What was the cost of your first doll vs. your most recent doll?

Oct 23, 2020

    1. Feel free to include if your first/last doll were secondhand or new (or anything else special about them!) Just thought it'd be fun to compare.

      First doll: Unidoll Cupi Angel edition, fullset. She was $110 secondhand.
      Last doll: Black Cherry Dolls Cookie Brownie, blank. LE10, cherry red resin! She cost $518, brand new.
    2. First Doll: Cherishdoll Chubby in white skin with face up $221.
      Last Doll: Minifee Carol in Tan with SP head and face up for both and an extra pair of hands $668.00
      Both were bought new.
    3. First (full) doll was a Leekeworld Daisy secondhand for $170.
      Last (full) doll was a Myou Xiaobuding and Delia that were $145 each new.

      I've actually traded more than bought dolls recently so I had to think back to what last one that was actually purchased. :lol:
    4. Let's see...
      First doll: Dream of Doll Si, secondhand with clothes, $300
      Last doll: Shoushou Niko, new, $350 (she's not here yet, but is the last on topic doll I ordered)

      They're actually pretty close in price, haha. I've certainly had more and less expensive buys in between though!
    5. First: Roughly 550$, a DIM/Doll in Mind Achernar (2008)
      Last: 702.30$, an Iplehouse EID Lawrence (2020)

      Got the first from a German dealer that doesn't exist anymore, so I couldn't look up the exact price.
      Second I got straight from Iplehouse, and it's just the price for the doll (so not including shipping or customs). Price was a bit cheaper because of an event, but was racked up by the glow skin option :lol:
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    6. First: Dollmore Kara Klum from Dollmore with faceup and seam sanding - 650, 800 with extras and shipping.
      Latest: Iplehouse Bibiane from Iplehouse - technically I don't have her yet. Does that count? Around but not quite 700.
    7. First doll : Nyx MisterminouDolls, 350€ so approximately 414$
      Last doll : Nikita DollChateau 379$
      They were both new, the only difference is that the first one was made by a small french artist
    8. My first doll was bought in two pieces (second hand) but I think she was approx $400. :aeyepop:
      Last doll was around $290 purchased new from the company.
    9. First doll: Luts Delf Lishe with a custom faceup and clothed secondhand for $150 at a meetup (2012)
      Last doll: Dream Valley Aiden blank but practically new secondhand for $200ish (2020)
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    10. I only bought the body for my first doll, a $60 body from Mirodoll. The head was a gift.

      My latest doll is a $365 Digi-Dolls Ponta.
    11. My first was a Bobobie Weylin at 170 and my last is a Doll-Family Aran and on sale, he was 324. Both are new but I have bought 2nd hand dolls before.
    12. First was an Aimerai My Little Cocoa Rola who was $160 brand new.

      Last was a Dollzone Tit who was $238, I think, brand new. :kitty1
    13. First Doll: Angel of Dream Chen $175 (2008, in stock at Junkyspot)

      Last Doll: Dollzone Hong $300 (secondhand)

      Most recent new doll: Doll Legend Xu Yao $360 (2019, preorder through Alice’s Collections)

      Over my time in the hobby, my dolls have ranged in price from around $100 up to about $700. I don’t like to go over $500, but if the doll is really special and no other sculpt will work, I’ll save up a little longer for the right one.
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    14. My first doll is my Resinsoul Ming (MSD size) who I bought secondhand for $185 in 2017. He came with several extras and a gorgeous paint job.

      My most recently doll (who just arrived this week) is my first foray into SD size (he's 64cm). He's another secondhand doll, an Impldoll Isaac who came with eyes, a wig, and an outfit for $230.
    15. First doll: ResinSoul Mei, $150 through Junky Spot
      Latest Doll: Dust of Dolls Appi Kore, about $475 through their website
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    16. First was Dollshe Fashion Grant Phillippe for about 400 dollars? New from company but there was some kind of sale years ago.

      Latest purchase is my Fantasia Doll canary for 285 dollars plus shipping, also new from company. She has not arrived yet.
    17. First doll was Dollzone Chen, back in 2010, I can't remember the exact cost but it was somewhere in the $430 region.

      Last doll I purchased was a DIM Love Kassia for $275. The most I've spent so far has been for a handful of my Volks dolls, in the $1600 region each. I'm all over the map!
    18. First and latest doll Ringdoll Wo Long was $679 and $768 after shipping + insurance ;D
    19. My first doll was LUTS Delf Jun Ha, and he was $515.92. I bought him directly from LUTS.

      My latest, YID Olivia, which isn't here yet, was $755.25. I also bought her direct, from Iplehouse this time. I like buying dolls directly from the companies. XD
    20. My first doll was a Dream of Doll E-an. I bought her secondhand from DOA and she was ~$500.

      My latest doll is a Monochrome Ray on a Volks body. All in, I think he was about $770!