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What was the first doll you wanted to buy?

Jul 3, 2014

    1. What was the first doll you wanted to buy? Did you get them? If you got them do you still have them? If you didn't get it would you buy it now given the chance?

      The first doll I ever want to buy was dollndoll Bonny. She has such a cute face! I never did get her but if I came across her secondhand and I had the money I would totally buy her!
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    2. The first doll I wanted to buy was a LUTS Senior Delf Kara. I definitely wouldn't buy her now. My tastes have changed since entering the hobby and I'm happy that I did more research before I got her. I think she is a lovely sculpt just no longer my cuppa tea :)
    3. The very first doll I wanted was a Boy and Girl Freya. I barely knew ANYTHING about the hobby when I stumbled across her. I saw a Mint On Card ad on Facebook and was like "What are this?" I found her because I was hoping the clearance dolls would be cheaper. (I was a newbie suffering from price-tag shock! Lol!) Later, when I finally did decide to get a doll, I consider getting her, but didn't. Just a little too pricey for my taste. And would I get her? I don't know. I'm cant' decide if I love her face anymore. I'm sure, though, if I found her for the right price at the right time, I would deeply consider buying her.

      I will say that her company picture inspired my future doll choices. I feel in love with yellow resin and red wine wigs!
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    4. Mine was an AoD Gu - I'd been looking at a few sculpts online and knew that I wanted a doll, and a 60cm doll at that, but wasn't sure which one. Then I saw a friend's doll at a meetup, asked what scuplt it was, was relieved that he wasn't expensive, and bought my own the minute I got home :D

      I still have him (as of 2014, and I bought him in 2007, so he's unlikely to be going anywhere), and I'm pretty sure I'd buy the same sculpt again, or at least one that's similar; He fits well with the rest of my collection.

      I think now though, I'd have bought him secondhand if I could - All of my dolls apart from him were either from DoA Marketplace or Closet Child.
    5. The first doll I wanted to buy was the first one I did buy, a Bobobie Sprite on a male body. I'd seen plenty of dolls before him, but was looking specifically for a doll that could reasonably take on one of my OCs, and that sculpt was the first one that looked right, so I bought him a couple of weeks later.

      I do still have him, though I've switched him to a new (shorter) body so he's better in scale with the others in the group. And there's a good chance I'd buy him again; it'd be a tough choice between Sprite or ResinSoul's Song (which wasn't available when I made my purchase).
    6. Way back when Soom had Sabiks for sale I was thinking about getting one.
      It didn't work out, and I don't feel bad about at all it because my taste in BJDs has changed quite a bit since then.
    7. The first doll I ever wanted to buy was a Soom Idealian Danube (is that the name...?) and I didn't get to buy him. I had seen pictures of BJDs before I wanted to get into the hobby but when I finally did and looked around for the doll I would want, his ordering period had just ended. It was a good thing too that I didn't. After seeing him some more and with more experience, he wasn't as good for the character I wanted him to be as I thought he would. Also that he was from the Idealian 51 line which, at the time, would not have been such a bad thing. But because I'm a small person and 70cm dolls are way too big for me, had I gotten him, I might have either dropped out of the hobby because of the expense of getting a doll that wasn't good enough or then I would have been too afraid to get Souji who is a Dollclan's Kien on a 70cm body because then all my props would have been not to scale for other adult dolls. I got a Souldoll Chiron instead which I still love and still have and allowed me to continue with the hobby.
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    8. I think while I vollied between a lot of companies and molds, one of my first doll loves was an Iplehouse Claude. ZO.M.Gosh. STILL love that boy to this day. Sadly, never purchased him tho. :/ I think I have him somewhere in the way way way back of my mind as a must have. XD
    9. The first resin bjd I ever wanted was a Soom Rosette Camellia Pure Girl- very cute!!! But I sold her because my tastes changed- I like a more mature look now. :D
    10. Mine was actually the Obitsu Haruka - I'd seen people paint them up as male or female quite nicely so could see the potential of it. Haruka was the first doll I actually bought, I had to that point no other dolls of interest as most of them that I had seen were all heavily anime styled. I got to know a few other companies and doll styles after attending a doll meet at a convention not long after I got Haruka.
    11. Wow, I don't know if my answers will really be on-topic, but I'll give them anyway.

