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What's new? Does new or different motivate you to buy? Do you want variety?

Oct 20, 2011

    1. How are you motivated to acquire more dolls?

      What new detail do you wish for at this time? What have you bought recently and did the feeling of different motivate you?
      Elongated bodies, and pear shape are in the new innovative category. I've seen a doll, currently in her first order phase, which has flowers and vines sculpted into her body. What kind of parts or attachments are new? Anyone looking for more true SMILES with all the different emotions that smiles can portray? Want more non-vampire teeth showing?
      Texture anywhere, like faux metal or wood, in sculpt or color advancement? Would it make anyone happy to have a doll that few people choose because it is unusual?

      Will you get your next doll because it represents or has something different from your others?
      What would break out your piggy-bank for a new [or another] doll at this time? What are you most looking for and how do you choose?

      If you get a different or new kind of doll, would you feel it needs a companion doll so it won't be left out? Which would mean companies should come out with companions at the same time, if they want DIFFERENT to sell. Or maybe you don't like different. This is not an invitation to criticize any doll, but tell us why you do NOT like different, in that case? {Answer in concept rather than specific example.} We don't want to hurt any doll's feelings here. ^^
    2. For the most part I tend to gravitate more towards the older style abjds -- single jointed with stylized face sculpts.

      However, I do like the stylization and experimentation with body shape that I've been seeing. I really love a lot of what Leeke's been putting out lately, though I could only swing the two Mikhaila releases. What works so well for me with them is you get interesting things going on with the bodies, but they still tend to have lovely stylized faces. Doll Chateau's dolls are very interesting too, though they don't really fit in with what I'm collecting right now (I'm mainly sticking to Leeke and Volks with a few MNMs and old favorites thrown in). Another thing I like is the additional choices when it comes to Obitsus and DDs -- I would like to add some more vinyl dolls to my group.

      I've never been really big into fantasy parts, and if a doll has them I'd rather they be detachable so I have the option to change them. That's why a doll with a lot of molded on fantasy details or parts would have to be pretty darn spectacular before I'd even consider it. Occasionally I do change my mind about what I want to do with a particular doll, and if they are too specifically one thing, then it really limits my options. I've also been less into the push for realistic heads. Now, I do love my MNMs -- they're the very big exception to this, but as they are meant to be portraits of actual people, they have a different function than my other dolls.

      I do sort of avoid having a doll that is the complete odd one out, but even if they have something that makes them different, they most likely also have traits that allow them to fit in with my group to some extent or I would probably have passed them up to begin with.
    3. So you have 2 pear shaped girls already, and one with, um, are they like metallic wings and her horns don't look average either.

      ...Even though you do feel you gravitate towards the older style dolls. Wow, and I was wondering if this belongs over in general discussion forums rather than debate.

      You also touched on the age old vinyl [Volks?]DD and Obitsus as different choices, want one or not? That is an interesting discussion that goes on in other questions/threads. As does the topic of Leeke's Mikhaila.

      * Just a suggestion for anyone who stops in. Go to a different thread to get a solid discussion of those topics specifically related to Leeke and Mikhaila. ~ thanks. [right to the design issue]
    4. Interesting faces on dolls motivates me to buy. I prefer odd ones to pretty ones and when I buy them, they stay. Elaborate fantasy dolls would probably become just big display art dolls in my house, and I would rather have human-type dolls that are more versatile. I have lots of variety in my doll collection because I buy from lots of companies and hybrids as well. I like looking at new fantasy dolls, but on the rare occasion that I bought one, I only bought it for the human face and body and declined to buy the fantasy parts. I have a couple of vampire girls and a few small funny anthros, but mostly humans.

      I don't think photos are encouraged in debate posts.
    5. I am looking for unique body proportions more and more. Pear shaped, long limbs, giant heads. Anything that isn't just a cookie cutter human shape. I still have a lot of human dolls and I won't be parting with them soon, but I want different things.

      The French art dolls from Cerisedolls, I'd love a Puns, I'd sell my own grandmother for a Kinoko Juice LOL! Enaibi dolls with their giant hips, and even that weird new Leeke body with the big hips. I have a hybrid Florence and I want to get some Doll Chateau dolls as well.

