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WHAT? was i going crazy?

Apr 11, 2005

    1. I was looking at the new luts doll when i came back to the main page. Suddenly something cought my eye. Under the name delf el was another pic of the NEW BOY! E LUTS messed up on pics. only this one is open eyed! HE reminds me of the head Ando so much.... I WANT HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!! So i emailed My friend to make SURE i wasnt out of my mind *_* . and....now hes on my avatar. She couldnt get the page i loaded. So they corrected their mistake.
    2. *post removified*
    3. This has already been brought up in another thread but I can't find the link.
      That IS a picture of El... they've just changed the images of him on the site. If you click on the image and open up the larger page for buying El, it's clearly him, he just has an unusual much more angular face up than the old imagesl. :oops:

      EDIT: here's the thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16945&highlight=el+picture
    4. i had that thought. Except hes wearing the EXACT same outfit as the new boy. I dont think they would do that.
    5. Then again if it IS EL and NOT the new boy this topic hasnt been done before. Unless i missed it. I am SO confused. Why would LUTS do the same costume to 2 dolls? And have them look so much alike. This confuses a newbie owner like myself. I LOVE that open eyed one. SO much. the prettyness. WOuld someone clear this up? I thik i am going crazy now :oops: *_*
    6. :?
      which new boy?
      The image you're referring to has a distinctly different mouth and nose shape to the new vampire/sleeping head (which looks a lot more like Chiwoo and is apparently the LE of woosoo) and this boy as well.
      There isn't another new boy coming out... there are about a thousand pics you can go to for comparison to El. It's El... but I guess it might be exciting to think its not... so er... whatever...

      and I meant that someone had already brought up the new pictures on the luts website... and that what I was saying wasn't new, not what you were saying.

      And they would repeat the costume like that because that's a new item... promotional value. Like pretty much EVERY boy in the sunglasses section is wearing one of the suits.
    7. ...hmm...now that I see the full sized pictures...that IS El. But why would CP do that? Dress him identical to the new boy, and have the makeup to be the same...and the wig. And why on earth would they be changing over El's pictures on the site? I don't remember them ever doing that before. I'm so confused!! *_*
    8. When i posted this they didnt have the larger pictures up. Just that on small one. And becasue of its height you cant exactly make comparasons. :oops: But yeah. He does look like el now that they have those pics up. BUT SO PRETTY. The newest Luts doll Without a name yet was who i was refiring to. Because REGARDLESS of if hes a special of chiwoo he is still the Newest boy. Rather newest product if you like.

      Thanks for the clear up. :wink:
    9. I think they have a new makeup artist....? I think I read a thread about how the default face ups have improved dramatically because of a new artist at luts, so they might be gradually replacing the images done by the old artist with ones by the new artist. I agree, the eyebrows are very similar and the outfits are the same... the colouring is a bit different though... so it is confusing of them to have done.
    10. well if you could only see the small picture I can definitely see how that could happen... and I thought that the new LE was Chiwoo, but I've been told that its not in the thread about him... so yeah we all make mistakes... (I'm still not convinced its NOT chiwoo though, especially cause the images say SP_CHIWOO when you go to save them... maybe because I really really want a LE chiwoo elf)
    11. I love the new make-up on EL. The orange lips used to drive me nuts.