What's the largest number of dolls you've had on order at once?

Sep 1, 2019

    1. I'm really curious about this, but I couldn't find a thread about it - so here goes!

      I currently have three on order. I feel really guilty about it, but none of them were impulse buys, I swear! :sweat I waited years for Dear Mine to produce Lupy again, and they finally did (yay!). I've been eyeing Supia's Noa for quite a long time, and then they had a 10% off plus free shipping sale, so what could I do? And finally, LLT had been teasing their ballerino body for months, and then they opened their two month sales period for 100 dolls - but all sculpts were predictably sold out in less than an hour, so yeah, I already knew I'd have to act fast.

      That's a record for me, because even though I have a lot of dolls, I'm pretty circumspect about buying, and tend to think it over for a looong time before committing. So what about you? Do you have a strict 'one doll at a time' policy that you stick to, or have evil chunks of resin forced you to go overboard against your will on occasion? :sneaky
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    2. Depends on how you count dolls... I have on order right now 1 doll, two heads, one body and am planning to order another head soon. The catch is, the body on order is not for any of the ordered heads.

      I need to order another body soon too.

      I don’t have a policy, as you can tell. :XD:

      To be fair, the bulk of that lot was ordered for my birthday some months back!
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    3. I have 3 heads in production right now (Gokidoll, Doll Legend and Mystery Indie Taobao head), 2 bodies (Dream Valley) and one full doll that has been in production since January. :sweat And as ridiculous as it sounds, I'm considering ordering another body as well. This is the most separate resin orders I've had active at once, and I think that's because I recently started using taobao and it's much easier to splurge on heads.

      For me it's not so much about having an order in production, it's more about when the order was placed. All of these orders were placed months apart, and I spent a lot of time mulling them over before buying them. They just have looong production times.
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    4. So glad I'm not alone...and I am a firm supporter of the No Policy policy! :XD:
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    5. I think maybe two? I am not even so sure about that, because generally when I bought a doll I would afterwards spend my money to get stuff for them. Don't want them naked after all.

      My big dream is actually to one day order two dolls from the same company at once, especially when it's supposed to be a couple in a relationship. But I doubt that will ever happen :XD:
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    6. I have three on order at the moment, and I do feel a bit guilty about that. But I tell in love with them one after the other (They are my first bjd's). I budgeted really hard with the first one, but the other two were a bit more impulsive. It's just the waiting times are so long, and I have never been very good at waiting, although I guess I do like the anticipation, if that makes sense? I don't regret ordering them, but I am trying to be strict with myself now.
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    7. @Esme1971 Congrats on your first dollies - and wow, three right out of the starting gate! I hope you'll love them all. :) And yeah, hard as the wait can be, the anticipation is kind of fun, too!
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    8. I swear it's been six or seven once but I'm just guessing. Things got a little out of hand in my doll family.
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    9. @DigitalKathe Okay, six or seven for the win! I'm officially impressed! :lol:
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    10. I currently have 3 on order at the moment. A Doll Chateau Katherine that I bought on impulse since I got her the last day she could be ordered. A DollZone Lacey who I jumped on as soon as her pre-order was open because I adore fauns. And my most recent one is a Resinsoul Mei on a Rong body. And the Mei is probably going to arrive first as I haven't heard a peep from the other two. I'm just over here like, :wantshipping:
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    11. Yesterday I had five complete dolls with two little event dolls on order at the same time. Today one of them with one pet arrived, so four dolls are on order right now :) And I am not shamed!
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    12. I have definitely had three whole dolls on order at once several different times over the years. Possibly four once. That would probably explain how I ended up with them taking over my bedroom. :lol:
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    13. I tend to buy 1-2 dolls a month. If they all shipped within 2 months of order there would be a steady stream of arrivals with no backlog. Of course that never happens, so at any one time I can have 6 or more dolls in the queue. I've gotten over feeling guilty about it. I pace myself. What happens at the other end of my orders is out of my control.
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    14. I will only allow one layaway at a time, but since some companies have longer production times, I have two bjds on pre order right now. A DearMine Lupy (waited years for them to be released again and had to get one), and a Resinsoul Miao in black resin, another I couldn’t pass up. The Lupy is already paid off and I’m just paying for Miao. This helps me keep the bjd buying limited, somewhat. I have no issues with the number on pre order, if I could afford more at a time, that would be awesome!
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    15. Right now I have two on preorder plus one who just arrived (and then sent away for face up). That sort of counts as three. They are all YoSDs. I am currently taking a lot of time looking into SDs and MSDs, trying to be very careful with my choices, but in the background the tinies seem to be multiplying like bunnies all on their own. :aeyepop:

      Maybe the only policy worth having at this point is “don’t feel guilty”! I’m still trying to figure this out.
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    16. I try not to order to many at once bc it starts to feel overwhelming having a ton on order but I've had up to 3-4 I think? 2 from dollzone, one from blackbox, and one from Soom that I completely forgot about until my roommate handed me a box and said "you got a package from Korea"
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    17. 5 in one day, but I did two separate orders. All from DDE.

      Doll Leaves Daniel

      Doll Chateau Erica
      Doll Chateau Hugh
      Doll Zone Daomiao
      Doll Leaves Pepper

      It was great getting all the instock dolls in a great big box!
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    18. @vermont chick Whoa...I would start to forget what I had ordered at that rate! Do you keep it all in your head, or do you have to use a spreadsheet??

      As am I, even after a decade...but the responses in this thread are going a looong way toward making me feel less guilty about my puny little three orders! :lol:

      Now that is what I call a really good day! :)
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    19. I think the most I've ever had on layaway was 4, if you count doll parts as a whole doll. This was back when I had a decent paying job and was able to balance it all without stressing. I don't have as much spare cash now, but recently I had two girls ordered at one time (plus a head, if you count a gift for someone else), and I felt kind of guilty about spending so much so close together. One of the girls arrived last week, so now I'm back to waiting on just one and a half again. :)
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    20. I’ve been pretty good about only having two dolls at any given time ordered at once. Though I have a tendency to buy in stock heads or bodies now and then while I’m waiting. I think the most important thing is knowing that you definitely want the sculpts you buy. I purchased a doll on impulse and now regret it since there’s something I’ve been waiting for up for preorder now.
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