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What would be the holy grail outfit for your doll?

Jul 16, 2018

    1. Would it be one of the Volks FCS welcoming outfits? The perfect Sailor Moon uniform, Hogwarts or Padme from Star Wars? Maybe a costume from a favorite movie? I'm not sure what mine would be yet, but I like Hogwarts uniforms.
    2. I would absolutely love any of the costumes in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie for my dolls. I can't sew well enough to make one, and I have no idea where I'd even begin to look to commission someone for something so over the top, though. :lol:
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    3. My grail outfit is Iplehouse JID Edwin's clothes and I was so lucky that I could get it this year :D
    4. i love all Card Captor Sakura outfits!!! i cant wait to get my new doll to make cute childish outfits for her!!
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    5. Must be an OOAK outfit.
    6. I love the outfits from Black Butler, so something similar to that style.
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    7. I feel you on the Card Captor Sakura outfits. That's one of my favorite series.
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    8. I have a thing for school uniforms, so if I could get matching school uniforms for all my dolls I'd be happy.
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    9. DOLK's version of Ciel, but with RIngdoll's version of his lil blue outfit. D: Arg.... I may need to have that custom made by someone who knows how to do it.
    10. I don't know if these would fit, but the Volks White Rose Collection has some cute girl uniforms, elementary - high school.
    11. My dolls have pretty casual taste, so I'm not sure if there is just one particular grail outfit for me-most can be obtained by piecing things together from different places.

      I guess my ultimate grail would be just a wardrobe full of band and movie/tv t-shirts of quality equal to that of real clothing. I find a lot of cute shirts, but most have iron on images, and that's a deal breaker for me. They need to be screen printed.

      But if I have to choose one specific outfit...hmmm.....probably a full pop star style outfit with shoes and accessories for Parker. Something like Justin Bieber style stage wear with the shiny fabrics and tiny details.
    12. Any of Crobidoll's special outfits. For me, this one here
    13. I have to admit, some day I'm going to make the outfits from Shinee's Lucifer MV for my dolls. Those outfits are my guilty pleasure.
    14. One of doll chateau's sort of religiously themed outfits- this one or this one, I think! None of my current dolls would really wear something like this, but GOD they're so cool. They're just always so expensive, I can't justify spending that kind of money on clothes yet.
    15. Thanks for the suggestion! My problem is that my dolls range from 25cm to 71cm, so matching uniforms would need to be custom made. Plus I'd want them to be of my own design. >.<
    16. BTSSB x Volks coords. I've fallen out of lolita, but my DD hasn't, and my baby deserves brand.
      With regards to stuff I could actually make, though: a full outfit based off of Sakizou's illustrations (it'll happen someday, but in the meantime I'm preserving my sanity) and also accurate Mami and Madoka magical girl outfits from PMMM.
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    17. Welp, Annix needs his full Eton-inspired school uniform (which I'm never getting because so boring!)
      My MSDs exist to be adorable and look cute no matter what so I give less thought to their clothing styles, except for Candace/Kandyx because she's a space galaxy princess and I wanna get her space galaxy regalia...some day
      My SD fellow really really REALLY needs a cyberpunk outfit with all the Matrix-inspired trimmings. I also have a new SD lady inspired by Lauren Bacall who's gonna be in serious need of a 1940s Hollywood glam outfit. So those aesthetics are my ideal/grails but there's no one company that makes a fullset version suited to my taste
    18. I love the idea of 1940's Hollywood glam, I would also like to what an Eton uniform would look like on a girl doll (I would love to try one one in real life.) Tell me if you ever find the right stuff.
    19. Right now, I wish I could get my hands on the outfits that Soom made specifically for their Humpty-Dumpty egg. I got him during a later release when the clothing was long sold-out.
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    20. I can't really find one like what I have in mind so I'd probably need to have it custom made. But a mostly brown, simple lolita dress with some yellow in it, or a brown dress with straps and a little frilly yellow shirt. I like yellow/brown combinations and it'd fit my girl really well, but it's hard to find exactly what I'm looking for! I find some similar but they're usually very elaborate.