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What was the worst accident that ever befell your doll?

Apr 26, 2007

    1. This may seem random, but I was wondering what the worse thing that happened to your doll(s) was.
      I heard quite a few stories of dolls falling and getting a little crack or losing a finger, but I am curious if anything worse has happened.

      So, feel free to share your stories here :)
    2. There was that one time I was swapping the hands on my Lishe and I lost hold of the elastic string and spent a good 20-30 minutes piecing her arm back together.

      Other than that, I've had the usual broken finger that's had to been glued back on.

      Nothing too serious, really!
    3. The S-hook in my Unoa's leg snapped. Luckily, it jammed inside her leg or my whole girl would've become unstrung. The next day was a dollmeet and luckily, Shoofy could restring my girl.

      But it freaked me out so much as I didn't have any spare S-hooks and had never strung a doll before >_<
    4. I've been lucky... I've accidentally wacked Fox against a tree, & bounced St. John's head across the floor (multiple times) & they're none the worse for wear. The worst thing that happened to any of my dolls was travelling to DragonCon (9 hours in a min-van stuffed full of 5 people & all the stuff they needed to survive in another state for close to a week). Fox & Dinah were perched in the back of the van, & somebody opened the hatch w/o my knowing. Dinah fell a good 5 feet onto concrete... and the only way you'd ever be able to tell is that one of her knee joints is no longer glued to the lower leg like it should be.

      I know some people have absolute horror stories about their dolls, but I think that most of the time these guys really aren't nearly as fragile as we expect them to be. ^_^
    5. The resin hook in Heisa's foot broke when i was restringing him a few months ago.. I had to wait a few weeks for a replacement foot from DOD..

      Byakuya also took a tumble from my bed to the space between my bed and window grills and on to tiled floors and protruding bits of wood.. Fortunately, all he suffered was a few chips to his faceup.. whew!
    6. I dinged Mikel's hand somehow the day I got him, but I just got him another set of hands, and I plan to steam the originals into a different pose.

      Gaia took a tumble onto concrete at her first meet and got a tiny chip on her shoulder (right at the seam, I hadn't sanded her down yet) I have since sanded her, and it's completely gone.

      My cat decided about 8 hours ago to see if resin was edible, and bit Weros' pinky finger hard. I sanded down the raised bumps, but now he looks like he has pinpricks on his finger. :sweat I may try and get another set of hands later, but for now, he has a birthmark/scar. :D

      Probably the most dramatic fall any of my clan has had was at Mikel's first meet, he was knocked off a park bench, bounced off the seat part and fell into dirt. >_< Luckily, he survived with only a tiny ding in the center lower bottom lip's faceup, which is completely unnoticable. I think it just took off the glaze and the MSC layer. :sweat

      I even took a belt sander to Weros' body, and he survived unscathed. :D Not an air bubble or anything. :)

    7. The S-hook went into my DELF boy's neck, and I got some wounds in my hands trying to catch it >___>

      He got a few scratches on his nevk, but they're not visible...but my hands hurt for some day XD
    8. Haven't had any horrible accidents yet but my first MSD did have a random issue. I think I was changing his clothes or something but after pulling off his right shoe, I stepped away for a moment to get a different one. I then heard this random popping noise and looked up just in time to see his right foot flying across the room. O-o It landed all right and nothing broke or anything, but it was really weird. This happened a while ago so I can't remember the exact problem, but I think the hook in his foot untwisted a little or something.
    9. I haven't had Sil tumble yet, but Keiya fell off a desk onto wooden flooring when someone bumped the display table he was standing on. All he got was a couple of scuff marks on his hand which I managed to get off.