      But I'm also frustrated that there aren't more dolls like them coming out. Enaibi dolls are unobtainable, so are Puns for the most part. And forget about Kinoko Juice. So I'm stuck with what I can get and still unsatisfied. I don't like realistic dolls much anymore. I never have. I like big eyes. I do like a lot of Volks and Sooms more stylized fantasy dolls. And there are cute dolls coming out to be sure, but I also steer clear of places like Iple which are very realistic because they just don't make anything I want.
    6. Thanks for telling me. I made some edits. And thanks for your response.
    7. Thanks for all the references. I don't know most of the dolls you refer to. *hurries to search engine to check out these new dolls*

      P.S. I'll try to wait and use multi-quote feature after this. It's my first time posting a thread, and I am really curious to learn more about this.
    8. New and different honestly does not motivate me to buy. I don't like fantasy parts. They smack to me of being trendy and gimmicky. I'm not interested in the new body shapes some companies are exploring. I intensely dislike highly jointed doll bodies. I don't like the push for hyper realism in dolls. I imagine all of these will continue to be pushed until something new comes along and they fall to the way side and people find something new to be fascinated by.

      I find that over time I am more and more steadfast in my love of older bodies with your classic ABJD stylization to the faces. I lovelovelove a well designed, beautiful single joint. My two fave companies, and the two I actually own almost all of my dolls from, Volks and Bluefairy, have beautifully sculpted, elegant single jointed bodies that I simply keep going back to over and over. Not to mention they're the two companies whose face sculpts appeal to me the most.
    9. My tastes are extensively eclectic, and I'm easily distracted by something new and shiny. For the most part, I'm enjoying seeing so many dolls with fantasy parts coming out. Even if you don't like the fantasy parts, you can easily sell them on the MP. I'm also fascinated by the more muscular, realistic body sculpts that are coming out. It's always been something of a pet peeve of mine that there weren't any muscular and/or masculine sculpts and bodies out there. I'm pleased to see that there are now.

      I don't necessarily buy every new, shiny thing I see on a doll. One, I simply don't have the cash to do that most of the time. Two, I like to let things settle to see how I like them. I very much prefer to see own pictures than base my opinion purely on site pictures. However, if I like it well enough, I'll add it to the wish list (or buy it).

      At the end of the day, I'm crazy about customization. It's not so much as I want my doll to be a unique little snowflake, but more the challenge of it. With the new bodies, fantasy parts, and really just all the innovations, this makes it so much easier and more fun for me.
    10. I am drawn to different body shapes,pear,elongated, exxagerated proprotions. and I wont have two dolls with the same body,i want my group to be as different from each other as real people next to each other. for heads i just pick ones I think are pretty or would best represent the mood or character Im looking for, mostly fairly old sculpts that ive been admiring for a long time.

      I would love to see more ethnically diverse sculpts, and Im a sucker for human teeth showing
    11. I love new- variety makes my world go round! I love the direction that stylization seems to be taking in the hobby now, where you get a lot more dolls with little pudgy noses and pouty lips. I love that Kaye Wiggs style look and everytime I see a doll like that, I want her!

      I don't worry about how a doll will look in my collection, nor do I worry about poseability (I honestly don't care- sueding can solve most problems in my book ^_^). I love new joints (Like on Ingenue *sigh* if she was 60cm she'd have been mine >.<) I love love love new body shapes, and I love the way that artists are starting to dare to go outside the box these days. It's awesome to see that creativity being rewarded. ;)
    12. It depends on the direction 'new and different' takes.

      While I like to think of myself as 'open minded', I have some really picky notions about what I want on the shelf or in the house. Mostly, they have to look acceptable with what I have already -- or they have to completely knock my socks off.

      Dollmore's OT fashion dolls knocked my socks off, and one of those girls was the 'first exception' -- mostly because I figured, hey, she can sit with my fashion dolls and it's no stress. She now also has a FL Chic-line to keep her company. Between these two, they can wear some of the things I don't want to part with from that collection so I can start -- eventually -- parting with other parts of that collection, since it doesn't get much attention these days.

      The second 'big exception' was Pipos' Midsummer Night's Dream2 Charlotte. She blew me away. I could not for the life of me stop looking at that adorable sculpt and that amazingly stunning faceup. She doesn't blend, at all, with anything else I own at all -- but I just can't be bothered to care. She is, quite simply, that utterly fabulous. She can have her own shelf if she needs it.

