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What to answer when people ask about the cost of your doll...?

Dec 8, 2010

    1. I searched about this topic, but couldn't find any. Apologize if there's already a post that is similar to this one, and please delete it for me! thank you!

      So... when I take my doll out, I got a lot of this:
      "oh my god~ what a lovely doll... how much is it?!"

      and I'm not good at lying, so usually I just told them the approximate cost.

      then I'll got this:
      (look at me/ my doll and think I'm ridiculous) "why so expensive?"(with a "its not even worth it" voice)

      Then normally I didn't want to continue with the subject any furthur, so I respond "haha / hehe"

      but sometime people just started to compare my doll to their kids' toy or the things they like...
      "oh~ I could buy 2 laptops out of the money you spend on your doll" or "my kids doll are way cheaper than yours!"

      I believe its not only me, most of the BJD owners must've been through this :eek:

      So, the question is... how'd you guys answer this type of question!?

      Apologize for my bad grammar :'(
    2. I normally just answer up front. But I make sure to quickly add in facts about the dolls to make them seem 'cooler'. Or perhaps why they were so expensive (limited, fullset, etc)

      My SwD Yui is a prime example. I spent $850 on her, but then again she is a fullset in pretty pristine condition. I make sure to add in that her outfit is by an expensive designer in Japan. Also, maybe explain what they're made of, the fact you can change them, etc. I like to make sure people realize they are more like art.. Less like people's "kid's doll" and it sometimes softens the blow.

      Then again, I still think the amount I spend is ridiculous. Some people will never accept the price. But you know us in the hobby do ;) That's gotta be kind of comforting, right? LOL
    3. i too am bad at lying. I never bring up the price at will. It's really no one's business but i guess some can't help but ask. My only doll right now is at the cheaper end but when i shop people the next one i want who's 450ish i just say 400 lol.
    4. I know this has been discussed somewhere.

      But, to respond to your scenario, sometimes people end up making an awkward situation more awkward - like a friend of mine had a scenario like that.

      They were prepping for a meet, and decided to walk around inconspicuously, and take some pics. Two women came up to her and complimented on the doll, and there was a little b&f (back and forth).

      Then *that* question came up.

      My friend doesn't really care about spending x amount on a doll, so she says it's around $700. Well, the universe stopped for a moment. After what seems like forever, the ladies talk to each other about how anyone could waste so much/ how she must be inflating that A LOT... when my friend is right there.

      We don't know why they decided that they were suddenly in their own world, but we agreed that it's really rude to just talk bad about someone to their face. They didn't have the decency to even walk away first.
    5. I don't like talking about money or extravagent expenses, especially with strangers. I may answer that it costs me a "pretty penny." If they ask again, then I'll just confirm that "I just told you. It cost me a penny." The humor or the awkward answer should diffuse the situation. If they keep prodding, then I'll just be serious and tell them that it cost me a lot, and I don't like talking about my expenses. It may alienate them, but we probably wouldn't get along anyways if they're that pushy.
    6. Well, actually if someone asks me, I'd just tell them upfront. I mean, I saved up for months knowing full well how much it cost, so I was proud of my doll! Yeah, I did get a lot of "I can't believe you spent money on THAT" and "You could have bought a laptop with the money" kinda statements, but goddangit, there was nothing to be embarassed or shameful about! It's my money, they can judge however much they want *__*. I'd usually just laugh merrily knowing they would never understand what it felt like to have a doll you've been waiting for for weeks to be in your hands~
    7. I usually just say either $300 or $400, depending on if the person is just curious, or if they are pretending to push him over or something and I'm saying, "hey, that costs $400 to replace!!". For the curious people, I say how much the doll cost without any clothes/wig/etc. For people who want to handle him or poke him while he's standing, I add it alllll up, in a "you break it, you buy me a new one" tone ;)
    8. I mostly just say it was expensive and leave it at that. It's enought to satify most people, I've found. But if they're really interested/they press the issue, I'll give a number. I'm not really comfortable talking to people about something that expensive when I'm out getting pictures on my own. In a group? I'm less afraid of things XD But alone or in a small group, I try to say as little as possible. That's just me though ^^ It looks like most people have no such qualms, haha.
    9. i say that they are expensive and if they want to knows more i just say what i haven payed with shipping and customs and that it's totally worth it XD
    10. It really depends on who's asking, and why. Sometimes I answer truthfully, especially if they're interested. Mostly, I just change the subject. I don't like talking to people about how I spend my money, and on what. Especially people I hardly know.
    11. It depends on who is asking and how it is asked, if they are a person I know well and they clearly like the doll and is interested I will tell them the price.
      If not I tell them "I would rather not say", or "The item is made by a small company and in hand made, a lot of work goes into perfecting the details of the doll, and that It is an expensive hobby."

