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What's the most you have spent on an bjd outfit?

Sep 7, 2009

    1. I'm still looking to make a clothes purchase for my first bjd and was wondering whats the most you have ever spent on a single outfit?

      Come on be honest!, I won't tell :lol:
    2. for now the outfit thats comming home with my Soom Amber at $160,
      but that might soon change as I also want the Souldoll Zenith size DUP1 outfit which is $10 more expensive than the Amber outfit.
    3. Whole thread on this

      Pretty sure I answered in there, but if not, prolly about $300 for a complete outfit that included everything, shoes, accessories and underwear, something like that.
    4. About $110 for a full set outfit.
    5. Around $70. That's a lot for me right now, but I'm sure later on I'll be up there in the triple digits with the other people that've posted. :)
    6. $100 for a Dollheart outfit (actually two outfits were bought). This doesn't include shoes.

      They were very worth it though, as the quality is wonderful.
    7. About $100 and it did not come with shoes either. My boys are the luckiest dolls in the world, lol
    8. I spent $50 on a Lati White Sp limited dress set for my Puki.
    9. *cough* Uh...about $80 for one complete outfit minus shoes if you're talking about something sold as a complete outfit with accessories. If you're talking piecing together an outfit with acessories and shoes, then it would be about $220. ...My newest boy is, evidently the biggest spoilt brat of the lot. He's the one I've just spent $220 on. (I hate it when a character has to have specific outfits/accessories and won't shut up until he gets them. XP)
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    10. Approximately $120 Canadian for a Dollheart O-Hanami Fer. I still don't have shoes or socks for it, yet.
    11. $120ish for a Dollheart SD fer
    12. Bix makes me look so much worse than I normally am when it comes to outfit spending. His, with boots, was approximately $350. Normally, I wouldn't want to cross the $100 threshold, but it depends highly on what it is and what is included.
    13. As of right now, about $79, counting clothes, shoes from somewhere else (that'll hopefully fit!), and a little doll-sized watch. :'D I try to avoid outfits that cost in the triple digits... but I fear that one day I'll have one in my hands (or preferably on my doll).
    14. about $200 for a complete outfit which included leather boots. but i won't spend that much again, at least until the winter solstice!
    15. For a single outfit...somewhere around $100 or $120. For all the stuff I have...I couldn't even put a number on it. u.u So many things.
    16. About $140 plus shipping, for Sadol's fullset (exclude shoes) for SD17 Boy
    17. $180 for Soom's Lady Marmalade outfit...never again!!!
    18. probably 350 for the luna fullset outfit then Kurumi fullset for 400ish with wig and eyes
    19. $150 singapore dollars on a Volks outfit. It was one of their Dolpa limited ones.

      Then again, it was at a doll convention, and it was my birthday and i felt that i could treat myself/the dolls.
    20. By the time I'm done with it, including all accessories/shoes/the wig that needs to go with it? Probably about $180.

      ...but oh will it be WORTH IT.