What's new? (How to get up to date)

Oct 30, 2017

    1. I have not been very active for a few years and getting back into it is quite an adventure.

      I'd like to discuss with whoever want to talk about all the new companies that poped up and the new dolls that are (or have been) popular or about the best way to get back into it.

      I have no idea what would be a good starting point as I can't remember what came out when I left, but I'm pretty sure Dollshe was doing a "last" sale on their old models, DollChateau was getting weirder and Mirodoll just came out with body with weird hand joints (or something)
    2. I am new so I guess I have some experience trying to get into it recently. My best advice is to just go to dolls websites and look at sculpts, and then come here and see what people are talking about in the discussion forums ^_^ Also, to look at recent galleries and maybe even the marketplace to see what people are talking about.

      As for new companies, I don't really know how to answer that cuz since I just started the hobby I'm not sure which ones are new compared to when you left. I'm sure there are people here better suited to that than I am~

      Welcome back to the hobby!
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    3. I just came back in the middle of last year after being "gone" for about 5 years! Realistic sculpts are quite popular now, as opposed to the more "anime" looking ones. I would suggest that you check of different dealers like Alice's Collection or DDE to see multiple companies at a time. That kind of helped me get back into the swing of things!
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    4. There are quite a few small anthro/pet BJDs now, the most prevalent of which is the Cuartos dragon. Fairyland started making fantasy dolls and added a new YOSD size doll.
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    5. there are a few blogs that I follow on tumblr that post new releases of dolls, so if I tune out for a while I can come back and know what's going on.
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    6. BJD Collectasy That's my go to link on what's new because I don't keep up in any way with any of the communities. It's a really good resource for all the new releases and company news, and you get interesting interviews and things sometimes too. Even the adverts are a handy list of places with new releases!

      Honestly, so much has changed, it's ridiculous. The breadth of companies releasing now is staggering and only matched by the choice of styles available as a result. Even attempting to explain it is an impossible galaxy of newness tbh!
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