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What's Your Doll Style?

Oct 30, 2017

    1. From clothing to sculpt, what's the style of doll you like the most?

      I have to say that I find gothic/heavy makeup on face ups to be kind of annoying because photos tend to hide the sculpt of a doll in my own opinion. I love the dolls that look somewhat more realistic with natural faceups or a slightly more fantasy look, with neutral expressions or faint smiles.

      For a body sculpt, I prefer a more adult style for my human or elven OCs (with the exception of my current first doll, whose OC is a half-elven, half-hobbit called Lyra that looks younger, and an OC that is a Sprite who still needs a shell) and I ADORE any doll with fantasy feet/hooves/wings/ears/etc.

      Clothing-wise, I enjoy frills and lace, as well as elegant or simple styles.

      What's your style preference(s)? Just out of sheer curiosity!
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    2. I really love big eyed sort of sleepy looking sculpts with natural looking face ups because I really love the contrast of such an innocent looking face vs the darker sort of characters I tend to create! I've been interested in sculpts that have more mature/sinister looking faces but they never seem to give me the same sort of feeling of love a cherubic face does for my characters. There's something really beautiful about an incredibly manipulative or dark character having a cherubic appearance to me.

      As for clothes, anything simple and sort of mori-girl looking or bookish always sits well with me! Simple and elegant is nice too but I think anything that sort of sits in the modern country girl setting really grabs me. Again I think the contrast between the simple clothing and a complex character is super charming to me.
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    3. The modern country girl style is adorable too, like the big, chunky sweaters and fluffy scarves in wintertime! Ooooh, what about accessories? I kind of like the idea of cross shoulder bags and necklaces, though I can't picture backpacks and bracelets on my dolls...
    4. I lik more natural styles (although I'd love to go full fantasy on one!). I also like more realistic faces and not very stylised ones. My favourites are the ones that're quite individual: I've even gone as far as commissioning sculpts and asking the sculptor to keep in all those little human traits, like wrinkles and mismatched ears! I promised I'd add a disclaimer that the sculpting was great but I asked for him to have ears that didn't match. I do like elves as well... I blame Thranduil.

      Ah yes, cherubic but evil. I have a character who is pretty but nasty, even as a six year old child. For some reason, people who read the books more often than not pick him as their favourite!
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    5. XD I think everyone would blame LoTR elves lol, it’s pretty awesome to get a doll with custom sculpts, even if they aren't exactly as you'd like them to be.....mind if I ask how much it cost??
    6. I've forgotten exactly! $600/700 or so. Obviously that's just heads, no body. He did turn out exactly as I wanted! He has one ear sticking out and one folded back slightly like the guy he was modelled on. I love that little quirk. ^_^ I'm about to comission another one who's going to be even more off kilter.
    7. Oh! Sorry, I read that wrong lol XD That's awesome though! Who do you commission for interesting sculpts like that? It sounds pretty reasonable!
    8. when shelling characters, I tend to gravitate towards more stylized dolls, just because it would make me uncomfortable to see one of my characters looking too realistic. I've also noticed that most of the dolls that I like for characters look happy/ are smiling.

      when not shelling characters, I like super stylized/quirky dolls. I like the unusual exaggerated facial proportions.

      I like sewing rustic, simple clothing that is worn in layers, so that's what my dolls wear haha. lots of browns and reds.
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    9. I always looks for a body that fits the type that my character has before I look at the prices....half the time I can't afford them though lol, or I just love the makeup done on the body/face. I'm not too fond of the super exaggerated facial expressions I've seen on some dolls, though I have to admit I adore any BJD with animal or fantasy limbs/extra limbs/etc. to them. Wings and hooves especially! Do you happen to know any companies have dolls that are just cast by the artists? I think they'd be more expensive due to time, or they might be cheaper since they aren't shipping the original out to be cast by others? I've been into the hobby for 10 years(admiring more than anything) and am still such a newbie ^_^;
    10. aaaaaaaa yeah I do the same thing when I shell characters! I originally wanted a unoa lusis for one of them but it was several years ago when they were wayyyy harder to obtain. I managed to find another sculpt I liked more though, thank goodness.

      there are a few companies that have dolls cast by the artist (harucasting sculpts and casts their own dolls- I can't think of any more off the top of my head but if I come up with any more I might add them). there are also artist dolls (like popovy sister, kayke knadle, freakstyle bjd, akhmel, lillycat, etc) that are dolls that come from an artist that sends out their doll to be cast by a casting company in small batches. neither are really cheaper or more expensive than bjds from companies, it just depends on which artist you buy from (unless that artist only cast a small amount of dolls- then they can get really expensive).
    11. That was done by Namonaki for me. Though I'm afraid prices may have changed since then, however it was excellent: I was very involved in the process all the way through and got to make suggestions ans the sculpt progressed. It was great fun!

