What was Your first Doll? - Pt.2

May 26, 2018

    1. My first doll was a ringdoll Dracula in ws. He posed great right out of the box.

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    2. Limhwa Leda is my first doll. She seems to need some new faceup, but I haven't got around to get her done.
    3. Avatar pic was my first doll, a Volks MSD Mako that I got directly from the store here in Cali
    4. Ringdoll Kid Rebecca, fullset with faceup and the works. I was such a noob when I got her; she's in terrible shape now. :( I packed her away years ago and don't know where I put her.
    5. Doll Chateau Douglas, my first and my favorite :D
    6. My first resin bjd was a Mirodoll Yaya in ws
    7. My first full doll was a Bobobie Isabella in ns. I was intimidated by the bigger sizes and wanted to start with something small and cute!
    8. I had a Dollzone Shoyo, her name was Maya ^-^
      Here is a picture of her progress until I've sold her:
    9. My first doll was a minifee and she just arrived last week. I love her so much I already want another one! :)
    10. My first BJD was a Luts Senior Delf Clary in white skin. I bought her second hand, although she was virtually new. I will never forget the pure joy I felt when I first held her. I was so nervous and excited at the same time! I remember I was almost scared to hold her - I had admired BJDs for so long leading up to getting her, and had never dreamed I would one day have one. I still have her, she will forever be my special #1. Her name is Claire <3
    11. My first BJD was a second hand DOC Mir. She was absolutely adorable but after a few years I just didn't feel bonded anymore so I sold her to a girl who had been seeking out that very mold. I have no regrets, it was a great experience to both have her and let her go.
    12. A Dream of Doll Homme Ducan which I no longer own.
    13. My first real on-topic-BJD was my Iplehouse I Special Edition. She is my first girl and I am still crazy in love with her. I do not plan on giving her away.
    14. Dikadoll Lucius XD.
    15. My Popodoll 68cm Chen sculpt. I love him so much I scoured the interwebs to find a second. I'm not sure I could have another made if something happened. I waited over 4 years to get my first, and I've had him now over 4. It was love at first sight.
    16. My first was a Dollzone Shoyo and I looooove her. She’s nearly 8 years old now and I’m pretty sure her body is horribly out of date but I just finished buying her a whole new set of clothes, wig, eyes etc. She’s still awesome and she’s never going anywhere!
    17. My first doll was a 5stardoll Lura. The company photos weren't great, but I loved her smile and in person it was so much sweeter. She's over 8 years old now and I think I finally have her character down. So time to get her finished
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    18. first is dollzone gray and he is still my favourite!
    19. Lati Yellow Hana Basic is coming home. She is my first! <3
    20. What was your first bjd? Mine was a dreaming doll airi, I regret trading her :(