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What's your favorite doll or brand?

Jul 8, 2005

    1. For me its hard to say but I think I love Issao and Sakaki

      I will like to know which one is your favorite doll?

      Pony_gery :grin:
    2. Hmmmm.... I think out of the two I like Isao best :grin:
    3. I think for a lot of us here, it depends on what time of the day or day of the week you're asking -- :lol: -- new dolls seem to be cropping up faster and fiercer all the time, so it's hard to pick a favorite and actually stick to it!

      Of all the dolls I have now--and I love them all for different reasons--if I absolutely had to pick a favorite, I'd choose my SD Cute Kaede, Pippa.

    4. My favorite doll of all time is probably Jun. ^^; But, she's the reason that I'm here, soooo... o.o ^^
    5. The ones I own and the ones I'm planning on buying. X3
    6. Lishe is an all time classic.

      I know she's incredibly popular, and not limited, but there must be a reason.

      I love Choa too.

    7. This one is hard, but it has to go to my ultimate dream doll.

      The silence before tempest-cyn~ By CH.

      :D :D :D
    8. :D :D :D :D El :D :D :D . And El Elf.

      Gosh I'm sooOOoooo predictable
    9. i have a few but narrowing it down to one msd and sd/sd13 size i would have to say hewitt and hmm..

      heath or sakaki
    10. Dark Elf Soo is my favorite female doll. She's so pretty, looks great in so many different styles and has the cutest ears ever :D Kid delf Ani is my favorite mini, and judging from the pictures I've seen Yder is my favorite boy. It's hard to decide though, there are so many beautiful dolls out there. :daisy
    11. I'd say that my shiwoo elf is my favorite to own. :3

      To look at I love seeing Unoas and Bermann or Hound. Their faces are amazing.
    12. There're so many *_* At this point in time (and day of the week :wink: ) I think I'll say... hmmm.. Jun T. She seems to be a longstanding favorite of mine even though it changes a lot. :chibi
    13. My all time favorite is Lucas, but the funny thing is, I don't know that I'd buy him even if the opportunity presented itself. I don't know that he'd fit in with Az or Angel.

      What's even funnier, is that for some reason, I don't really like Chris all that much, yet he's the same mold as Lucas and Azure is going to be a beauty white F-16. Explain that one :oops:
    14. The DoD's! Wi, Zen, Yen, Bee-A ^^

      But most out of those, Zen. He's my first kid. :D
    15. Oh, well if I get to choose my favorite doll out of all of them, my choice would be definately be...... I think you know... :wink:

      (Hint: Look at my icon :grin: )

      Sweet Dream Nono is definately my "Holy Grail" doll, but a FCS beauty white Mimi is a really close second :chibi
    16. I don't like most Chrises, either. Even custom ones. And I OWN a Lucas. I can't even begin to understand my own logic.

      As for the question this thread poses... I don't know. I think I could just as easily pick a favorite star in the sky. *_* My favorites are the dolls I own or plan to own, I suppose. I have a really hard time picking just one favorite out of anything.

      So, look at my signature, and there's your answer. Or something close to it. :lol:

    17. The U-noas :D oh... and Shirou has always been a favorite of mine.
    18. I love my Ayla best, I think. But don't tell the others!
    19. full choice system F16 for ever <3