What's your dolls clothing style?

Jul 17, 2015

  1. Andreja fashionable casual "fashion doll" style

  2. Sporty

  3. Grunge/Punk

  4. Heavy Metal

  5. Goth

  6. Pastel Fairy-Kei

  7. Mori

  8. Lolita/Kodoma/Ouji/Victorian style Clothing

  9. Other

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    1. My dolls: they are 18 century European aristocrat style
    2. Well, I'm planning for mine to have a creepy/mysterious cross-dresser traditional Japanese hime style. So, he'll look like Ai Enma a bit.
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    3. That a great idea, ai enma is my favourite character, i wish to see your doll to dress up like that one day
      Actually i think that ai doll would fit that style the most, but unfortunately the company has closed down already, i think
    4. My dolls have a dark sense of style and I love it xD
    5. Well, my main's style ranges quite a bit, from modern casual, to feminine, to elegant, but mostly he enjoys long-sleeved casual.
    6. It depends on the doll XD some are modern casual, some are more punk and dark, half of them are fantasy forest hobos... You get the idea...
    7. My girl will have a really modern, street style kinda look. It's really casual and trendy!
    8. All of my dolls are modern urban types. Some are a bit more formal, some more casual. One only wears suits, one is more goth, another is more boho, a couple are hipster-y, one takes clothing tips from the gay boys in my neighborhood, one wears modern takes on hanfu, and it goes on and on. They are each little different so they make for a diverse group.
    9. Medieval! Styles range from the 6th to the 13th century :).

      Then again, sometimes I get tempted by pretty dresses or handsome suits thataren't at all medieval and my dolls are forced to roll with that ;).

      My latest doll is something else entirely - she wears vaguely 18th-century-inspired clothes. But she may end up with an alternative modern look too...
    10. is stark naked a style? *shifty eyes*
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    11. I have only one doll home so far, his style is mori-kei. And I'm waiting for a girl doll, she'll dress in classic lolita, but I might mix in a bit of sweet lolita too. ^^
    12. Oh boy where do I begin? My dolls have their own distinct styles. I can't see one of my boys in anything else other than hoodies and cargo pants just because his character is the type who values comfort and likes having a lot of pockets to hold stuff in, so skinny jeans are OUT. My girls have wildly different tastes from each other--one of them wears dresses that you'd probably wear going to church, and there's the other whom I tend to dress in street-style punk. It all depends on the personalities of their characters.
    13. Hmm, my oldest doll dresses in traditional Asian costumes, lame' bath robes, LOTR elvish costumes, and tie dyed T-shirts. One dresses like an 18th century pirate. One wears ancient Egyptian. One is a Goth. One wears simple white little girl dresses. My favorite, an Iplehouse Kamau, is a surfer boy. My new one I got last month has a Regency gown, a mini dress, a Doctor Who T-shirt, Hollywood style glamour gowns, and is demanding steampunk. They are all very individual and.... well .....just all over the board.
    14. It's up to which doll, I guess... Some of my dolls always dressed in traditional Japanese style, some in European + Fantasy style and some in casual or formal.
    15. I can't decide. When I finally get my first, I'll be dressing him in either a cutesy style (So lots of fluffy animal hats, woolen jumpers etc) or in a fantasy style like the forest dwelling type. I guess I'll see which suits him better when he arrives.
    16. well my characters story is supposed to take place in a sort of alternate version of the 90s so they're supposed to have a 90s sense of fashion, but strangely enough, most of the clothing i have for them right now are looking more bohemian than 90s pop/ grunge. I'm not exactly sure how it happened considering I made all the clothes...lol
    17. Kimaeril is a Drow Mage, so he sports the Fantasy style (which I've discovered is very hard to find).
    18. Most of my dolls wear fantasy outfits, but there are a couple that wear casual clothes (jeans, t-shirts, hoodies), and a few that wear dress clothes (slacks, button up shirt, vest, etc).
    19. Usually it's casual, but my MSD girl is a bit more... hard to dress. She has a very peculiar look, quite dark but not emo or gothic, she loves black but she doesn't like being dressed only in black, she likes being feminine but not too much, I can't find the right shorts for her... As much as I'm in love with this doll, She really is giving me a hard time xD
    20. My dolls one wears Lolita fashion style. One wears Japanese style such as kimonos.