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What will my doll smell like?

Apr 4, 2006

    1. It might sound strange, in fact I am convinced it does, but as I was sorting out some childhood memories for storage I stumbled (literally) over my old box of Barbies. All of a sudden I was overcome with the memory of brand-new-barbie-fresh-from-the-box-smell.
      It set my mind to wondering, what will my doll (a CP DELF from Luts) smell like or if indeed she will smell at all.
    2. If it's a delf, it will smell of eye putty- a kind of chemical smell, a bit like marker pens! ^_^
    3. I LOVE THE SMELL OF MARKERS!!! (please don't judge me :blush )

    4. I won;t- I was sniffing Mikos for a week after he arrived! :)
    5. I love the new doll smell! I look like a crazy sitting there with one of my doll's arms under my nose sniffing it XD
    6. Your doll will smell like the best thing you have ever smelled! LOL
      I LOVE the new resin smell, it does smell simular to some things, but its all unique on its own. If you like the smell of fresh vinyl and markers, I am sure you will love the resin smell. Only a few people who are "smell sensative" cant take/doesnt like the new resin smell, but to me, it is heavenly:)
    7. Oh god. I thought Phir stank in a nice kind of sweet, unholy beeswax kind of way when he got here. But he's a Volks doll, so I don't know if he smells like your average CP doll or other.

      (I still open Phir's box in the closet and sniff the pillows sometimes. I kind of grew a taste for it (the scent, not sniffing pillows as a delicious pass time) after awhile. The nice, new doll smell is starting to go away, though and he himself certainly doesn't smell so much like he used to. Which is in a bit of a way a shame, because I thought the smell suited him.

      But alas, gone it is!~ Either that or I've gotten used to it. O_o.)

      edit: You know what smell I like? The smell of paper fresh out of a photocopier. Dolls *kind of* smell like that, I guess. Maybe not.
    8. My FCS boy never smelled like anything, actually :s
    9. I've got an Elfdoll Ryung body sitting here. It smells like pine. Very nice!
    10. Yeah, my luts boy is a few months old and if you stick him to your nose he smells like spray paint/sharpie :D

      London: I feel so abused...
    11. My girls smell like eye putty, resin, MSC, and wig conditioner. I LOVE the way the wig conditioner smells. Some people have put cotton balls sprayed with their favorite scent into their dolls heads, as well, to make them smell nice. <3
    12. another newbie silly question...but what exactly are sharpies? i've seen them mentioned all over the forum. Are they are a type of marker?
    13. Yes, they are permanent markers. You have to be careful if you sniff them, because you can get high from them. Xp
    14. Maybe it's a country thing... XD Sharpies are a type of permanent marker that's such a household name that people talk about it when they really mean a permanent marker. Kind of like saying Kleenex instead of tissue, Band-Aid instead of adhesive bandage. ^^ (http://www.sharpie.com is their site ^^)

      My boys both smell sort of like resin and eye putty together, which is weird because one doesn't have eye putty... Oo; but it's the best smell in the world!! Sometimes I just hold them and smell them. :)
    15. Yep Sharpies are markers XD
      And nothing smells quite like the shiny new smell of a doll.
      Or a newly coated doll. I think I'm a Mr Super Clear junkie XD and that's not very safe at all! (No direct inhalation people! XD)
    16. Ah, the smell of a newly cast CP doll! Nothing like that intense cloud of resin that puffs out at you. To me, it's an exciting smell; it's all about promise and yay! new doll. It's a slightly sharp smell, obviously plastic-y. And I've found that if you keep a CP doll in a carrier for a bit, when you open the carrier you'll get that same whiff. :)

      And I think it is more of a Delf thing. None of my Volks doll, even the FCS ones when I first opened the box, had that smell.

    17. Totally off topic OMG I LOVE your Elphaba Pic in your siggy ^^ I'm a total Wicked fan...
    18. When I got my Soo back a year ago, she made my whole room smell! Not bad or anything, just platic-y. Well, I have a small room, so maybe that's why, but they don't smell gross or anything. Btw, your avatar is so funny!! :lol:
    19. I find the wigs smell more than the actual doll (synthetic hair :P) - but the boxes were a killer. I can't leave them open - they give me a headache...^^;
    20. Sam smelled kind of like markers and fresh photocopies when I first opened her box. Now she smells like wig conditioner and dog and Febreeze. :p