What would you steal from your doll's wardrobe for yourself?

Jul 16, 2019

    1. If you could fit into your doll's clothes, what outfit of theirs would you wear yourself?

      I'd steal that cool Chinese dress she has. It would never look as good on me, but it's so gorgeous.
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    2. My one doll has a very cool jacket, I would love it in my size. Its a denim vest with hoodie like sleeves and hood. It was made by TTYA and sadly can't get it big enough for my Goohwa boy to wear, but my Dollstown girl can wear it.
    3. Ooh, this is a fun idea! I would have to go with the two Raouken corsets- most definitely! I'm head over heels for Raouken's corsets, and her handiwork and designs are to die for. :love Surely my doll won't mind me borrowing that corset...forever haha!
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    4. I'd definitely switch wardrobes with my doll. I wouldn't look nearly as good in it though!
    5. My girl Timberly has a poppy shirt!!! <3 It's navy blue with red poppies on it. Her other one is red with white poppies on it. My fave flower. My boy has some cool Marvel boxers. haha. Swipe those?
    6. I would probably take my boy's old dollheart outfits mainly the short cloaks. I wouldn't know what occasion to wear them though.
    7. If it would look as good on me as it does on the doll, then probably Marley's black halter tank top and yellow plaid leggings or Meghan's yellow lacy tank top. I love yellow, but the color looks awful with my skin tone. :(

      But if I don't get to change myself to look like the doll, then I want Lakin's silverchair t-shirt. (I already have his Nirvana shirt in my size!)
    8. Actually I just ordered a suit based on my doll's months ago. The result turned out pretty good. ;)
      I'll probably "steal" his grey coat in the future as well.
    9. One of my SD boys has a Volks x h.Naoto outfit- if this outfit was human sized I would wear it in a heart beat! I do own pieces (human sized!) from this company already tho, so all is good^^
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    10. Shoes!! My dolls have the cutest shoes ever and I would definitely wear them out.
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    11. Pretty much anything they have. Lol they dress waaaaay better than me... even their accessories
    12. This dress, this pair of sneakers (with my own initial) and this haori jacket I recently made for my dolls, plus every single pair of Mio jeans in their wardrobe (first five on the bottom left in this pic).
    13. Pretty much all of it ! I dress them in things that really appeal to me and my sense of style, and lately my extra money goes to dressing the dolls. They demand it:abow:
    14. Currently - the entire outfit Alice is wearing, as is. (Pic added for illustration.)

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    15. Sailor suits.

      I used to love my sailor suit back when I was a student.

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    16. Loki’s!
    17. Hard question!!! I guess it would be the thigh high leather lace-up high heeled boots for my big girls. I would most likely have to sit in them most of the time but they are so killer!!!!
    18. It would probably look stupid on me but I love Nephel's dress.
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    19. Nahh, all my dolls' clothes seem like they'd be majorly uncomfortable. That's why they wear it and not me. :evilplot:
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    20. Im pretty new to the hobby, so my girl only has a few things, all but one i made. I could easily just make them in a bigger size.so i would steal the dress i bought with her. Its simply adorable, white with black lace. Came with matching stockings and i also got a pair of shoes with it that match unintentionaly perfectly. If i lost some weight i could pull it off to>.<