      The thing that finally pushed me over the edge into the BJD world was Marina Bychkova's Enchanted Dolls. I don't own one and if I ever have thousands of dollars that I don't know what to do with, sure, I'd love to have one, resin or porcelain.

      The first BJD I did wind up buying was (is?) an OOAK polymer clay art doll, a faun named Ophelia from Angels by Noemi (Smith). She is gorgeous but really more of a work of art than a standard doll you dress up and "play" with.

      Edit: I forgot to mention that I also preordered Ruse #2 from Heartstrung Dolls.

      Those are both kind of Off-topic I guess, so.... on to the next doll I bought, which was the Dollmore Catish White Vert Reaa - bought her on Ebay from Dollmore and I should have her in August.

      So.. the next doll I bought and received.... you can read about it here. Hooo boy.

      Sorry if this is a little off-topic - please advise if so! Thank you.
    12. Iplehouse Leona - still one of my favorites, but glad I went in a different direction.
    13. The first doll I wanted to own was Soom's Beryl. She was sold out by the time I found out about her, but I did eventually get a Beryl through Soom's Free Choice Event :)
    14. The first doll that I really wanted to buy was a Mei, but the first one I bought was Doll Leaves Acorn. I fell in love with her face instantly and bought her on impulse and only sort of regret spending that much money at once.
    15. The first doll I wanted to get was a Delf Dark Elf Soo. I ended up not getting her as my first doll because I decided to get a Delf Juri 06 instead: buy the body, get the head for free... and at the time I was assured Dark Elf Soo would be available withing a year as a compatible head for the body I was buying to get the Juri head. Well that NEVER happened.

      I kept putting off getting Dark Elf Soo because she was a basic doll and would always be around and I would spend all my money on limited dolls.

      Then all the Delfs were pulled from the market!

      Just this past year my husband got me a Dark Elf Soo from the marketplace. She even has the default faceup from the company! Even if she is a bit unevenly yellowed, I love her!

      It took six and a half years, but I finally got my Dark Elf Soo!

      I'd like to get her a tan sister someday... and maybe a Little Fee version as well. I love her sculpt so much!
    16. Mei by Resinsoul. I just got her recently (so recently, she still is awaiting her clothes)!
    17. The first doll that actually convinced me to make a purchase was DC Stacy! But.... based on DC waiting times, it'll still be quite a while until I'm actually able to hold her in my hands... :atremblin:atremblin
    18. The first resin doll I wanted to buy was a Pipos Bao, and it took me quite a while but I do have one now. I'm really glad I was able to buy an original one; in most cases I think more joints is better, but I was in love with the version I first saw in...2008?
    19. The first BJD I ever wanted to buy was one of the first dolls I had ever seen, an SDF Ethan (limited edition, I think back in 2008?). I believe I missed the event only by a couple of months, but I was an extreme newbie then (and very young), and it would have been too much money for me anyway. I kind of would still like to have him, but I'm not sure if he fits any of my characters anymore. It hurt to see him surface in the marketplace a few times when I had no money!! Maybe one day I'll end up buying him, though - the 2008 version if possible. He sort of gives me a sense of nostalgia when I look at pictures of him since he is the first doll I fell in love with.

      EDIT: Oh wow, there are some in the marketplace right now, even. Too bad I just ordered a Migidoll Ryu and don't really have any plans for an SDF Ethan yet. :...(
    20. The first doll I was tempted to buy was a customized Volks by Satoko Ohno up for auction on Ebay in 2004. I had never seen an entire bjd up for auction before--just a head now and then (there were very few bjd items listed in those days... maybe a wig or two now and then, but that's about it... and a customized head every few months). Whole dolls were just not available, usually. (There were limited sales that you had to use a buyer to obtain, and some kits, but that's about it.)

      I made a bid, but was not serious... and the doll went for well over a thousand dollars, so it was way over any amount I had even considered paying... but I understood it because bjds were just so hard to get and Satoko Ohno was a very popular customizer.

      What that did for me was make it easier for me to consider spending $600 on a bjd (even though I still thought it was an insane amount). So I started to research and look around to see what was available. I wanted a boy, preferably large sized, because I like more mature dolls and there were more outfits available for large sized dolls, and I liked elves--so when CP had their selling period for their limited Elf El--I bought through Liria. He was my first bjd and I still have him.