What's the difference between Volks SD13 Kai and Lucas/Chris/F-28/F-16??

Oct 27, 2004

    1. Just as the name of the post says/asks, what is the difference between them??


    2. Kai, Lucas and Chris are limited editions. Chris and Kai are beauty white, Lucas is normal skin. Kai was released in Korea, Chris and Lucas in Japan.

      F28 was an FCS only head. It's slightly larger and softer-looking than the LE heads. Aimme has comparison pictures up at her site.
    3. So there aren't any differences in head mold between Kai/Chris (&Lucas) only that Kai was a Korean LE White skin and Chris a Japanese LE White skin.

      Okay that helps, thanks Lyn

    4. No problem :) As far as I know, Kai is essentially Chris in a different guise, but don't quote me on it, as I'm not sure about bodies. Kai is the later doll, so my have a slightly newer body.
    5. Oops, sorry! It's just that when Lyn said:

      "Kai was released in Korea, Chris and Lucas in Japan," you guys were referring to 2 different coll companies.

      Does Volks *have* a Korean version of itself?

    6. Yep Volks does have a Korean Volks store...need to find that link...I know I have it somewhere... :|

    7. Ah GOT IT!!! :grin:



      Sweet Dream Lucas also has a Korean version of himself...this version has different clothes.

      uhmm...Lillith and that other MSD are Korean exclusive
    8. Excellent, thank you! Wow, learning somethig new every day! :daisy

    9. Lucas Korea-Clone Power... Make UP!

      *couldn't resist*
    10. Hi, yeah. It's me again. ^^;;. I've been doing some extensive research on the dolls from Berry Pot again, (what else could I possibly research? I'm like, in love with them, only not.) and I found out that Kagura from there is a LE Chris 3. Modified, of course. Which is why I didn't recognize 'im as anything else. Stupid me.

      Anyway, ummm....I did a bit of a comparison between the f28 head and the Chris head....and I can't find any difference. Somebody want to fill me in if there is? 'Cuz if there isn't....XD....damn, chalk me up for TWO F-28s in the future(I hate F-28s.....XD.....damn you Berry Pot nad your mad customization skills!)
    11. Try here. The Chris/Lucas head is smaller and the lines on it are sharper.
    12. Okay Lucas and Chris/Kai are the same headmold only that Chris is Beautywhite and Lucas normal skintone. And Kai is the same as Chris but he was only released in Korea.

      F-28's head is bigger than L and C/K.

      F-16's head is smaller than F-28, the edges are more round, you can say F16 looks more liks Sasha's headmold.

      Hope this helpes

    13. Ah, thanks guys! You're really awesome. ^^. This helped me out a bunch. ^^!!!
    14. Ok, I'm obsessed. And I just have a few questions about Volks' Chris/Lucas.

      1) Just to make sure - they're the same headmould, right? Chris is BW, and Lucas is normal?
      2) Is it just the photographs, or is Chris actually shorter than Lucas? And if so, does anyone know what heights they are? (Chris is less expensive, so it seems plausible...)
      3) Are they still available directly from Volks? Cause they're still up on the website...
      4) (if yes) Can you purchase them over the net? Or do you need to buy them directly from a Volks store?
      5) And finally - are they available at any[/i ]Volks store, or are they an exclusive?

      Phew. So many questions - sorry :oops: . Thanks to anyone who can tell me anything!

    15. I don't know much about Lucas/Chris. (^__^)U

      But I think Lucas is normal, Chris is BW. They're the same headmold.

      They're LE, so Volks no longer sells them at all, online or in stores. They're listed, but Volks doesn't sell them.

      They are however, taking the a version of Lucas, a sleeping one, and releasing him again at the CA celebration of the Volks opening. They'll be popping up at the after market and if you act fast, you could probably find someone to buy one for you, with a fee I think.
    16. See, that was what I thought - but then the Volks website had me all confused, because they still have them listed under the limiteds with a price and everything...

      Thanks for confirming!
    17. 1) Yup, that's all correct.
      2) No, they're the same height. They have the same body type. Long legs for SD13 boys didn't exist at the time of their releases.
      3) Neither standard Lucas nor standard Chris have been released in a very long time (though one-offs crop up from time to time). You can only get them secondhand right now.
      4) --
      5) --

      If you've got any more questions about the two of them, feel free to ask! ^^ (Lucas and Chris are both incredibly gorgeous... I can hardly blame you for wanting to know more! :daisy)

    18. ~Thank you!~

      (And aren't they just beautiful? ^^)