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What's The Last Thing You Did With Your Dolls?

Mar 21, 2016

    1. I looked around for a similar thread but didn't see one. If I missed it, mods, please feel free to merge it!

      So, here it is almost 2:00 a.m. & I am cleaning like a madwoman. I'm 5 days away from my daughter's due date, so I guess I can thank that 'nesting' nonsense that everyone's told me about... During my cleaning, I decided to take out an entire shelf from my bookcase (because I'm cleaning all of the shelves, alphabetizing everything & dusting already) to give my dolls an actual proper spot. For the longest time, they've just either been in their box without their heads if the head is gone for a faceup, or in their stand on my desk... which is getting wildly cluttered.

      Now that they have a proper spot, it actually relaxes me a bit & feels a lot less messy. It seems silly & is probably just the pregnancy insomnia talking, but I feel a LOT better having done it.

      So, what's the last thing you did with YOUR dolls?
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    2. Hi, today I sprayed one of my girls head to try and fix her face up which I scratched -_-u hope I can fix it a little bit just to hold on till I can do a new one.
      It's true, it's nice to have things done :)
    3. Hi there! Sounds like you're busy cleaning. :^D I hope it turns out well!

      The last thing I did with my doll was play some Dark Cloud 2 on my PS4. I like bringing my MSD Leigh into the living room while I game for what ever reason. Obviously she can't actually watch, but it's nice to look over and see this wonderful work of art. She reminds me to get back to drawing eventually when I'm all gamed out. Gets me motivated to be productive.
    4. I made a few pairs of leggings for my girl then then of course she had to try them and practice posing. Congrats on your daughter and yes that is the nesting telling you to put everything in a logical place before post baby brain hides everything in plain sight.
    5. I spent the entire weekend painting my girls!
      1 pair of supia hands
      1 pair of Unoss hands
      1 unoss head
      1 heeah head
      and I removed faceup and bodyblush and gave my Zaoll i'm selling a proper bath.

      How I found energy for that is BEYOND me! Since I also cleaned the entire house!
      Especially since I get incredibly tired of just boiling water. xD
      It was very refreshing tho! Got to try out lots of diffrent techniques including dying eyelashes and mixing my own doll safe gold paint.
    6. I can really relate to the satisfaction of proper organization. Sometimes in a frenzy of activity I let things get out of control and it's no fun when everything's chaotic and out of place. Much nicer when the dolls are orderly and out where they can be seen (it always cheers me up to have them that way).
      Last things I've done with dolls (last 24 hours):
      Dyed two wigs, then tried them on everyone
      Sewed some clothing
      Cleaned some parts and packaged them for mailing tomorrow
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    7. I finished up an outfit for a Mini Megi that should be arriving today. I'm trying to get back to sewing my dolls' clothes. :)
    8. The last thing I did was make an outfit for my doll. Unfortunately, this was back in December - my doll's at home and I'm currently working abroad. Wish she was here!
      I guess I could also say the last thing I did with my doll is order her a friend :P
      Maybe I felt bad leaving her alone this long XD
    9. Yesterday my husband drilled out one of my new-to-me Kid Delf Darae's head-cap magnets (it was reversed) and I glued in a new one so her cap fits snugly now. Then I gave her some hair and made her a pair of long socks to go with her dress. She needs a wardrobe of her own now. :D I'm hoping to make a shoe rack for all my dolly shoes, too.
    10. Congratulations on the daughter. :) So much fun! Mine is 6 months old now. I remember the nesting quite well.

      The last thing I did with my doll was fit a pattern that I'm in the middle of making to my doll. She doesn't have a proper place either, she sits in her box.
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    11. Congrats on your daughter! :)Getting things organized before the baby arrives is a really good idea I think, and I do recognize that relaxing feeling when all of the dolls (and their clothes, props etc etc) are in their own tidy space.

      The last thing I did with my dolls was change their outfits and then I tried a new wig on my rosette girl. I've had this wig laying around for a while but haven't been able to make it work for my doll. Yesterday I decided to try again and with some new styling it actually turned out quite nice:)
    12. The last thing I did for one of my dolls was sculpting and painting Chance's new eyes last night. Also I did the first dye of my Doll Chateau Carol, to make him into a raven named Edgar. Going for another dip tonight or tomorrow to deepen the color, then I'm going to be blushing him.
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    13. I bought them clothes. Not that I've put them on yet. I've been way too sick for the past couple of weeks with yet another bout of La Grippe Neverending...
    14. For the dolls currently at home, I finally got around to unpacking them after the big move! For the dolls on the way, I've been buying up clothes left and right.
    15. I bought a body for Luc and made him a shirt. Can't wait to have him all together! Then it will be photo time!
    16. I rearranged my doll display area and made a 'to get list' for finishing up my crew. I also checked on the status of some clothes I've ordered. That's just today, lol.
    17. Congratulations on the baby girl!.....The last thing I did with my dolls was today. I picked each one of them up, moved each of their joints, straightened their clothes, knit a shawl for one of my girls and reposed them onto their shelf. Of course I talked to them the entire time I was doing this.
    18. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      Scrubbed off faceups and washed heads in preparation for new ones! :) I hope everything goes smoothly with the birth OP x
    19. Good luck for your baby!

      I've been doing a dolly spring clean, everyone's getting their wigs washed and Fae's getting a new faceup! Her head is currently sitting with the first layer of MSC on it.
    20. Congrats on new family member!
      Yesterday I cleaned and repainted my boy, and realized my face-up skill actually improved XD it didn't improve that much but I am happy with my progression.