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what's the most dolls you've had incoming at one time?

Sep 3, 2007

  1. lemme think ONE!!!

  2. none, i dont own a doll(s) :(

  3. 2-3 (the more the merrier!)

  4. 4+ (my finger slipped ok!?!?)!

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    1. ive noticed some people have are waiting for more then one doll at a time, so i decided to do this poll
    2. TeeHee..dont tell anyone right lol But ive one in the mail and one almost paid for right now...if my family knew theyd blow a gasket!!!!
    3. Considering i dont have any yet, but i've ordered.....1.5? I've orderd my first doll, Aru, then i orderd a kd head...does that count?
    4. Only one at a time....but next time I order it will be for two dolls as I can't decide between them.
    5. Yeah, that's the situation I'm in^^ I'm waiting for 2 heads and a body=D
    6. Actually, right now is the most I've been waiting for at one time. I have two bodies for floating heads, and one full doll on order. >_< Plus I'm doing a split with a friend so I have another floating head coming in soon too. Crazy! Before this the most was two... but that's because DOD took two months to ship and I ordered another doll after a little over a month. =P
    7. 2 right now. It's because I ordered a Peroth-head, sold my old boy and with that money bought a new one. His head is already here with me, but I'm still waiting for his body... and for the peroth-head that, unfortunately, has to do without one for a while.
    8. I voted in the 2-3 category because right now I am waiting for Volks Christal and Unoa Sist to arrive. Always before it has only been one doll at a time.
    9. Does it count if they are not my dolls?

      But even with my dolls, I tend to have 3 dolls on order at all times. (Sigh)...
      But I guess I should have clicked 4+

      I had my Narcissa, Hermione and Bottle all show up at once.

      I currently have my body for a floating head, and a body for Regulus on order, along with Harry. (And I have 3 dolls for a friend coming).

      And looks like I will be ordering 2 floating heads shortly. (sigh)

    10. Two. Any more than that and I think I'd be getting a bit out of control. 0.0 My current crew is six, adding three or more at once would be considerable.
    11. Two though they didn't arrive at the same time (which is not surprising given that one's a Luts and one's a DoD).
    12. Well I voted 2-3 but I just remembered I once had a cp doll +(event head), two souldolls, and a pre-loved dolly all on the way at once >_>; eek.
    13. Right now there is a girl on the dutch forum that just ordered 6 dolls and 1 obitsu 60cm.
      When i read it i almost dropped off my Chair!
    14. I like having a lot of time between homecomings to bond with a new doll and spoil them rotten. I will simply never have more than one incoming at a time.
    15. not exactly two dolls at once, but a doll and a head xD
    16. I had two heads and a body for one of the heads on route at the same time. It was just a fluke that both heads came up on the marketplace at the same time. I guess that's more like 1 and a half dolls.
    17. For my first two, I ordered them both at the same time. My excuse was: how many opportunities would I have to order an FCS in person? XD

      After that, my plan is to get only one at a time ^_^.
    18. none, i dont own a doll(s):(
    19. .:headdesk:. I'm waiting for three heads .. soon to be four heads ..
    20. Mmmm... does layaway count? If so, I've had at least two or three incoming at any one time for the past three months :o Neville and Hezebediah arrived, so I bought Balliol - I finally payed off Kittie, and I've just agreed to buy another girl. I just couldn't say no to any of them!