What was Your first Doll?

Dec 8, 2012

    1. Hi
      here, you can talk about your first Bjd,
      Or if your purchasing your First Doll ~ YumiCupcakes&Dolly :pcupcake
    2. Hi YumiCupcakes&Dolly I've moved this thread to General Discussion. Remember that the Newbieland part of DoA is for newbies to ask questions and more experienced members of DoA to answer them! New members of DoA won't be able to contribute to the threads other newbies start in Newbieland.
    3. I am waiting on my first dolls. I actually bought two of them at the same time, a FL PKF PongPong and a FL PP Flora. ^_^ I have had their wigs and clothes for over a month now, so I'm very anxious for them to get home!
    4. My first doll was (and I still own him!) a CP Delf El sold by Luts.
    5. Even though I'm no longer a newbie...

      My first doll was an Angel of Dream Chi. I still own him and love him to pieces. <3
    6. My first doll was Musedoll tanned ReChe, it's pretty fortunate that I loved him from the start because it was a lot of money for a beginner ; n ; I'd never sell him, but I do sometimes wonder why I didn't pick a smaller, cheaper doll to get started with...I struggle even now to handle him (five years on), hence swapping to MSDs and such. I am a little envious of how easily others seem to handle their dolls.
    7. a ringdoll lily, who i sold to a good friend because the character was not right anymore.
    8. Dollfie Dream Dynamite baby!
    9. Even though I'm not really a newbie, my first doll I paid for was a Dollzone Floy that was a preorder. Amusingly, the first doll to arrive at my doorstep was a Doll-Leaves Noir that I bought through Junkyspot.
    10. Volks SDC Arashi. :D He's still with me after 7 years!
    11. My Bobobie Elfkin, who arrived about a month ago :D
    12. Mine was an SD Nana, still my only doll so far.
    13. My first was/is (still mine) A Volks MSD Sakura 2008 Pure skin girl.
    14. Omg I didn't think anyone would respond.. :blushYou all seem really nice!
      I'm waiting for a AE cherry and she should be coming any day, <3

    15. my first doll, who i am currently waiting for is the pluto doll archibald! i am so excited. :D
    16. I'm a newbie here, but not entirely new to dolls. ^^ My first was a Pukifee Zoe! :D
    17. My first doll, and still my favorite, is my DOD Zen. He's been almost 8 years with me and until I die!
    18. My first doll was an Iplehouse JID Soa. I went with a smaller doll because I wasn't sure I could handle an SD and space was an issue. Now, I find myself wanting an SD. I really couldn't wait to feel resin for the first time either. It's was very satisfactory having my girl in my hands. I still can't describe how it feels. It is awesome. I love the feel of resin.
    19. I always struggle with this question since I kinda just jumped into this hobby, but :
      My first acutal bjd is the Hujoo Mimi, named Amy, the first resin bjd I ordered, Minifee Shiwoo and chloe, ordered at the same time, but before they arrived I bought a realpuki pupu who was in stock, so he was the first actual resin bjd I had, but not first I ordered.

      So, I don't really know who qualifies as my first doll, but I still have and love all these guys ^w^
    20. My first and still favorite little boy was a Resinsoul Ming. I got him for my birthday last year, and may I say I don't regret owning him even for a second. He's easily my most perfect doll, but hey, I'm uber biased towards him. Like, any doll I even consider getting is compared to what I've done with him. Even if I got out of this hobby, I could never sell Zarek.
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