hee hee) can get some wigs for their cute litle bald heads!

    6. =^.^= No problem!
    7. oooo - thanks heaps. :)
    8. No problem, I was looking anyways because I myself am tempted to get one of the little guys.
    9. LOL - they are too cute to resist!

      Looking at the wigs, there isnt really many that suit an elfish type little critter. So I think I might put an order in with Anji for a couple of Mohair ones. I think they would suit the Nissa/Eflkin better.