What would ask your dolls if they could talk back?

Jan 25, 2020

    1. If my girl could speak to me, I think I might ask her if there was anything she'd like me to do to change her appearance. Maybe she might request a different bust size or a new wig she likes. Or her opinion on what boy she'd like to be her boyfriend.

      Just an interesting thought. Wondered if anyone else had something they wish they could ask.
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    2. What is (country of origin) like? I've never been!
    3. If my dolls could talk I’d let them figure out all the "boring" details like name and sometimes eye colour :lol:
      I am very bad at naming, and while I *usually* have a clear idea of the look I want for my dolls, I occasionally just really want a specific sculpt and then I struggle to figure out how to style it.
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    4. I would ask them never to disclose the things they have seen. :aeyepop:
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    5. I think i would ask my doll hows life as a doll. How does he see himself, what do I look like to him and how does he see me? I would also ask them if they wanted different clothes or a different wig. I think I would hold long conversation with him after my studies.

      Maybe I would ask him how his day is when I'm gone for ~7 hours, if he wanted company with other dolls I would possibly own or I could arrange a "playdate".

      I think a lot of dolls could tell how life is being made in factories, being shipped, and seeing the light of day once the eyes are placed in.
      The stories second hand dolls could tell. :)
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    6. Imagine your doll having a bad attitude and actually talking back to you.
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    7. What kind of clothes they want to wear, who wants to go to the meetup with me, what do they think of the other dolls, etc.
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    8. I think I'd have less of something to ask and more of something to quietly plead along the lines of

      "im so sorry ur clothes r bad n u dont have a face im working on it i promise"
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    9. "Did it hurt when I sanded down your nipples?" :XD:
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    10. I'm not sure I could ever think of my dolls' characters as living dolls, only as real people, so I'd ask them things that pertain to their personalities.
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    11. I don't think I would ask their opinion on style, clothing etc... the best thing about sewing for my dolls is they never complain its too tight, itchy, causing wedgies... that's why I love sewing for them. Now if they would smile or squee with delight, that would be welcome.
    12. Imagine hearing;
      (Whatever they would call you, but I'm going with mom.) "Mom!! Its to tight around my chest- Moooom!! Its itching! I hate it!"
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    13. ...I'd probably just chat with the army of dolls in my apartment. Between BJDs and play dolls, there are like... 21 dolls here altogether. Wait, no, 22. I might also try and recruit them to play board games with me.
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    14. If my dolls could talk I'd ask them if they need anything to be more comfortable, like finally getting shoes or a soft mattress.
      And I'd love to have them by side while browsing the Internet for new stuff for them, would be interesting to hear their honest opinion.
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    15. - How was your home country?
      - Oh, do you prefer me to speaking with you in korean? (His home country language)
      - Eh... I'd like to order you a friend. How about this one? Do you think you two could get along?


      And something like that.
    16. Oh wow we would have an amazing time talking if they could I would be so happy lol and a bonus if they could move lol
    17. I would ask them to please help me clean my room. They would all say no. :pout:
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    18. If they like each other and are happy to be with me or would like to be sold.

      If they'd like to have a life partner or would date some other doll from among my own crew.

      If they have a better idea than me on what would look good on them.

      If they think I should have a boy doll afterall or not?
    19. That's very good!! :XD:

      I would tell them to dress alone. I'm very lazy to change their clothes to more than two or three at one time
    20. I don't think they would be all to helpful to begin with.
      Watch the tinys pick up lint.
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