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What tinies can wear Riley clothes?

Sep 12, 2008

    1. I like the clothes made for Helen Kish's Riley. I know there must be tiny bjds who can wear them. I tried searching but only found information about the shoes. Does anyone know?
    2. I have only used the shoes for my Pocket Fairy.. and I have a few outfits which are a bit too large for my Elfdoll Hana.. a bit too wide IMO
    3. i used Riley clothes for my Lati Yellow SP when I had her. shoes were too small, but if the clothes were a little stretchy they fit.
    4. I just did a search on here for Riley Kish and came up with quite a few threads disgussing her clothes and who fits them. I know that the Lati Yellow Special can wear some but some of the Riley trousers are tight or nigh on impossible to get up over the Lati Spec. bottom, especially if they don't have any opening and are quite fitted.

      I think there is a Rosenlied doll that also fits the Riley clothes and the little Elfdolls can wear some of them if the clothing is more fitted.

      Also the Custom House Bisou Ai can wear Riley clothes and I believe even the Riley shoes fit them too.

      Hope this helps. :)
    5. Thank you all.
    6. My J'aime Adonis, regular size, can wear Riley Kish dresses. Also, my LaTi Special Yellow, Custom House Bisou Ai, and ElfDoll Hana and Doona wear her dresses. Hana and Doona can wear the shoes, hat, and jacket from Riley's "skateboard" outfit, but not the pants.

      Riley shoes fit my LaTi Yellow, renewal size. Also, my Hana and Doona wear them with thick socks.
    7. great- I had the same question- glad to know lati yellow will fit them!
    8. Pipos Baha can wear Riley stuff but I don't own anything to show.
    9. I've just discovered that Isabella from Bobobie can also wear some of the Riley Kish clothes! The teeshirts that I have fit fine and some dungarees fit like short dungarees and they look really cute. I have a couple of skirts made for Riley that also fit in the body and make short little minis for Isabella, who is so much taller. :D
    10. I dont think so or Im horribly confused... My Idolls are almost the same size as Baha and I thought I had Riley clothes for them but apparently not if J'aimedoll Adonis fits in them...
    11. the baha thread discusses Riley dresses...hmm...
    12. I think I'm wrong actually, or the person who said my dolls didnt fit in Riley clothes was wrong.. Comparing their measurements, theyre very close in size with Riley but I keep finding different measurements for Riley so I'm not sure which I should trust :sigh

      I think maybe I'll make a chart like Carolyn's with more details......
    13. Lati yellow and Jaimedoll Adonis (same size as Lati yellow) can wear Riley dresses very well, but probably not pants, because there might be a leg length difference.
    14. All of the above ..and my Coco and BonBon ...I have found they fit several of the Riely range ..go figure LOL ...

      I wouldnt trust the pants to fit ...but I do have a couple of Riely patterns so I should give it a try too


      this is one of the outfits on her ..and its fab ..just a tad too long ..but she can pull it off

      they also fit my CustomHouse BonBon :D