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What tinys work well with the Sylvanian Families furniture?

Jan 16, 2008

    1. I am saving up for a couple of tinies right now, and one of the things I'm wondering is which ones work with the Sylvanian furniture. I would love to see pictures of dolls next to the furniture if it's at all possible. I really like having a whole little world for them to be part of, and I absolutely love the Sylvanian stuff. Pons and Pukis are the ones I'm really hoping work with them. Thankies for any help anyone can give me on this :)
    2. According to this great article called Universal Scale Converter:

      Normal dollhouse furniture is 1/12 scale. Fisher Price furniture is 1/10 scale (a bit larger). I know both of those work ok for 14cm dolls that looks like preteens/teens (Banji and Elfdoll 14cm) though the pieces can be a bit small for them (especially if they are not really as big as they should be). Chubby baby dolls 14cm tall might look too large in these scales but it would work if the chairs were wide enough, etc).

      Sylvanian Family furniture is about 1:16 scale. I have seen isolated pieces (chests, etc) used as representing smaller cabinets in a 1/12 scale house. but if you want a doll that will actually fit in the furniture, I think you will need the tiniest of tiny BJD's - 9.5 to 10cm, maybe 10.5cm, and if the doll is very chubby some pieces may be unusable (chairs may be too narrow, etc).

    3. What I'm hoping for are actual pics of tinies with the furniture. I know scale will be a little off, but that's okay. I can't think in terms of scale when it's represented as a number. Numbers and I just stare cross eyed at each other *_* I will be much better able to make a decision based on peek-chures :) But thanks, Carolyn :)
    4. I would think the Sylvanian furniture would be much better used as toys for your dolls being that they are so small.
    5. tinybear has a dollshouse with bjds in... I've tried to find the link but the server's down at the moment. If you go here http://littlebloomers.tripod.com/tinybearstinyhug/ then click on the flicr pics in the links you should find her dollhouse pics which is full of furniture for her tinies

      If you search 'dollshouse' on this section you'll find lots of threads with ideas for dollshouse bjds, furniture and clothes etc.

      I have two houses left to do, one is a cottage and I'm currently paying for Bonbon for that one, and I'd eventually like a Moona for that. The other one I'm going to use tinybears for inspiration and not be so fussy about sticking exactly to 12th scale so I can fill it with tinies eventually :)
    6. they work with puki puki...i cant take pics right now since i have no camera! outfits are too big though. i have cookery sets and the little knives, rolling pins and boards all fit well to her. though she looks a bit scary with a cleaver LOL.
    7. I used them with my PocketFairys ....and they are larger than Puki
      I have to work today ...but will try and get pictures for you

      as long as you arnt too fussy about exact scale I think they work ...because they are so damn cute

      this is what I call my MishMash home

      Its new baby born house , with 12/scale , Topper Dawn , Pippa ,,,the kitchen is Sylvanian Family ,with a Ssin , which is about the same size as a Puki :)
      but my Cat kept sitting in it so I had to put it away :)
    8. Great picture, Carrie! I keep meaning to look for Sylvanian things, must go and check!

      Where do you get the tiny stands from?
    9. i bought the party & washroom set for my puki puki
    10. Thanks everyone so much!
      Datsuki- I am amazed that the clothes don't fit the Puki. Are the Pukis really THAT tiny? Wow! I don't know if a Puki with a meat cleaver would worry me nearly as much as a Naripon *cough- Juniper Snowpea-cough*
      Tinybear- That picture is exactly what I was looking for! I love your little mish mash house :aheartbea I understand having to move it because of cats. It's too bad. All of my doll stuff is in a glassed in cabinet for that very reason.
      abbytrysagain- have you taken pictures yet? I would love to see a full blown Puki party :aheartbea :aheartbea
      I really am just a junkie for the dollhouses these dolls live in. Almost as much as I am for the dolls themselves. It's why I prefer tinies. It's just not practical to house the larger dolls the way you can the smaller ones. I'd love to just do a row of the Calico Critters/ Sylvanian Families houses on a shelf, and put in landscaping and sidewalks. Sigh. It's a lovely dream :)
    11. So the Tiny Baby Born furnishings fit well with the Pocket fairies?
      The Calico Critter's things are too small....
    12. they do ...my PocketFairys are wearing the outfits I think on that picture
      and there are some Tinybaby born toys and the like

      I do like mixing all of the scales :)
      Oh dear /now I have seen my old Aga again ...I want a Milk or green tea again ! :)
    13. The Sylvanian/Calico Critters stuff is very erratic in scale. For instance, in the kitchen set, the table is much higher than the stove or counter tops. It really is not in very good proportion to the Critters themselves. I have some for my Gienie Lillica and it works nicely enough for her. The short seats are well suited to her toddler legs even though the beds are a bit short. Click images for larger view. [​IMG][​IMG]
    14. Oooh time to dig up my Sylvanian treehouse from under my bed because my Lati White just arrived!
      I have him sitting in a Sylvanian chair right now and it's perfect :)

      Will take pics of him with the treehouse tomorrow or something.
    15. Dug out my old tree house and took a few pics just now, hope these might help.

      Here's a Lati Sp White (12cm) standing outside the treehouse.

      Standing at the top - you can see that he's a bit too big.

      The reason is because he's that wee big taller than the real Sylvanians.
      (Don't ask me why I have a bear for the father of a squirrel family!)

      However, some props might work - isn't this cute?

      Even though the scale is off, the little potty works well, I think.

      I've got some random pieces of furniture lying around somewhere...I'll try to find them if anyone is interested.
    16. He looks very cute! Thanks for posting those pics everyone! I've been wondering this myself.
    17. I can't wait to get my dolls and try out furniture. Thank you for all the pictures. This helps.
    18. I'm just bumping this old thread up to see if anyone has any more recent photos - in particular with PukiPukis.
    19. This is Sparrow with the Calico Critter's/Sylvanian families girls bedroom. As you can see she fits in the bed but only just.

      Here she is sitting at the desk. She fits but the chair is slightly too short for her legs. But it does work though.


      Here she is with the dressing table.


      Hope this helps Smudge. :)

      Fairy hugs,
    20. Thanks Coco. The photos are really useful.