      The other 'exception' is a mini girl, and while she's an adult-bodied mini, she still looks somewhat childlike to me and she manages to work well with my larger dolls. She's another that I simply could not take my eyes off of, and she haunted me until I hit the order button.

      Within the 'main group', which consists of dolls from about 57-70ish cm, all somewhat realistic sculpts (egg heads rather than round heads, basically), there's a fairly broad range of looks. This is partly due to my fantasy parts addiction, which makes it happen almost by default. If something is 'too similar' to me, it won't be as likely to come home unless it really blows me away. That said, the range I shop in is, by default, somewhat narrow. I find sculpts that work within this range from a fairly wide range of companies, and what's in the house would be a wider range than it already is if that winning lottery ticket ever drops out of the sky. *glances hopefully upward*
    13. I'm really pleased with the new sculpts that have come out recently. I've seen some dolls that are quite artistic (the newest from DZ for example) that sparked my imagination, but decided not to get one as they were more of an 'art doll' meant for display (at least I could not think of anything to do with them except display).

      At first I did not like fantasy dolls, but now I've gotten one -but it does have human parts so I have the flexibility to do either, and would most likely get another IF it was something extremely special.

      The main reason I was attracted to BJD's was the fact they did not look like traditional dolls, and came in an endless variety. No cookie cutter dolls that stay in the original box never to be opened and played with!
    14. Maybe I'm boring, but I prefer traditional human shaped bodies with mature heads. I have absolutely no interest at all in fantasy parts. Of my 18 dolls, only two have non human features, that being the pointy ears on my RS Mei (which I may end up sanding) and the ears and horn on my BBB Nissa (he was a gift, I wouldn't have bought a fantasy doll, but he grew on me. :P ) I've actually been disappointed in so many of the newer dolls being so...out there. I will admit, I do like the DollChateau 70cm and MSD sized male dolls, but that's because I really like abnormally thin boys in real life as well. My characters (for the most part) are all humans, and I tend to go for in dolls what I like in real life....which is not pear shaped, oversized head, fantasy parts, etc
    15. about the only "fantasy" item that i like is elf ears. i'm a sucker for them. other than that i like my dolls to be as realistic as possible and good posability is a must!
    16. I only have one doll. I have been looking a lot on line at the different head sculpts. I have to honestly say after looking at all the shops and heads old and new I prefer the doll I have. She is human and not very popular. So no it doesnt motivate me to purchase.
    17. For me, the hobby is focused on the articulation. When Dollshe released the DSAM35s bodies with the older style Saint heads which I already had a harem of....I was hook, line and sinkered. Pushing the sculpting to a more and more articulated degree whilst maintaining the Asian aesthetic of the doll itself is really the clincher for me with new releases.
    18. About the only fantasy parts I have any interest in is pointed ears and perhaps small vamp fangs. And that only if they fit the character. Of the 15 dolls I have or have planned, only 2 have anything, and those are both elf ears - because they're elves. The rest are all human, normal and "boring" human. lol. I have considered a rather out there doll, based on a character I have, but am not sure I could fully bring him to "life" properly without spending an arm and a leg on him...
    19. I have a very eclectic crew which are characters in a sort of urban fairytale. So naturally I love seeing all the innovative oddities out there...but I almost never buy them. They never seem to quite "fit" what I'm looking for...or they're too limited for my bank account...or they're too big, or too young looking, etc. But I truly love looking at all the pretty, and I routinely check the DoA News section every morning just to see what's coming out. Certainly, if I did find the perfect innovative sculpt to fit one of my characters, I would jump on it. And in fact this just happened.:) I'd been bemoaning the fact that DZ Una and Jeremy were too big for my MSD collection. (I really loved the style of their faces and innovative fantasy parts.) I was wishing for something artistic like that to sink my creative teeth into when suddenly voila! Dollzone came out with even more spectacular flower people...MSDs with adult faces! The moment DDE was putting them up for sale on their website, I literally pounced on that order button!;)
    20. Right now I really want to build a sort of "monsters" collection, a group of humanoid but not-quite-human dolls. I just ordered Roke (my "Dragon Boy") from Fairyland, so he'll be my starter monster. I'm also interested in Frankenstein from RingDoll, if they get their act together, and then I would like to have a mermaid, a vampire, an elf, things like that.