      Shin has had the most - he's fallen off a table, bounced off a chair and then hit the floor. X_x; the only damage was a bit of denting on his nose. The worst one though was his finger coming unglued and snapping off. ._.;
    10. stupid me was working with the girls, changing their clothes, wigs and eyes, and I had my Steffanya- my Kyrie standing unaided and she toppled over and broke a finger near the tip and one of her long nails...the acrylic is stronger than the resin I guess because the broken tip still had the acrylic nail on it..:) so I had to glue them back on..sometime I will get her a new set of hands, but for now its not too noticeable..but i felt bad for her..she loves her longs nails..they are her pride and joy..
    11. Locke's worst fall happened at Tekko when he decided to take a tumble off the table onto the hard floor. Amazingly the worst that happened there was that his headcap went flying. Ad then he took a tumble from the hotel bed and scuffed his heels. which confused me because it was certainly a lower drop... but... at least its not major damage.
    12. xD Wow, by these stories they sound a lot stronger than what I thought at first.
      I fear that i would drop a doll and the body would cave in or something. xD;

      I can't wait to hear more stories :)
    13. My el, Mikos, headbutted a bus once at a bus stop.

      He was in the crook of my arm, and as I got my ticket out to bord, he suddently pitched over and smashed his face into the side of it.
      I though he's broken his nose- but all he has was a red smudge of paint from the bus, and he bent his glasses. Other than that he was absolutely fine!
    14. my onyx did a head dive of a marble table, smacking the edge on his way down and then landed on a wooden floor. :...( he suffered a smal crack to his head but was very lucky.
    15. fell of the couch and broke a finger, which was so scary >_<
      also dropping his head (without damage) a couple of times cuz i'm clumsy like that. strange though cuz it only seems to happen to one particular doll O_o
    16. There is nothing that will make a whole room full of doll lovers' stomachs turn quicker than the sound of resin meeting concrete (or some other hard surface). Uuuugh.

      For me, none of my babies have had any major spills so far. (*knocks on wood*) My Juri '05 head did have a drop from my hands into the sink whilst I was cleaning off a faceup, but she was fine. I was certain she would have a broken nose or ear. Also, Nola has a habit of falling on me in the middle of the night, but my bed is soft and cushy so no problem there. ^_^
    17. I've dropped and knocked Kayin over lots of times but he never got damaged. I tried to remove Astoroths hand to paint his nails and the hook scraped against the inside of his arm and scratched it badly. Luckily you can't see it.

      The worst thing that happened was when my younger (7 year old) cousin came to visit. She wanted to play with Astoroth as soon as she saw him (he is so beautiful). She pointed at my goth knuckle ring that was on my dresser (like these http://www.wholesalewholesale.com/goth/gothic/cr7528.jpg) and said that it would make cool armour for him. I told her not to touch it and that it may damage him. She knew how expensive Astoroth was as well. I left the room to answer natures call and came back to find her sobbing on my bed. She tried to put the ring on his arm and it got stuck, she tried to pull it off and it left big black stains. I gave her a big hug and told her not to worry about it. I had to take his arm apart to get the ring off and clean it with non acetone nail polish remover. Fortunately there was no scratching. My friends are amazed that I didn't strangle her but she's only a kid, she doesn't know any better and in the end no harm was done.
    18. Luckily I haven't managed to do anything terrible to mine (yet)! She's toppled from short heights a few times but hasn't been damaged in any way. Phew...
    19. The worst accident either have my kiddies has had was falling on to our wooden floor. Sam fell from the edge of my bed (about 2 1/2 feet) and Michael fell off a table (about 3 1/2 feet). Both of them did face plants but neither was scratched or hurt. I think I was more scared though! *laughs*
    20. Ok, I haven't told anyone this, even my poor husband who bought Maebe for me for Christmas! :lol: Buuut, the day she arrived in the mail, I cleared my evening to work on her (she was a kit). I washed all the pieces, sanded the seams, then set each piece on a dowel rod stuck into a styro block for MSC coating. When I lifted the block to carry the pieces down to our laundry room (where I was doing the spraying) Maebe's torso fell off it's rod. It fell about 3 1/2 feet and landed on concrete. It must have hit the floor right on the thin curved piece that comes out from her backside around the hip socket, because that thin lip of resin cracked clean through. I have never sworn so loud in my entire life. :sweat My very first BJD and she hadn't even been in the house for 24hrs!! All's well though, the crack is purely cosmetic and didn't affect the joint or anything permanent. Plus, it's always covered by clothing. Still...I know it's there, poor dear. *_*