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What would you like a bigger selection of?

Jul 4, 2019

    1. I've been hunting on etsy for a few hours, having a hard time finding SD boy digital patters. I wish there was a bigger selection! What about you? What do you spend forever looking for, but there's just not a big selection of?
    2. Very specifically, non-mature body options in the 31-35cm size range. XD

      Slim/ mature dolls in that height range are becoming more plentiful, but not child-like ones. I have a hard time finding body options for dolls to fit between my child-like Volks MSDs (~40cm) and Yo-SDs (~27cm), whilst still being in-scale with them.

      (regarding digital patterns for SD boys, perhaps this list of free patterns on my blog might help?)
    3. Varying features. I want big flat noses and more varieties of eye shape. Thick lips high cheekbones etc etc. Specifically in the MSD size. ^^
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    4. Immature SD-size bodies.

      Most of my SD size gang are children, I don't want big-boobed/slim-waist/curvy-hip adult bodies for the girls, and I don't want them all exactly the same height and build on the same few bodies that work as children.

      I know what you mean.

      Mine are on old Customhouse Little Junior Ai (The boy one works, the the girl one with the boobs modded off is a skinnier kid), MinoruWorld Junior bodies, and two Chibi Unoa with the flat-chest option.

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    5. 50cm dudes without fashion-sized heads. Unfortunately, I have really come to love that size! Iplehouse FIDs are even just a little small, though... I’m kinda at the point of “it’s Souldoll Vito or nothin’.”
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    6. A greater ethnic variety of face molds. Lots of Caucasian and East Asian faces, not much else outside of Iplehouse and a couple of others.
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    7. That would be nice.

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    8. On the one hand, I have so many dolls, clothes and accessories now that I shouldn't be looking for anything. But if I were, I'd be searching for more authentic, well-tailored European styles from different historical periods, including shoes that fit well enough to avoid the clunky look, appropriate hats, etc.

      As for sculpts, more realism, narrower eyes, more varied mouth shapes, sharper face contours, and especially, more interesting noses--larger ones, some less symmetrical ones, aquiline ones, bulbous ones, and I'd love to see one like my own (a family trait), with a shortish straight bridge and a bump on the end.

      If I found a version of my Neo-angel Region Humpty-Dumpty egg in brown, I'd snap him up in a second! I guess they actually did make one but it had a limited release in Japan only, I believe.

      And, finally, I love whimsical anthro dolls and am always falling for ones that are unique and appealing.
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    9. There aren't enough mature tiny males that are aesthetically pleasing (well, mature tiny girls, too... but I have one on order that I just adore, so it's the males that are frustrating right now). I keep finding 1/4 and 1/3 scale dolls that I wish were available in 1/6 scale. :pout:

      Also, correctly scaled clothes, wigs, and eyes for mature tinies. It's not terribly difficult to find girl clothes, but they do tend to be super girly and frilly. It's harder to find contemporary styles and tiny males are even harder to dress, from what I've found in my searches. Once you get to 1/6 scale it's all Blythe (good stuff for girls, usually, with a little perseverance) or toddler styles.

      The other thing difficult to find is clothes (especially pants) for my Bimong Narae. She's very "hippy" compared to other dolls, apparently. I've mostly been sticking to skirts for now. Shoes are a bear - they're either too big or too childish or don't come in the right size at all.

      Finally, modern/contemporary furniture in both 1/4 and 1/6 scale.
    10. Let me start out by saying it is not impossible to find clothing for the 70+cm males. My biggest problem is that what you can find tends to fall into two categories; Historical Fiction (pirates, vampires, Mr. Darcy), and modern. The modern has a tendency to all look very similar. I prefer more modern clothing I personally am not super interested in historical fashion. It has been hard to find the variety I would like in the 70+cm doll range.

      I have also had an exceptionally hard time finding shoes that fit the feeple60 size foot. The new moe foot is chunky and short so most doll shoes are loose in the toe and tight around the middle. The old feeple60 foot for the active line is a little longer and more narrow so it fits the traditional 1/3 size shoes a little better. Even with the old foot though most of the super cute 1/3 size shoes are big because they tend to be for the 65cm dolls instead of 55cm-60cm dolls.
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    11. White or soft colored short sleeved shirts with cool graphics on them. Not just the companies logos, but cool phrases or cool pics of animals or even better we get them custom done in a silk screen.
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    12. Literally anything that will fit Dollshe fashion maxi dolls - especially medieval fantasy stuff.

      And also realistic female SD bodies. No offense meant to anyone else's tastes, but I'm tired of generic bodies with flat tummies and perfectly perky breasts and ribs showing. Give me curves (not hyper-exaggerated hips), give me a little bit of a tummy, some thicc thighs...anything but flat lines and zero definition. Amadiz's original girl body and Miracle Doll's v2 65cm female body are the only ones I can find that fit that aesthetic for me.
    13. Shoes. Always shoes of any size. I would love more modern everyday shoe options for sneakers, sandals, heels, etc. Right now I'm trying to learn how to make my own shoes since I just can't find what I want.
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    14. Period wig styles from 1700's to 1960's, outerwear and/or patterns that would actually fit over other clothing, lingerie that doesn't necessarily include garter belts and stockings, eyeglasses, helmets in MSD and SD sizes.
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    15. A better selection of wigs in the 4-5 size range. Bowl cut, or girly is mostly what I’ve found. I would love short hair, and unusual styles. This has made me learn how to make my own wigs, but it would be nice to have the option.
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    16. CHUBBY DOLLS, i mean we got viola and thats all that comes to mind cus most "chubby" bjds arent actually chubby, like theyre arms and legs stay relativity thing thats not how chub works, i want more chubby dolls with diffrent facial features
    17. Smaller SD boys shoes. I've been having to buy my boys girls' shoes because none of the big boats I've been buying fit. Recently I lucked out and found a pair of girl's shoes that work as oxfords for my rather formal (and masculine-ly dressed boy), but time will tell if they fit.
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    18. More options for eyes with small iris (or even custom ones), that are not made out of resin. I stopped purchasing eyes years ago because the only option were custom made ones, and I wasn't a huge fan of the quality, but now that there are more options, it seem it seems like it's only for resin ones.
    19. For the F60 moe shoes look for large msd shoes. I have several pairs of msd shoes that actually fit my moe flat feet really well.( not so sure on heels)

      I have a hard time finding furniture i like. I dont want super fancy antique look. i dont want floral print or frilly little girls room. I dont want modern minimalist. I want just some basic furniture normal people have in their house.
      #19 whooganana, Jul 5, 2019
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    20. That is a great idea! Thank you.