What to do with pleather bjd clothes...

Sep 13, 2020

    1. ...that have started to peel and dissentigrate? Recently I've been going through my dolls clothing and I've found I have lots of pleather items that are peeling/dissentigrating and I'm wondering how other people deal with this? I've sworn off pleather items in my own wardrobe be wise they just fall apart in a few years even if you don't wear them but with doll stuff it's much harder to avoid. I'm thinking I can at least salvage the closures and hardware off the shoes and belts but much if it just seems like a lost cause.

      So I guess I'm wondering do any of you try and repair pleather stuff or do you just accept that it's going to not hold up well over time? Have you guys ever found a cool use for deteriorating items?
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    2. I've just accepted the fact that anything pleather is going to fall apart, and I toss it in the trash. I hate when this happens, so I've mostly sworn off buying anything pleather but sometimes a doll just has to have something with a leather look...I just enjoy it for the time I have with it. I wish there were a better option.
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    3. If its shoes/boots, you can salvage it by rubbing off the flakes and paint them a new color of your choice or use modge podge and glitter that shit out. As for clothes, sell it for cheap- people like me would reuse part of the clothes such as belt, buckles, or even reverse engineer the outfit to make patterns for clothes. Don't toss in the trash- at least reuse it or let someone else salvage it and get some of your money back on selling it.
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    4. I have restored that pleather finish by scraping off all of the peeling flakes and repainting it with metallic acrylic paint.
    5. Yeah I've been trying to buy real leather clothes and shoes where possible and I made all my dolls bags from purse trimming scraps so at least they're safe from the dreaded peeling lol

      I always feel weird selling trashed doll clothes but I never thought people might want to take them apart for patterns and such! That's brilliant! Two of the show pairs I had had literally turned to dust with only the buckles and soles unscathed lol

      Im going to try and salvage a pair pleather short by scraping them. I'm hoping the backing material is tough enough to survive the process :)
    6. I'm with @CloakedSchemer I trash them. It sucks, but there's not an easy way to fix them. It's sadly inevitable that they are going to tear up and flake. I would love to fix them, but I personally don't know how to and the effort seems greater than their worth has been.
    7. For clothes that are just starting to flake, I've painted them with waterproof fabric glue. The pieces I did this to have survived a couple of years now with no issues, although I don't move them around much.
    8. It's frustrating but I just trash them. There are special paints on the graphic arts stores that you can use on fabric, metal, plastic. Each range it's specific for a concrete surface. If you like a lot a piece of pleather you could try with these paints. Maybe you could extend its life a little longer. I've tried in the past on normal fabric and it works to change the color. You have to iron if you want a special finished effect like suede, but you could avoid this step as the heat is not good for the pleather. Here in Madrid I find the brand Pébéo "Setacolor". It would be an option.
    9. I had a skirt doing this. I peeled all the flakes off and underneath it's quite soft with a sort of suede finish so I decided to keep it like that. But I think that's one of the only real options.
    10. Peel the flakes of and see what’s underneath. Sometimes you get a nice suede like look like @purple_monkfish mentioned.
      If you don’t like the look you can use fabric paint to give it a new shiny layer and make it look more like leather again.
      And there’s always the option of selling the items to someone who wants to try salvaging it (make sure to make it very clear that the item is damaged though). Or you can simply give it away/ask only compensation for the shipping cost. There are plenty of people on here who like project pieces like that :)
    11. I really do not like pleather very much. Problem is, I have some items which are really relevant to some of my dolls' characters. So when the time of perishing comes, I will have a problem. For this reason, the infamous motorcycle leather outfit from Iplehouse is very randomly allowed to come out, because I fear the day when it starts to disintegrate. Then I will carefully take it apart and use the remainders to create the same outfit, but with real leather. It simply was too expensive and looks too good to let go. Same with several boots and shoes.

      Personally, all I create is made of real leather. I save every bit and piece from clothing, if there is enough surface (means no pockets or seams in the material). So I mostly recycle stuff.

      Well, I know really nothing else but trying to keep pleather away from sunlight and air. I keep mine in sealable boxes. But then I do not need it in the first place...I am sorry to not be of much help.
    12. I don't like this side of doll clothes and now try to avoid that material. Hate to say it but I usually throw it away, painting it looks tacky to me. I do have a few pieces that I cant get myself to let go of (I'm such a sad creature lol). Those pieces just stay stored away.
    13. I've given up buying anything made of the stuff, too... and really mourn some of the outfits I already have that are, inevitably, starting to fall to pieces. My Lati Aida and Adel's outfits... The ancient and ridiculously pricey Luts armored outfits.... My favorite pair of boots... GAH! More than the money wasted on them, it's the idea of losing irreplaceable pieces that *I really like* that bothers me.
    14. This is what hurts my heart the most. I have some older iplehouse clothes too and I know it's just a matter of time till they fall apart :sigh.
      So many cool fullsets from the early days of the hobby are going to be lost dye to icky pleather:|
    15. I've also tried repairing the outfits with acrylic paint, I also airbrushed some pieces. But it didn't last. I lost some of my dolls' signature outfits :( My way of coping with desintegrating clothes is to take at least some good photos of my characters wearing them. :sigh
      I won't buy pleather stuff anymore, but it's quite impossible finding shoes made from other materials (other than fabric).
    16. Yeah, I've lost quite a number of jackets, pants, fancy outfits and shoes to vinyl disintegration. The length of time they last seems to vary by quality of the pleather - one jacket lasted 5 years, while an old Heisei outfit lasted almost 15 years. Most of it gave up the ghost in the last few years, heartbreaking to lose so many things for specific doll's looks.

      I purchased some real leather pants for a couple of my boys which is a start. I have to say I get excited every time someone releases a new "leather" jacket, like eventually one of them will be actual leather. sigh.
    17. I actually kind of wonder why real leather isn't used more often for doll clothes. It's pretty easy to find thin leather these days and the amount you'd need for something like doll shoes wouldn't push the cost up too much. I guess the doll market just mirrors the human clothing market and fast fashion made to fall apart is just in :roll:
    18. Natural leather is dense, even when it's thin - you need specialized sewing equipment to work with it. If you plan on doing it for mass production - specialized sewing machine, and it is not the cheapest stuff. Vinyl covered fabric is not as dense and can be sewn with regular run of the mill sewing machines, so I'm not surprised that companies do not want to invest extra in to equipment for an occasional piece of leather...
      My best advice would be carefully taking the outfit apart and drawing patterns for it (there are a few tutorials on how to do doll patterns from existing clothing on youtube) and than using thous to replicate the item in real leather - hand sewing it will take longer than machine but if you are just making one item for yourself it may be worth the effort :)
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    19. I had this happen with a pleather coat for one of my dolls. I brushed all the peeling stuff off, until all that was left was the cloth backing. I actually like it better now just as it is, but I have thought about painting it with liquid latex. It would give it a similar shiny leather look.
    20. That would basically mean recoating the cloth backing. Interesting thought...is it possible to colour latex milk?

      Another reason why real leather is rarely used might be because you basically always have to use lining with. Pure leather is not that easy to pull over resin. The skin-like structure of resin somehow stops the leather and you have to pull a bit more. You do not need to do that with pleather, as its basically plastic.

      But the pleather jackets and pants I own are all lined. So I might just reuse that lining when the time comes...
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