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What was the first face mold you fell in love with?

Jul 15, 2018

    1. One of the first face molds I fell in love with was Volks msd F-01 or Sakura. Now I also like a Sato only face mold that takes fairy ears in the same size. Lucky me...
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    2. Iplehouse Aria! I couldn’t get her face out of my mind for years afterward. Ironically, I haven’t bought her because I fell in love with a LoongSoul sculpt instead, but she still is a beauty in my book. ^-^
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    3. That's an easy one - CP Delf El. It was love at first sight.
    4. Volks School A
    5. I'd have to say Dollzone Floy. He's got an old fashioned kind of face and common features, but there's something that only he has that really made me fall head over heels! When I first discovered him as a mysterious gorgeous doll floating on the secondhand, he became The Doll. A shame he's discontinued! :XD:
      (Still mad I didn't grab that secondhand Floy! Argh!)
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    6. A Haute Hound was the very first bjd I ever saw. It ignited my flame for the bjd world. But I wasn't "in love" with the sculpt so to speak.

      My first love was my Dollzone Wing. I didn't particularly like the mold to be honest. I still don't. But I love him.

      The first face mold that I truly fell for was CP Shiwoo. During the time he was released there was the "El army" and everyone had a Shiwoo/El as their first doll. There were a million of them, all cross dressers, I'm sure. :XD:

      There's been a lot of firsts for me in this hobby. I'm still having them now after 12 years. :kitty1
    7. Volks MSD F-11/Nasya/Nasia when she was released. I just kept going back to look at her pictures over and over again.

      Eventually I managed to snag two off of the MP, but I wouldn't mind having more. :kitty2
    8. Volks Tsukasa Konoe! :love I fell so hard for him. I never ended up getting one and now there are other dolls I love more, but I still have a soft spot for that face.
    9. The first sculpt I fell for was Volks Cecile in 2002. I could not afford dolls at the time, so once I fell for him, I stopped looking at BJDs to avoid further heartbreak. When I allowed myself to look at BJDs again, it was 2004 and I fell for my second sculpt, Dollshe SA Bermann. I bought him and he was my first doll.

      2022 edit: I now own a Cecile too. Only took me a couple decades.
    10. Crobidoll Boni DayDream Lovers version. She’s such a cutie, but she was limited, and I had just gained interest in the hobby. I’ll probably never own her. But that’s okay because I’m completely in love with my fairyland Mio
    11. Soom MA Sabik.
    12. Souldoll Bonnie
    13. The first face that struck me was Dollmore Zinna. These are half-closed eyes, slightly parted lips, she was so gentle and languid. And the most interesting, I have another girl, ordered 4 more. And almost everyone has a slightly open mouth - only now i drew attention to this...
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    14. Luts Ani, my first and third dolls <3 Still love them to bits and after 13 years in the hobby most of my dolls are Cerberus Project sculpts
    15. The first doll I ever fell in love with was the original Soom Idealian Gluino vampire. :aheartbea
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    16. The first sculpt I fell in love with was a SoulDoll Paris, he was the one off SD auctioned off on eBay. He wore a very similar outfit as Prince of Fate, but now even SD doesn't remember him anymore. DX
      I did manage to get a standard Paris some years after the LE ones were released. I fell in love with the sculpt and the aesthetics in general -- SD sculpts were very unique from what was popular back then.
      The fist head sculpt I actually bought was a CP/Luts VDES -- I still own both dolls, and love both equally but I definitely play with a completely different doll more than with the first dolls I purchased.
    17. Leekeworld Mihael, and he was the first one I was able to save up for. With DiM Jullis as a very close contender, but at the time (2009) I thought I would prefer SD size, so I decided for Mihael. It took a few years before I got Jullis as well, when I'd discovered I actually prefer smaller BJDs. Still love both of them to bits.
    18. I think the first face I really appreciated as a face sculpt was Iplehouse Aaron.

      It's funny, but I think it was a couple of years into admiring BJDs that I even started noticing the faces. I was so impressed with the bodies on Volks' SD13 dolls but I don't think I was ever in love with any of their faces (even of my Heath, who was my first doll and which I still own and call a favourite).
    19. Luts Dark Elf Soo. <3
      I love all the old CP sculpts. Still working on tracking down the ones I missed out on.
    20. Volks F-16. This was around 2002, I think? Then when I seriously started looking, Angel of Dream Chen and he ended up being my first doll.