What to buy first...?

May 18, 2017

    1. So, lately I've been struggling! I found a Leekeworld head that I've wanted, and he's lovely! But.. At the same time... I have a Migidoll floating head waiting for a body. But then again.. My almost finished doll needs new oscardoll eyes and jointed hands.... Why is this always such a difficult process?!

      Anyways, I was wondering if any others have had this reoccurring problem? Type out any stories, I'm curious!
    2. I ALWAYS HAVE THIS PROBLEM. I've literally had floating heads for YEARS. MULTIPLE YEARS. Bodies should be priorities! But everyone always needs clothes... and there's always a nice new head somewhere on MP... Wigs and eyes always get pushed aside too...
    3. I've always had this problem, though I usually prioritize getting resin over other stuff (since I will be more heartbroken if a head gets discontinued than a wig or clothes). Even now that my doll wishlist is shortening, there are so many wigs and eyes and clothes and accessories that my dolls need! It's hard to decide what to get first... but no matter what, shoes are last for some reason. XD
    4. I just bought a body for a head I've had for 3 years and half of my dolls don't have shoes because I have this very problem. I start off looking on the MP for a body or limited part I missed out on, and end up with a whole new doll entirely :doh They give me puppy-dog eyes, I swear :XD:
    5. I've had a similar problem recently where I was jumping between buying a full doll or a couple heads or buying some stuff for the dolls I already have. I eventually settled for finishing the dolls I already have, and I'm really glad I did. For me, it's almost more exciting to finish up a doll, make them look really amazing with custom wigs and perfect clothes and whatnot, then having a bunch of half finished, mostly blank dolls sitting around that I can barely photograph. Plus you can get more bang for your buck in this way, in my opinion; instead of getting a blank doll that I'd have to get painted and clothed and everything or a couple heads that would need bodies and then paint and clothes, blahblah, I can get a bunch of outfits, eyes, a fancy custom wig, a new faceup for my oldest doll, and even some props and accessories. Of course, I am slightly bummed that I didn't get the new guys I wanted (one was a limited preorder), but most dolls aren't limited and won't didappear immediately, and the limited ones will probably show up on the MP at some point in the future when my current guys are finished. That's just my two cents. :3nodding:
    6. I have a whole bunch of heads of which a couple are awaiting bodies while the rest... well, will probably remain floating heads forever LOL. That happens when I don't have unlimited funds but I still adore the sculpts and it's easier on me and my wallet getting the heads than the full doll and I figure some of the heads can share bodies with one of my boys. (Truth be told, I wish more companies would sell heads only for their dolls, looking at you Loongsoul and Soom). It's worse if they are limited because I'd feel like I need to get it first, but at least I'd have time afterwards to work on the doll at my own pace. Heck, nearly all my dolls are still "works in progress" and I'm drowning in "project backlogs" lmao but hey, at least it means I'll always have something to do with my dolls. :D
    7. I usually go with what is hardest to get--if something is limited, or discontinued but there's one available secondhand--grab that! If they're all equal, then I get the most expensive thing if I have the money. Cheaper things are easier to save up for later. But then again, other times, I just want to complete a doll before overwhelming myself with even more unfinished projects.
    8. If the head has a makeup that you really love you should buy it. It's a really good feeling to finish a doll you already have though!
    9. I always go for the head or full doll first, unless it's not rare or limited. Especially the head as that (to me) is the whole doll's character. I'd rather have a treasured floating head than miss out, and have regrets (been there, done that). In time you will figure out what works for you. After all the years I've been collecting, I'm still figuring out what is best for me. ;)
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