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What's the most interesting place you've taken your doll?

Jun 15, 2019

    1. Sometimes we travel and take our dolls with us. I want to know what's been the most interesting place so far. Is it a coffee shop? A tropical vacation? Another country across the globe? And how did people react to the doll?
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    2. So far it's only been a cafe where I go to a local meetup sometimes. Or I once took an MSD to a craft store. But next week I'm flying across the US and plan on taking my yosd just for the hell of it. :>
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    3. Hehe, well...hm...I suppose if you enjoy roadside attractions I took a doll to a place called Tinkertown once. It's filled with curiosities and miniatures, toys, and just fun things: an automated one man band, a boat, circus memorabilia, etc. It seemed appropriate to be a crazy doll lady there. ;)
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    4. I just took my YoSD to Portugal. I had her out in restaurants, cafes, vineyards, palaces, gardens... and in a church. People didn't really react. She is small and even if people notice her, they think I'm holding a toy for a child. When I took pictures of her though, I did sometimes catch a slight "oh crazy person" look from other tourists, but no big deal. I'm thicker skinned about this than I expected.

      The best reaction was from a baby in a restaurant. He was delighted to see me take a doll out of my backpack and he held out his little hand expectantly.

      Another time a waiter asked with a straight face what my doll wanted to drink.

      I'm certainly going to do this again in the future!
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    5. I've taken my OM Hwa-Lan hybrid to a lot of places, but I don't know what to consider the most interesting. Maybe the BioPark in Albuquerque? I haven't had any bad experiences with people about him yet, but a lot of curious questions. Usually I just explain it's more fun to take photos of him than be in them myself. :lol:
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    6. I took one of mine to an abbey once. They are my neighbours and that building is just so lovely. The monks were having a sermon, so nobody noticed me taking pictures of my doll in the yard.

      I've been meaning to take pictures of my dolls at the castle near my house, but that place is just so big and the dolls so small, I don't think I can get them to work well.
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    7. Back in 2006, I went to a doll con in Boston, and took my favorite SD-size Happydoll Marin girl with me to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
      When we first checked in, I think the guard was puzzled that I wanted to tote a doll around, but he didn't stop me. I think I pretty much ignored the other people, and had my BF with me, so I concentrated on the photo ops.

      Here's the link to the photostory: AngrySparrow - Hiro, I didn't just play ping-pong in Boston
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    8. I took my doll almost everywhere I travel. I do really like to take photos for her.
      The scenery with doll is wonderful..
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    9. When I had a Dearmine Nocturn (anthro sheep man) I took him into the mountains of Colorado to take photos. There were beautiful mountain lakes and everything! It was gorgeous. Bonus points for him being based of big horn sheep, which are native to that area. There weren't really people around, not that I would have cared. I was determined to photograph my sheep man, much to my bemused mom and dad.
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    10. I took Lakin to Centralia PA, which is a mostly abandoned town with a coal mine burning below it.

      I also took him and LucyFaire to Point Pleasant WV, home of the Mothman, where we stayed in a haunted hotel built in 1904!
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    11. Oh yeah, I take dolls with me all the time. I travel off-island for gigs a lot, and since I’m alone, it’s nice to have a photo subject when I have a chance to do other fun things. Hmmm as far as most interesting...possibly summit of Haleakalā or by Halema’uma’u crater (before Kīlauea went nuts and changed things last year).
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    12. I got a kick out of bringing two of my Volks girls to Tenshi so Sato in Kyoto.
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    13. My dolls ride the bus with me, it's fun to get nicely-scaled images of them riding around, watching the surroundings. I live in a pretty but industrial neighbourhood (think old brick works and tall chimney stacks, steel girders everywhere) so I try to get some of that into my doll pictures. It makes them look more like they fit in to the environment. Something about liminal spaces is more interesting to me than a fixed location that's more traditional for photography.
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    14. This is more a case of the doll taking me somewhere . . . but I received my Shinydoll Akali in a Buddhist temple outside Tokyo, from the sculptor himself. Shin-san was incredibly kind -- he treated me and a friend to a special lunch that the temple served, and brought along the dolls we had ordered in advance so that we could open them after lunch.

      I took my Pipos Namoo to New York and London with me last year, too. Another friend brought her Limhwa ToYou Sara along when we visited Tresco, in the Scilly Isles, and brought her two Heartstrung Ruses on a different trip to London. Globetrotting dorries! :lol:

      The only time I've gotten any particular reaction to traveling with a doll was going through airport security and, once, through US Customs. When I brought Akali home from Japan, we wound up in front of a trainee Customs agent, and her supervisor turned the moment into a pop quiz. Trainee didn't know that dolls are exempt from US Customs duty, but she learned.
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    15. I take at least one with me on most trips but I think the most interesting place was across the street. One of the ladies at church got curious about my new (at the time, some 6? Years ago) doll. What actually made it interesting is that this particular doll is my embodiment of Halloween. And is SD size. So on one bright Sunday I toted him along in all his white-skin-black-sclera-black-clothes glory to morning service so the curious could see :XD: hey, she asked :lol:
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    16. I took some dolls up to the California Poppy Reserve super bloom. Getting photos in a field of flowers was amazing, but the wind was crazy strong across the plains which presented a significant challenge XD
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    17. Other than doll meets at the library I've only ever taken my Kid Delf to the most recent anime convention I've been to, and that was for just 1 day but people liked her at the con so I was happy. I'm currently too chicken to take any anywhere else, I want to make a better thing to carry them in first which is on my "it'll get done at some point... probably" list
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    18. I have taken mine on a bus to a mall for an Etsy market place event. I even found a hoodie that fit her!
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    19. Well I took my dolls to the Mountainpark here in my hometown In germany. It's a super pretty place to make photos ^^
    20. I rarely travel with them, so I can only mention the old railway depot, which has now become a museum. This is a great place for photos in historical costumes.