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What's your celebrity minimee to you?

Apr 3, 2010

    1. If you have a minimee of a fictional character (not your OC, but from existing movies, books, games, anime etc) or a famous person, must your minimee be in character, wear only the same clothes that his character is recognized by, have his life dictated by his existing story, or will you do absolutely as you please with him?

      Myself, if I ever get a Minimee, which would be Kazuki from Getbackers, he will be the same mild-mannered and wise person as the character he is sculpted after, and he will have a similar personality and skills, but I will give him a whole new life outside Infinity Fortress and a much better fashion sense. And since I won't have the money or interest to turn his friends from the series into minimees, he will have to make do with my other dolls for friends.

      To me, a Minimee would be treated like any other doll. I'd only make a minimee out of a character because I think he/she has a nice dolliable face and an interesting personality to work with. Obviously, I must like the character too.
    2. Good question, I've wondered this myself.

      I have two Minimee's. My Angelina Jolie doll came to me already done, with a faceup by Staci Carpenter. I've always admired Angelina's beauty but I'm not a fan of her. But I love this doll, especially her lips. I named her Angelina but she has developed her own character separate from the star.

      I also have a Johnny Depp Minimee. I bought him blank and had his faceup done like Jack Sparrow. I had planned to make him into the pirate. But he has also developed into his own character. I named him Jack when he came and it suited him so will keep the name. At some point I might still make him a pirate outfit but to me he's his own person not related to Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp. I admire his facial sculpt with the strong jawline and I love his nose.

      You can see their pictures in my profile
    3. Mine would probably be a doll "trying" to live up to who they're modeled after in a comedic way, but still being their own character. I'd probably give them their own completely different name, too. None of my dolls are based on characters. Just on some weird doll-intuition I have.
    4. closest thing I can think of me doing is getting a doll and making it look like one of the Rozen Maidens
    5. I'm late to the party, but I have some minimees of JRockers, and they're completely seperate characters. When the characters were made a long time ago those particular celebrities were used as character played-bys, so in my opinion no other face really fits for them. I think that's how some people are, but I've seen a lot of people just make celebrity or fandom dolls with them too. To be honest, I wouldn't mind either side of the spectrum. Having a tiny rockstar sitting on a shelf next to me while I rock out on my guitar? Priceless.
    6. I feel mine are like impersonators or actors who live up to their character. So far they've all kept to being who their big me is because there's little chance they could be someone else.

      It does direct their personal tastes towards things. Jarath is more partial to Goblin King/David Bowie style clothes and only wears blond wigs. House has his style and never changes his wig, just because we've seen Blackadder doesn't mean he'll wear a powdered wig but he's not beyond Jeeves and Wooster but he's need a shave.
    7. I'd love to have a minimee of Hijikata Toshizou (the actual person, not any following incarnations in film, anime, etcetera) I always thought he was really beautiful... uvu; to me he would be like an incarnation of him in dolly form... I think it would make for a really hillarious character concept since he'd be stranded with my other dolls..
    8. I have a Zack Fair MNM, but he's a completely different character. He's actually created to look more like Tommy from MMPR than anybody. :P The scukpt just worked well for him.

      I also have a Bill Kaulitz, but I don' use him to BE Bill. His name is Gus and is my emo boy.

      The only doll I've had that WAS the character doll was Marluxia from KH, though he wasn't a MNM, he was just created to be the character. I ended up selling him b/c I just couldn't break past exactly what the character was and feel creative with him. I severely lack the talent needed for fanfic or to expand an already existing character.
    9. I have a MNM Squall Leonhart, but he isn't Squall at my house. I bought him just because I loved his sculpt. He is very different from Squall in coloring, and will eventually be a member of my in-house band.


      I understand this completely. I like seeing celebrity MNMs, but I couldn't have the celebrity living here. He (or she) wouldn't fit in! There would be no reason for them to be here, in my ordinary everyday house. My characters are just regular modern people (for the most part).

      I also wouldn't want to have a celebrity MNM just to be a display doll to stand on its own. I like my characters to all interact with each other in my stories.

