What's more important, the HEAD, BODY, or BOTH?

Mar 13, 2017

    1. So when I look for new dolls I usually focus on the head sculpt only. Bodies always end up being an afterthought and heads come first. Also, sometimes I want the doll to have a completely different body type the body the company offers. The only thing I look for in a general doll body is double joints and moderate pose-ability. So usually, I'll buy the head only and hybrid (to save money or for character purposes) or the whole doll if it's in my price range at the moment. Once I find a body I like, I 'll end up getting it more multiple dolls since I'm not picky at all over bodies.

      So what important to you all, the HEAD, BODY, or BOTH?
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    2. I also tend to be more focused on head/face sculpts, though I do look for nicely sculpted hands and tend to prefer more naturalistic bodies with smaller chests & less defined musculature (I usually think big chests and really defined abs look cartoony on most dolls).

      I only have one doll, a Doll in Mind Larina with standard the Happy New Girl body, but I think she's perfect!
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    3. Both? I'm not sure what the right answer is for how I feel! So I"ll explain. Even with considering hybrids, I've never been brave enough to merge two companies together, so I look at the aesthetics of the whole doll: head and body. I can overlook some posing restrictions if I like the aesthetics (me with my Crobi, charming but can't do much) and I can overlook some aesthetics for their posing ability (Fairyland's knees, holds pretty much any position, but I hate the kneecap look).

      I was most serious about attempting to hybrid with my Switch head, as their bodies are the most expensive of my collection. But in the end I felt too afraid to take the plunge, and saved up for the Switch body.

      And then, I don't do well with floating heads. I had a time where two Little Monica heads shared one Little Monica body, but when one was out I missed having the other. So I also shy away from buying heads unless it's the only way to nab a sculpt I just have to have :3nodding:
    4. Both, almost all my dolls are hybrids because I love certain head sculpts but not the bodies, so I end up looking for bodies I specifically would like to go with each head (had spent almost double the money a doll would cost me to get the "right" body for some of my heads), I can tell I love head sculpts as much as I love body sculpts, but I tend to forgive some posing issues over the looks of a body (almost every "body" has some posing issues, the only body I have found almost perfect poser was too "fragille" so I ended up selling it, but Ioved how it posed).
    5. The first thing I look at is also the head, but if the body is also veeeery important to me. A well sculpted body with a lot of character and great poseability really draws me. So if the body isn't to my liking, it might be a deal breaker. I'm a very visual person, so aesthetics in a doll are what I thrive for. I'm currently still trying to find the sculpt for my very first doll, and after YEARS of looking I think that I have finally found it. I really want my first doll to be the manifestation of perfection that I will love even after many years.
    6. Head sculpt is the priority for me. Posing difficulties can generally be addressed and clothing tends to hide any proportion quirks I'm otherwise meh on.
    7. They're both important to me, I'm really picky about bodies. I never wanted to make a hybrid so I used to avoid dolls if I didn't like their body but now I'm becoming more open to the idea of hybrids and I've already got a floating head waiting for a new body from a different company. It's a bit of a pain but I think it's worth it to have a body that looks good and poses nicely.
    8. Head's definitely more important to me. I'm very picky about bodies, actually, but I'm pretty fearless when it comes to making hybrids. Sometimes my problem is narrowing my body choices down to just one, haha.
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    9. for me it's the head, 'cause there are a ton of companies selling bodies while head can be limited only.
    10. I'll say both for me. I'm quite particular on their facial features and their posability.
      I don't only want a pretty faced doll but also want a photogenic doll who can pose as realistic as possible.
    11. I do think about the body, but it's not as important to me as the head. Bodies can be sold anyway, but the head sculpt is more difficult to find >< So more on the head for me~ :3nodding:
    12. The head and the body are both very important to me since I don't hybrid. I care more about overall aesthetics than posing, but I do look for nicely sculpted hands and double-jointed elbows.
    13. First and foremost is the head. It's the face shape and facial features that grab me. Then, the body comes secondary but in the end both are important because it shells a whole character. I do like good looking sculpted limbs and smooth joint transitions because I don't like them looking awkward or too sharp.
    14. Obviously the head is the priority since it's the main focus, but both are almost equally important to me.
      My dolls are always dressed, but if I'm gonna pay a few hundred dollars I want the whole thing to be quality. I'm gonna change their clothes fairly often, I want to be able to nod in approval at the body xD
      At the very least, the hands have to be pretty! I was looking at cheaper bodies for a temporary solution but the hands and feet were too much of a turnoff xP
    15. I have to like both, as I don't buy them separately because I'm too lazy to learn how to match resins! Most go after the head sculpt because it would be easier to get a body but the face sculpt would be retired one day.
    16. Both! Mostly because I hate ordering from 2 places for what is essentially one item :(
      But also,
      The head: if I don't love the face I can't really "bond" with the doll. They are supposed to be pretty things to look at after all.
      The body: I love variety, and one thing that keeps this hobby fresh beside buying another doll is all the things you can do with your own. I don't want to only be able to set them in the same 2-3 poses.

      I agree! If the body at least looks like I paid a lot for it, that goes a loooong way.
      Hands are so so important! Unless they have the option of multiple hands, most times you're going to be seeing the same thing day after day, they darn well better look spectacular!
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    17. I prefer hybriding, so definitely both head and body matter--and lately, hands and feet (my dolls, more and more, are becoming multi-company hybrids). And even after that, I usually need to do some modding to get what I want.

      6/13 dolls are hybrids of three companies (and one within that is from three companies, but 4 different dolls), and 3 of the rest are two-company hybrids. I only have one SD that will likely remain all within the same company, and he's a within-company hybrid (new legs with an older body, and possibly jointed hands).
    18. It's about equal, really.

      The head has to fit my character and be the right size to be in scale with the other dolls in the same story, and I don't like the aesthetic to be too extremely different between dolls. I like a variety, but like extremely realistic with anime style doesn't work for me.

      The body needs to fit the character, pose well, be aesthetically pleasing to me and match the head. I guess this sometimes makes body shopping even harder than head shopping, since with the head I just check size and appearance, but the body needs those two things plus engineering, plus proportions, plus fitting the head in style, size and at least color being easy enough to blush to match. I also don't like duplicate bodies. To me, having two dolls with the same body is like having two heads of the same sculpt. It would work for twins, or maybe siblings, but otherwise, not really.

      The body is as important as the head because if, for example, my character is tall and thin and I stick her on a short curvy body, it just doesn't feel like my character to me.
    19. For me, it's the head first as that is what attracts me to the sculpt in the first place. If the body looks good to me too, then it's easy. But sometimes I get an idea that the head would look so much better on a different body then I'll hybrid. This happened with my DZ Benjamin. You can only get the head on a specific body, they won't just sell his head, but I wanted a DC body. I did get a Benjamin, sold the DZ body, and bought the DC one. To me, he now looks more in style between the head and body. This is just a personal preference, as there was nothing wrong with the DZ body. I have quite a few hybrids I did in my collection by just trying different heads on bodies and was surprised at how much better they looked. The resins even matched as they are all white. Happy accidents, lol. (my avatar is a great example)
    20. I've discovered that the body is very important to me. If it in my opinion looks ugly, odd, or I just don't like it then it's a no from me. There have been plenty of sculpts that I love, but see the body and change my mind. So I tend to stick to companies that I like the bodies from. And I like plenty different style of bodies as well. I'm not limited to one type such as only buff male dolls.