      I don't feel comfortable disclosing the cost of items to strangers, you never know what they could try to do.
    12. When some stranger ask me about this I normally say: "More than you can imagine, it's a piece of art after all." That usually is enough for them. Even though...one day I met a really annoying woman who thought she understand art more than anyone and she was all pushy and when I told her the price, she was like: "OMG, you gave 1000 bucks for THIS?! Such a waste of money! If I were you, I would buy a real art and not this creepy doll."
      I was really pissed off, so I just told her: "And that's why you don't understand art at all," and walked away. I honestly don't like this kind of people.
    13. This came up for the first time tonight, actually. A friend of mine saw the Mecha Angels perched on a shelf in my office, and went over to peer at them. She observed/asked, "These were really expensive, weren't they." I just replied, "Horrifyingly." This was followed by snickering from both of us, and that was that.
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    14. I give a general thing: 'oh anywhere between 200 to 900'
      then I explain why they cost so much; materials, method, artists, so on
      I'm pretty good at being factual-like so people usually accept it :3
      I also explain tan skin in difference with normal skin- cause my girls tans and so she obviously cost a little more :3
    15. I get so fed up at people's reactions when I tell them what my dolls cost!....I'm not going to tell people any longer, I'll just say they are rare and only available to buy on the internet, and I love them dearly,Lol
    16. I've had this happen before. But when they give you the Line why spend so much on a doll. If I know them well enough I say I rember you buying X a while back and it cost just as much. To other people I say some girls buy rings and other jewerly and fancey cars. I hate those things so I buy dolls it all depends on what you think is important.
    17. I usually say the price with a bit of hesitation, because I know it's a lot of money.
      Usually something like: 'Well, the 60cm can easily cost around $500 or something'
      However, I know who is going to be sceptical, and who's just 'okay... that's a lot, but it still sounds like you're really enjoying it.'
      I'm fine with both. Unless someone's being a douche about it, but I've never had that before. Just the sceptical look of
      'Is it really worth that?'
      With strangers it's not a topic discussed.

      Price usually only comes up after I've sprouted a lot of info on them.
      The customization part and my enthusiasm seem to work wonders. (I seem to be
      good at converting people with enthusiasm) Oh, and add that it's a different, more
      fragile kind of plastic and the dolls are handmade. It tones the 'how much?!' a bit

      That, and I've been lucky never to have met someone who is a complete jerk
      about it.
    18. It depends on the situation. If it's a bjd person, or someone genuinely interested in getting into the hobby, I'll probably tell them straight up -- they might be able to use the info if they want the same or similar doll, and they're less likely to have a weird reaction to the price. If it's a total stranger out of the blue, I'll say "they're expensive, but there is a range of prices and you can get some good deals second hand." or something to that effect, where I'm not just blowing them off, but I'm not giving out information that to me is personal. With family I give them the same sort of line, or compare it to something they are familiar with (ex. they're like collecting artist resin model horses -- my mom, aunt, and cousin would get that since we used to go to model horse shows together). How much I spend on dolls is ultimately private info that I don't share with just anybody.
    19. I've met this situation before ): Will only answer the closest price to the ones who already know what's a BJD but not revealing the real price.
      The very first time my friends saw my doll and they were like wow and saying I'm crazy with it bla bla bla.
      I did the same reaction too,haha or hehe or I'll just ignore.
      It;s none of their business even if they think it's silly to throw in such a sum into this hobby,that's my intetest. :/
    20. First, I don't care about people that laught when I said I have a "doll".
      Second, I know I'm happy with my BJD ! Maybe people will be effraid when I'll say that my doll is about 600$... I just don't care. They can not understand. XD