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What was your first SD?

Oct 15, 2019

    1. My first 60cm body is due to arrive this Wednesday! I'm so excited, I have my first mods planned for this doll and I can't wait. It's a Miro 60cm girl body.

      What was your first SD? Did you start out with SDs, or did you start small like I did?
    2. Congratulations on being able to get your first doll!!:) i started out with an SD17! He was a 70cm angel fantasy jin which has since been discontinued >< i sold him away though! I own 2 small yosds and 10 SD17 from different companies hehe :) i love big dolls!
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    3. Congrats on your first SD!

      My first doll was an SD girl and it was love at first sight! She's a Beyours pansy, the one in my icon, and I love her so much. She's about two and a half years old now and probably still one of my favorite sculpts. I started big and progressively went smaller haha
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    4. Congrats! My first SD were 5stardoll Edmund and Emma, plus an extra head, Tumnus. Still have them after nearly 8 years or so. I did sell Edmund but regretted it for a long while, and manage to find him again and bought him back.
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    5. That's awesome! Congrats on getting your first SD.

      For me, I started with SD sized dolls and I went down to MSD and Yo-SD but I still prefer SD. My first doll was a Souldoll Juhl.
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    6. Congrats!
      My first SD was a Merry Doll Round Fang. I always wanted her and I was lucky enough to get her in the last preorder and I adore her. She is short for a SD, only about 55cm, but she was a good introduction to the size.
      I do hope you have a wonderful time with your new doll :)
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    7. Hey! My firsr one was an SD too, an iplehouse Jessica. However, my tastes changed and even though I still like SD size, I prefer dolls to be 60cm tall or even a tad shorter rather than 65.
    8. My first BJD was a Souldoll Paris.
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    9. My first SD sized doll was Migidoll Cho. I bought him secondhand through the marketplace. He was not a doll I really planned for or really liked until I saw how others had styled him. I was able to see his potential and he became a doll I had to have. I started with mini sized dolls. I was a little intimidated about owning large dolls at the start of the hobby and I knew I wanted my first doll to be a girl. At the time I didn't come across any large girls that I connected with. I was tempted by several SD boys though! Finding my perfect mini sized girl was awesome. I just knew she was the one. I probably own every size imageable! I love each one for different reasons, but these days I'm more into my large dolls.
    10. I started tiny, went YO, then SD, then MSD. Artemis is my SD that started the bigger kids: MYOU Junyao. There are already plans for her brother Apollo.
    11. I started out with an MSD-sized doll. However, my first SD was a Luts Senior65 Delf Bory whom I've had for abut 3 years now. I think I prefer MSD sizes, but I still love the larger dolls :aheartbea
    12. My first SD sized doll from way way back was a DOT Lahoo! (I still have him in storage.) He was also my first brand new doll. My first two were pre-loved and MSD sized. Lahoo took like 6 months to arrive.
    13. My first doll was 72cm and a hybrid too. So I just went all in straight away! He was a Modoll minimee Thranduil on a T&D body. I still have him. Although I’ve got a few sizes now, I still like the big dolls and they make up most of my collection!
    14. Hi, my first SD was just a head for about 10 years. I always wanted to get her a body, but my crew was entirely tiniest, then minutes. After taking a break from dolls n stuff for a few years, I came back to DO A and decided I'd finally get her a body. Before her body even came, I already had other SDs arrive, LOL. So... I still consider her my first.
    15. Congrats on your SD! My first doll was a SD, a Delf Lishe (in my icon) and I love her dearly. She's been my only full doll for all this time, and I definitely love the size and cuddly-ness of SD's. I hope you love yours!
    16. My first SD I believe was Impldoll Plaice! Still have him. Sadly his body parts got separated some how in the move which never got put back together. I actually lean towards SDs then any other size. Maybe its how detailed they look. Not quite sure.
    17. My first SD was a Dream of Doll Tender Shall I got in 2008 and I still have her!
    18. Back in 2004 or 2005, my first BJD was an SD size.

      He's a Lut's CP Delf Chiwoo. < The one in my picture over there.

      Nowadays he's one of a large exteded Victorian family of children, but back then he was my lone little boy.

    19. My first SD (and first doll to arrive) was SWITCH Taeheo, and he is a hybrid. :3nodding: He's fairly neglected since I have upgraded to even taller guys. :sweat I don't actually have anything smaller than SD, and I'm really hesitating to move down and try something smaller because I really enjoy the size factor that SD offers. *_*
    20. My first doll is dollzone - Robin. He is a gift from my father for my 18th birthday. I really love him <3 and he has accompanied me for 5 years (and also witnessed me to buy and sell many dolls lol). Surely I will never sell him ~