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what to do with spare puki parts!?

Nov 26, 2008

    1. This is what I made to store my spare puki parts when they are not being used, I didnt want them sitting in a drawer and I didnt want to loose tiny feet and hands! I made the grey kitty plush and the leopard print one, they have magents inside to hold the puki parts,
      what do you do with your spare parts!??
    2. I suppose I would sell some of the spare parts. There are people that are always looking in the marketplace! It's nice to sell to people who really need the spare parts.
    3. oh but I like my kitty parts, but for some pictures I need a human sooooo I bet there are lots of people with human and kitty or piggie parts!?
    4. I would love to have the cochon set, but I am trying to save my money for Christmas presents.
    5. Thats a brilliant idea luv*it that's really thinking out of the (dolly) box!
    6. My Puki has her own box where I keep all her clothes and extra's
    7. That's so clever! And now it's like you have two dolls instead of just one and some spare parts! ^^
    8. So cute and clever too.
    9. I keep my parts in two boxes: one for magnetic shoes/feet and hands, the other for faceplates. I don't have pukisha or cochon parts, and all my faceplates are sleeping or winking version of my pukis so maybe this doesn't apply to me.

      Anyway I LOVE this idea! You have almost two other pukis!
    10. argh stupid adsl >_<
    11. Very clever idea, luv*it. I would love to see how they are constructed inside. I wonder if one could use a stuffed animal ready-made, then add the magnets/parts?
      I keep my spares in a beading box, with separate compartments lined in foam for safety.
    12. lol, makes me feel bad i stuff mine in a box. lol. cute idea
    13. I hate keeping my spare parts+faces in a box, so this is an awesome idea! :aheartbea
    14. I leave mine in the box they came in?
    15. should I give away my secret or just make them to sell? hehe
      you know those magnetic toys with the bars and balls, I used 4 of the bars (one in each leg and arm) and the puki parts stick to those, I had to put a little glue or the bars would slip out, the i just put some stuffing behind the face plate in the head and slide the face plate right in, if I have extra ears then i have tiny earth magnets in the head part to hold the ears on with!
      thanks everyone:) I will be making more and making some that look like ragdolls etc.
    16. As do I I have two boxes in the book...one for Ns one for ws
    17. lol thank you!!! i have those sitting in my junk drawer. my luffy can have a plush body till i get him a real one. :D you should so make some to sell. even some in like flesh tones that can be dressed. :)
    18. I treat the spare parts the same as clothes and shoes etc. They are put away in the cupboards and drawers in the House of Tinies (the Pukis are shortly to move itnot hteir own little cottage, but for ow they share with the other tinies)

    19. Those are just fabulous! What a great idea! Its like having an extra "doll" for your parts, hehee.