      I'm now into sculpting myself, and working on setting up my casting room. (Personal work, not commercial! I'm not good enough to sell anything.)
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    12. Ooohhhhh, okay, thank you! X3 Thank goodness you found a different sculpt! I have a bunch of questions about casting the dolls that the artists can maybe answer if they have the time to do so. Thanks so much for the info....which is not really on topic with this thread...>.>; Oops! XD

      Awesome! I might commission them when I get my next doll....she will require extras added to her lol X3 I don't trust myself with a dremel for the intense changes my character will need on a pre-made doll head....o.O

      Sculpting is alot of fun isn't it! X3 I'm still in the planning phase of my own creation(anthropomorphic feline/deer hybrid....it's interesting to say the least) and have had a few mishaps with the sculpting(tried using polymer clay three times...kept cracking in the oven so now I'm using air dry stuff ^^; ) so it's going slowly right now. I'm sure you'd be able to sell if you wanted to! What'cha got to get to make a casting room??
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    13. I like over the shoulder bags too! Also I tend to like necklaces as long as they're pretty loose. I don't think I could imagine chokers on any dolls I would own unless they're ribbon chokers.
      Mine's quite a bit older (18) but people do tend to like those sort of characters no matter their age! I think it's because it's sort of funny but interesting in a way.
    14. I use paperclay, but sometimes sculpey (the firm grey stuff). Well. I have a shed with resins, silicone, Lego (mould box), vacuum chamber for degassing silicone and resins and the last piece in the puzzle is the pressure tank and compressor which remove any bubbles during casting (actually, it compresses them to the point where they're invisible). I've requested the pressure pot for Christmas and I've been good this year... *crosses fingers* :evilplot:
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    15. No kidding! I guess I could see a clay bracelet or a thin choker of some kind, definitely loose necklaces though. I can only picture backpacks on a doll that's child-shaped lol XD And none of my dolls are children(though my Bei looks like one...ish).

      Lego is SO USEFUL XD I am in dire need of a useable shed lol all of my crafting supplies are in my room....o.O including my painting gear, photography gear, sculpting supplies, resin supplies, glitter (-shudders- it gets EVERYWHERE) beading, sewing.....>.>; I have no room for anything but my bed right now lol XD That reminds me, I need a pressure pot too >.<; XD Don't you find paperclay clings to your skin when you use it? I found an air dry clay by Polyform that doesn't cling as much, but it gets super slippery when I have to use water to re-work it.....o.O
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    16. Most of my dolls are mature tinies, I don't know if that's a style really, but there aren't many companies who make them. Mine range from more realistic to between realistic and stylized. About half of them are fantasy dolls with pointy ears, and three of them have wings. I really love the variations in tan resin, and have a lot of tan dolls.

      Some of my dolls are from Lumedoll, and as far as I know Eva the artist casts them herself.
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    17. I love the realistic, natural faceups with the blotchy skin and freckles. My dolls are semi-realistic and all except one are teenaged SDs. I like historical and mori styles, along with certain street fashions. I am actually kind of bad at fashion stuff, so I created a style folder for each of my dolls so I could grab pictures of stuff I like for reference later.
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    18. Mature tinies??? I don't think I've seen those before, do you have a link to one??? Nice though, realistic ones are my faves, while some the stylized(facially stylized rather than ears/appendages) ones can sometimes freak me out a little bit hahaha...^^; Have you ever noticed any blotchiness in tan resins??

      That's a really great idea actually, on Pinterest?? I have a BJD Fashion I Love folder lol, it's just where I toss in clothes ideas I love, but I haven't thought to create an individual folder for my dolls, I might do that now lol
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    19. Mine are just folders on my computer, I don't have a Pintrest. Just waiting for the day I actually have enough money to spare on some clothes. But that day comes after everyone has a body.
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    20. True...I'm getting a second Bei head from ResinSoul because the one I got this October has a defect....so I'll have two heads and one body....^^ Folders sound useful too!