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What's the most popular Dollshe sculpt?

Feb 14, 2008

  1. I have one or more Hounds

  2. I have one or more Saints

  3. I have one or more Bermanns

  4. I have one or more Bernards

  5. I have one or more Husky's

  6. I have one or more Tanned Hounds

  7. I have one or more IM Hounds

  8. I have others not mentioned

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    1. Please answer the Poll so we can get a rough number guage for the popularity of these boys.
    2. Fun~! It seems that atm Hound is the most popular XD I have a Hound but I want a SA Husky as well. It's too hard to decide on just one Dollshe sculpt! @_@
    3. I have a hound only, but I'm planning to have a Saint and a Husky in the future and if god and luck love me a bermann....I love dollshe boys! They are perfect molds!
    4. I want a Saint also. I currently have a Bernard who I luff dearly <3
    5. I badly need a bernard and the money for him XD;
      I wrongly voted tho >_> I wanted to say i has none, so i could see the poll results, but i misread the last option and overlooked the "view poll results" link >_<
    6. Interesting poll! I have a Hound and a Bermann, and would love an IM Hound as well. Not sure that will happen any time soon, though. :sweat
    7. Ooh! It's looking spookily close to my earlier prediction of Hound as numero uno, followed by Saint (and so supports my argument that Dollshe would be MAD to discontinue the Saint sculpt and that the rumours that they will are therefore likely to be just that). It will be very interesting to see how this pans out.

      Oh, and thanks Gayle for setting this up!
    8. :DI LOVE my Hound named Terry, he is wonderful and my most huggable doll ever.
    9. I don`t have a Dollshe doll yet, but I`m trying to save up for a Hound!
    10. I just have a Husky at the moment, but I am definitely picking up a Hound within the next year.
      I also have 'eventual' plans that involve a Saint and two Bernards (one WS and one NS SA), but those boys are kind of at the bottom of a very long list right now. ^^;
    11. My sig says it all xD
    12. The only Dollshe boy I have is my SA Bermann. I really like Husky too. :)
    13. I have a Hound and I have plans for a Saint, too, but not in the immediate future....or who knows...I've been known to change plans suddenly^^
    14. Not sure I should vote, as I don't have either of them yet, but I have plans for a Van (sooner, maybe this month) and a Saint (later - next year?).

    15. I don't have any of them yet, but if I had a lot of free time and free money I'll choose Bermann, Bernard and then Saint.
      These are my Dollshe's top three :)
    16. I voted Hound but I have a Saint as well (and I want a Husky/SA Husky)
    17. Hound is sooooooooooooo popular!!!
      My dolls are not one of them.
    18. I pretty much have at least one of all the Dollshe boys, plus an Afgha.
      Dollshe sculpts have been my faves since day one. I'm not sure why, except that the sculpts other than Hound (which I like slightly less - I have a preference for modded hounds rather than the standard pretty-smiley ones) seem to have some realism and aren't just your standard pretty-anime sculpts. I think the Dollmore model sculpts are comparable in style, but for some reason I just don't like them as well as the Dollshes. Dollmore is a little more fashion-dollie looking to me. The only doll sculpts that I've loved as much as Dollshe have been Migidoll Ryu and the newest, super-realistic Bishonen House guy.
    19. I have a Bernard and the only other sculpt I'd consider getting would be a Hound. I'm not suprised. Hounds are beautiful and versatile.
    20. Hounds were released before Saint, Bernard, Van, Husky, or any of the tanned, IM or SA versions. It makes sense that there would be more Hounds out there. However, I wonder if they still are the current best seller. Unfortunately, without access to Dollshe's sales records, it is difficult to say.

      I'm a proud v. 1 Hound owner, and I love my Chulyen to bits. I got him not long after they first released them, in May 2005. However, if I was to do it all over again today, I'd probably be horribly torn between the Saint and the Hound.*_* Like MieAga said, Hounds are wonderfully versatile. But that somber, angular face of the Saint is hard to resist.