      Linda S.
    10. Since with my dolls, it isn't really all about character and making up stories for them, I don't have any problems with my Minimees, either. My dolls are basically 3D "drawings" of characters from stories. That is, some of them. Others aren't. They got names and there's sometimes a basic set-up (e.g. Flynn is a zombie pirate, while Magnus is just - well, Magnus Levander) but it's not really necessary for me to have elaborate background stories for each and every doll I own. Some, I just got cos they're pretty or cute or awesome.

      One Minimee is a head done after my own design. The other one is a Zachary Quinto Spock head that I've had face-upped to be an elf from one of my stories (cos I saw that head and knew he'd be perfect). I also got a Tom Hiddleston head incoming - I dunno, yet, whether I'll use it for a Loki-Minimee or for doing Aelfric, another original character whose look is based on - well, Tom Hiddleston. Maybe that's why I don't have any problems with celebrity Minimees: I just have them "play" the characters, as they would in a movie. I should mention, maybe, that I don't actually fall for an actor but rather, the characters they're playing.

    11. This was a big part of the problem. i LOVE seeing celebrity dolls, they're so amazing! But they make no sense in my personal collection. All of my dolls have characters that interact and to have Bill Kaulitz or whoever hanging out with my regular people crew...it's kind of weird. One of my boys co-owns a nightclub in character, and he COULD have Tokio Hotel perform, I suppose, but I wouldn't want to create an entire celebrity minimee just for one concert. I'd also feel really weird role playing a real living person. lol
    12. Well I've got a Robert Downey Jr minimee in the works to turn into Sherlock Holmes and he will absolutely be in character. (I've already got props and his wardrobe XD) But I'll probably slack on the strict clothing/persona as he 'adapts' to his modern day setting. (Many a photo story shall be made XD)
    13. Well what I have isn't a MNM but it's a character doll that doesn’t belong to me. (I mean you mentioned fictional characters that can be in an anime and I was thisclose to ordering a MNM until I stumbled upon exactly what I wanted.) For me, they *have* to stay in character because honestly if they don't, they're just OOC or different characters in my eyes. I always felt it kind of strange for someone to change up a character's personality just for wish fulfillment which may or may not be at all realistic or reasonable. If I were to have to flesh out their character, I use facts from the series and quirks of their known personality to build them up realistically. (And I feel very lucky that Deidara and Souji is very well thought out.) xD

      As for things like clothes, I usually get them their actual clothes in addition to clothes that are similar in style (because it would be in their taste)

      But if you're talking about getting a MNM of a person and using it as a different characters or not, unless it was very clearly a real person, I wouldn't think it was so strange. Anime characters are very vague in their looks but I wouldn't know how to explain to a friend that my character looks *just* like whoever's face you're using.

      I'm just talking about my own dolls and preference of course.
    14. I currently own five Minimee heads based on fictional video game characters and one based on an anime character.
      Mostly I keep (or at least I try to) all of them in character but when they are based on characters that don't normally
      change clothes, it's kind of hard to keep them in the same fashion. Although mine are hard to dress anyway because
      they don't have a body of their own and I don't have any BJD bodies that fit them well enough. But still I like to keep
      them as close to their respective "character" as possible.

      - Enzyme
    15. I have been trying to find a minimee Spock head (Leonard Nimoy or Zachary Quinto either) awake head but am not having much luck. I note, Khell, that you have one, and I am very envious. Do you know how many were made?
    16. debbiep, unfortunately, I don't know how many were made. I got mine on the Marketplace - was lucky enough to see it and also, have the money to get it. It was originally a sleeping head but I had the eyes opened - well, half-opened, to give him that arrogant "I'm better than you"-look I needed for the elf.

      I forgot - I also got a Raziel-Minimee. Raziel from Legacy of Kain. He's in the box, though, since he's DIM WS and I don't have a body for him. I'll probably give him a new face-up and turn him into an elf, too.

      I've been thinking. Maybe I don't have issues with (celebrity) Minimees cos I'm really into writing fan fiction. And us fan fic people, well, you know how we are. We like to take "what ifs", stick our favourite characters into them and then, just go from there and see what happens. ;) As for me, I really try to keep them in character. But let's take e.g. Loki. In my mind, I can stick him in his Asgardian garb just as well as in a nice, expensive suit or a t-shirt and jeans - and he'd still be in character. It all depends on the circumstances. The trick is to kinda turn them into different persons while, at the same time, having them stay the person they are so that readers will say: "Yeah, if you put Loki in exactly that situation, I can imagine he could turn out like this." So maybe that's why my Minimees don't really feel out of place to me.

