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What's inside your doll's head?

Aug 14, 2011

    1. Just curious.
      Besides eyes, what is inside your doll's head? (ie: magnets, brains, etc)

      I have a pair of magnets inside for headphones but I've seen people use them for cat/animal ears as well.
    2. It's true that there has been a thread just like this! :) But it's in our General Discussion Archive and that's a no-posting zone - so please enjoy here!

      I keep charms inside some of my angels' heads....fetishistic-ally.
    3. It varies. Some have a piece of magic eraser. Some have stones. One has his horns stored in his head (so I don't lose them). I used to have rubber brains for some of them, but they got lost in a move.
    4. Mostly bungee cord but one has some horns and a paw in his.
    5. VERY interesting... I keep nothing in there because OrientDoll have tiny heads!
    6. All of my dolls have a little note with their name, company and model, my name, and my cell number inside their head. I wouldn't want to put any other loose thing in there.
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    7. Sometimes I leave some ribbon tied to the hook so I can pull the hook through the neck without having to go for the hook thingy. Otherwise nothing, I think.
    8. eyes, eye putty, S-hook/O-ring...Mike and Ashley have magnets. Parker and Hansel have ribbons on the O-ring. I thought brains would be really cool, but haven't found anything that would fit and be safe. I really don't like the idea of anything in there that can rattle or melt
    9. I always keep them empty, except that as of this moment, my MSDoll boy Myung-Ki actually has about $5 worth of quarters inside his noggin. I don't usually keep them there and it was sort of a random thing to do as I was cleaning out my wallet and he just happened to be sitting nearby with his headcap off as I had just finished working on his face-up. So in they went and they've sort of just been in there since. I should probably take them out soon.

      What I actually plan to do however is for each doll to have a little strip of paper in their heads with their eye size written down. I'm terrible at remembering who wears what eye size and it gets tedious constantly having to look them up.
    10. My BJDs head make amazing hiding spaces. Who thinks to look inside a dolls head for something? But as far as at this current moment, nothing.

      At other times I've put money, jewelry, smaller valuable items. (SD cards, memory cards, etc..)
    11. I dont like sleeping in my Engagement ring so when I'm at a friends house and im scared to leave it down on a night stand or dresser i shove it in my littlefees head!!! :D
    12. The $5 worth of quarters idea literally made me laugh. So random!

      Agatha only has her eyes in right now. Even with notches cut out of the headcap, opening a Dollfie Dream head still isn't all that fun, so I don't do it any more often than I feel I have to. The contact information note is brilliant, though. I may have to do that.

      . . . Though while I'm in there, I just might toss in a couple random watch gears. Just to be weird.
    13. Opening Chaeri's head isn't easy, so she just has her eyes in. Unless you count the plastic ring on the neck post that keeps her head on her body.
    14. Not to sound melodramatic, but each of my dolls have a story and a voice. I have "vibe conversations" with most any doll I see, and so I feel like yes, I can see thoughts going on behind the eyes of dolls!
    15. Mine all have healing stones and some have a bit of magic eraser as well. One of them has a tiny Christmas card from a swap.
    16. This is such an interesting thread! I've always thought it seemed a bit eomty inside my boys head, and that he could do with a brain in there ;) I would be scared to put in something that could melt, or damage his eyes/head...

      The contact information idea is brilliant, i might just have to do that...
    17. This is something I just very recently started doing, but they have some small items that relate to their character/personality. And if the character has a significant other, there's a small printed pic of them folded up in there. Three of my boys aren't home right now, so they don't have anything yet, but the others do...
    18. I didn't even know that people kept things in their BJD's heads! jeez how n00bish can you get XD I put a piece of Magic Eraser after reading this
    19. true story :D
      This last weekend my boy Hec was getting sueded an when the Girl opened it up she was like "uh.. Ruppy is there a reason there are eyelashes in here" XD; it made everyone laugh
      the reasoning behind it.. owo; they fell off and i didnt want to lose them ^^;