What was the highest price you ever paid for a doll?

Jul 18, 2019

    1. Someone made me an immoral offer for a popular doll that is no longer made.

      I need to ask you: what was the highest amount you ever spent on a doll?

      What would you be willing to give (knowing the doll is very rare and many people are looking for it)?

      He's one of my grails... I'm willing to pay a lot, but the offer for the head alone is 2300 euro/2500 dollar...

      Please help me fellow collectors <3 I don't want to make the wrong decision
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    2. I bought almost all of my dolls second hand, but the highest all around was like 250 or a bit more (of course fully nude without faceup and clothes). I would be willing to pay a good amount for the Volks f12 head.
    3. Oof... this may just be my cheapness showing but $2500 for a used bjd head seems pretty ridiculous to me, no matter what it is. If a head is over $200 I start to think "what's so special about this head that I can't find somewhere else?" I've turned my nose up at relatively rare heads because... if we're honest, there's only so much variation BJD heads seem to have. I figure I can find all of the traits I wanted in less expensive heads and mod/pay someone to mod what I can't find.

      The most I've spent on a single BJD is probably my Doll Chateau Snowborn at around $500, and he's actually considerably less expensive than his list price since I got him in parts and secondhand.
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    4. The highest amount I´ve spent on a doll, was around 500 - 600 $ (including shipping and taxes and she had a faceup). The highest amount I would spent is probably up to 1.000 $, I think... But I would have to like the doll really a whole lot and had to be absolutly sure, that it is worth it.

      For me 2.500 $ for just a head, would be way to much, but then I don´t know how much money you usually spend for your hobby, and since its your grail...
      I know the feeling, when something, I have been looking forever, is suddenly available, I simply feel the urge to hit the buy button before someone else is faster, but I resist it (mostly). Then I take a moment to consider what other great things I could buy with that amount of money and often thats the moment, when I realise, that I might don´t want it as much as I thought. Of course I had times too, where I hated myself afterwards for missing the chance to get it, but it saved me more often from spending too much money than the other way around.

      In the end it really doesn´t matter if other people already did a "crazy" thing like paying 2.500 $ or even 10.000 $ for a doll they wanted. It´s your money and your doll (if you buy it), you should decide on that, by how much the doll is worth for you and not by what others did before to get what they wanted.

      So, good luck, deciding on that :)
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    5. Wait...am I reading that right $2,500 for just the head?
      I've never spent that much on a doll, but I feel like if it was a super rare grail doll I'd could probably be convinced to pay that for the entire doll.
      I guess if they're charging something reasonable for the body, I have heard of people spending up to $3000 for super rare discontinued dolls. So, I guess, my personal take is, if you can afford it and still afford your essentials it's not too outlandish to go for it.
      If they're charging a crazy high amount for the body too I'd at least try haggling before either giving up or paying it.
    6. $650 - Fullset Dollzone Gray.

      I would spend a lot to get a second hand Soom Idealian Gluino – Vampire Alchemist. He'd have to be in great condition, and come with the COA and all that kind of proof. Although I've never actually thought about how high I'd be willing to go for him. Not $2,500, I don't have that kind of money.

      $2,500 for a head? No, I wouldn't. I'd just kind of sigh and walk away, and let some rich person have it, and then I'd wait, because maybe one day it will come up for sale again at an affordable price for me, or I'll be able to easily afford it (cough cough not going to happen) when I see another one for sale at that price.
    7. 600 for a fairyland doll from Australia to the US but she had custom blushing and really professional eyes, plus extra hands and feet. The second highest was my DC Agatha which was about 500. I told myself I’d never do over 400 for second hand ever again but given her discontinued status I went against my rule
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    8. It sounds like your question isn’t really about how much other people are willing to pay, @DeanDynamite. It’s about whether you should pay what this person is asking. You also sound like you already know that’s too much for you to pay without feeling like you were ripped off. (I don’t know that it’s necessarily fair to call the person who made you that offer “immoral” though, just tell them no.)

      When buying a limited doll, you really have to figure out what you are willing to pay without some expectation that the doll will hold that value. Chances are that it won’t, so try to keep your emotions in check when you’re considering how much to pay so you don’t regret overdoing it later.
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    9. 2000usd for Aosagihi by dika dolls limited 200 world wide and i got the fullset which is limited 80 world wide plus the limited face up which is 20 world wide plus the spare accessories, jointed claw hands painted, got it all body blushed, the special ear painting,his regular hands. so the full set plus some and a custom request all cost 2000, worth it thoguh
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    10. The most I've spent on a single doll is about $260.