      Or it might be that, in my mind, I've always imagined all of my characters (my own and the "adopted" ones) to live in that laaaaaarge house, all of them, and fighting for my attention. *lol*
    17. I have 2 Final Fantasy 8 (game) MNM heads. The game is sentimental to me. Reminds me of a more happy time. My personal history is long and sad, but FF8 was always there to help me escape to a place less painful. I wouldn't say I was obsessed with the game, but I'm a pretty massive fan girl. So obviously, when I found out I could have an (close to) exact likeness of the characters, I jumped on that. I organized both group orders. Spent hours ripping images from the game videos to get the perfect reference pictures, consulted with Denny to try and get things perfect. Know what I mean? Put so much effort into it, so they feel a little more special to me than a minimee I just picked up from the marketplace. Both of them are in character, had to get the perfect face-up, outfits, eyes, boots, wigs.

      I'm faced with a problem at the moment though, I've realized they will never be perfect. The body will always not look right, I'm not perfectly happy with how Squall turned out. The different skin tones irritates me at times. Trying to find the right materials for the outfits and to get them to look exactly like in the game is quite difficult. Just little nitpicking things. It was so fun and exciting putting them together, but I recently looked at them and felt I unsatisfied. So I'm going to see if I can start again.

      It's hard letting them go and to start again, because my father was my biggest supporter. He pitched in and helped me buy a body for my birthday or Christmas, help me track down materials for props, allow me to use his credit card to buy eyes and wigs, taught me how to use my camera. He was diagnosed with final stage liver cancer so I started rushing trying to get them all completed before he died. He passed away half way through completion, however. So I think part of my dissatisfaction is because I settled for "close enough" (I suffer from perfectionism :|).

      I used to read and write a lot of FF8 fan fiction, ranging from SquallxRinoa, SquallxSeifer, SeiferxQuistis (my favourite), SeiferxEdea... you get the idea. I fulfilled my SeiferxQuistis dream when those two dolls were completed, and satisfied the SeiferxSquall fan girls dreams by posting some pictures of my two MNM heads. I try to keep them in character, but since I didn't create these characters, sometimes I'm not entirely sure how they would act to a certain situation and I find them sometimes diverging into a slightly different personality. I find it difficult to get them out and photo story because of this, so I think that's also part of my dissatisfaction. They're supposed to be used, but they're just sitting around and always seem to have been sitting around ever since I got them. I keep telling myself that I will go out and take photo's, but I never do :(
    18. ahh! this topic is relevant to my interests. I wanted (and still want) an anime bjd, like the volks anime character dolls or how i see sculpt cosplay as anime characters.... >w< i want kuroshitsuji cast..... in resin....
    19. Late to the party, but I felt the need to drop my two cents.

      I accidentally made a cosplay.

      Happened when I put this pair of gift eyes I got awhile back in my IS boy when he arrived. Only, with his particular facial sculpt and those eyes? He wound up kind of looking like Cloud Strife's model in Advent Children. XD;

      He's more than likely going to start out being a lot like Cloud from FFVII, but like any "canon" characters that are played in any roleplay format, he's bound to evolve into a whole new character as a result of his experiences and adventures/misadventures. (And really, it's all the more reason for me to take photos and make photostories with him; to develop his character further.)
    20. I'm in the process of buying a Tom Hiddleston Minimee head. Once I get him assembled, my plan is to only buy him outfits that look like something Loki or Tom Hiddleston would wear. And I think most of his wardrobe will be influenced by Tom Hiddleston more than Loki, because Loki will be hard to shop for and I simply don't have the skill to make a costume myself so far. Of course, as Tom Hiddleston's career grows, so will the options I'll have for dressing the doll. And of course, I'll buy him cosplay stuff too. I really want to see Tom Hiddleston be the next doctor, so he'll have some doctor who costume pieces. :D