      My finances and impulses have to operate together as a team. No matter how rare/limited/coveted some dolls may be, if I ever decide I want one that'll cost me more than about $300-$350, I'll need to make a different decision.

      ((...or compromise by buying only the head and pairing it with a cheaper body.))

      I don't know anything about you or your personal situation, but please don't do something you'll regret.

      Financial decisions can't be made on the recommendations of strangers.
    11. The most I've spent is around $700, give or take. I generally try to stay in the $300-500 range, but will go a bit above for that perfect doll for a character I just can't see as any other sculpt. I don't think I could justify going over $700, though. I tend to rotate dolls frequently, and many stay with me for under 2 years, so it wouldn't be worth it, considering I'd probably sell it relatively fast. It's also extremely hard for me to even come up with $500 without selling others dolls, so, no. Just no.

      But I can't justify it for other people. No one knows better than you how much money you can afford to spend safely, how bad you want the doll/head or how much you're comfortable spending. Only you can decide that.

      Also...$2500 for a head? Just a wild guess-- Nabarro's Boys Har? I've seen him go for easily $1500, but can't say I've seen another head go for that much.
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    12. $680.
      It was a gift for my fiance <3 I'll never spend over $400 again.
    13. Thanks for your current opinions! It helps me find back to reality.
      It's probably the best to distance from emotions and be reasonable. Even if it's a grail... One day he will pop up again for a more realistic price. Though I really feel hard about having to let it go. But I could not live on if deciding to buy a doll for such a price while others buy a car with that value...
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    14. Back in the day, I paid $1500 for a rare doll. But, at the time I had less responsibilities and more freedom. Now with a mortgage and bills I wouldn't pay so much for any doll. I think paying 2k for just a head, you'd probably have to have a very high salary and disposable income for it to not hurt.
    15. The most I've ever spent on a BJD is $775 for a completely nude, not very popular artist doll. At the time the PS3 had been just released, so one of my friends would joke that I could have gotten a second brand new PS3 for the price and the two PS3 would pay for themselves, in the amount of time I would spend playing them alone. DX The doll was reduced to $450-550, not too long after, so that stung my pride quite a bit. I'm not one to feel joy in overpaying for things that go for much less just a few months afterward (where are those psychic abilities when you need them!) I also got a custom DIM Minimee head sculpt for a bit less than the former doll, which I completely regretted at the time, but I'm kind of glad I own the head sculpt now. He didn't turn out anything like I wanted, so the price I paid for the head to be sculpted definitely wasn't justified, but at least I can modify the heck out of it as much as I want and know there no other sculpts like him around (even if I hadn't modified him to death already, he was poorly made just for me, Lol). I don't regret either of those "expensive" (for my budget) doll purchases, but I definitely would have loved it if I had known the first was going to be reduced by so much, and the MNM wasn't going to turnout well at all! I wouldn't have made that second purchase for sure -- I would have waited until the Korean sculpting team took over the MNM heads (stupid psychic abilities, never show up when you need them)! (:
    16. 800 for a male doll. He is my favourite one
    17. Around 700. She is in a dark resin, so that brought the price up. I could never spend four digits though. I felt a little sick going up to 700, and I am now tempted by an even more expensive doll but the price is stressing me out.

      Personally, I could not get just a doll head for that much. Thinking about how much I paid every time I looked at it would ruin it for me.
    18. 550. I'd never do this again, though. I try to stay within 400 range (I assume we're talking sd dolls ;)
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    19. A huge 60cm doll chateau centaur for over $900. That doll ended up not working out for me, and I don't think I'll really hit that kind of price again unless I have a lot of disposable income at some point. I have a limit more in the $400-$500 range now, that does exclude some dolls I've really liked but it's better than getting stuck on the sticker price eternally, you know?
    20. I passed on two expensive dolls that are really special, one was a resin Enchanted Doll (Marina found a box of blanks she forgot about and sold each for $2000), another was a Natalia Loseva doll. I do think they are worth their money, but I know at this price I would be too afraid to play with them. I'd feel guilty just looking at them.

      I'm glad to hear you are leaning towards waiting longer.