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What's your favorite kind of stand?

Sep 21, 2004

    1. I've see the waist-gripped kind and several versions of the saddle kind. Since my doll's legs buckle a lot, I'm worried that he'd fall out of the saddle style stands, but I'm not really sure how deep they are or how snugly they grip.

      I'd love to hear if you have a favorite stand and who manufactures it.

    2. I love the wooden stands that Reba Davis sells. They are nice to look at , and don 't interfere with the doll's clothing. But you need to tell her exactly what kind of doll you have, or the fit won't be right.
      Unfortunately, the last stand I got broke in transit. :( I e-mailed her about a replacement, but I may just try to repair it.
    3. I use a waist gripper just due to the price. Under $5 from Michael's. :oops:
    4. That poseable wood saddle stand is really cool! Anyone know how/where to get one, or any information on who makes them?
    5. I want a chair for my choa, but I found a chair at michael's for $5 that is PERFECT for Jeremiah Blue (bluefairy), so when she's not posing for pix, she's sitting in her chair.

      My friend LeeAnn has THEEE most perfect armchair and footstool for her CH - it was a boyd's bear set - so I'm kind of on the lookout for a chair for my choa now.

      Those gripper stands ARE neat, and you can hide the waist thingy under their tops for the most part. can get those at michael's too.
    6. *sigh* Any stand that is sturdy enough to hold the dolls *without breaking*.

      I have Volks stands, Reba's wooden stands, and the spring loaded stands, and they all work. The only stand I am completely unhappy with is the Volks saddle stand - the plastic clip that allows the saddle to move up and down cracked down the side and broke, making the stand completely useless. My husband was able to machine it to make it work as a backup or display only stand, but I will not be buying another stand which has that clip as the main mechanism.

      It's doubly annoying because their underarm/waist grabber stand is dead on sturdy and one of my favorite stands.

      But for the rest, which one I use depends on which doll I'm working with and what I'm doing with the doll.

    7. I am currently trying to get doll stands for my boys. But i am having problem both selecting one (since there are the old type A/B/C and new type? and other original stands) and locating one.

      It seems that it's always out of stock on volks.

      Does anyone have any experience with these stands and which one is the best for 13 boys?

      p.s. one other question is does anyone have problem getting their Luts doll to stand properly? My chiwoo's knees always bend when i try to get him to stand. (-_-) Is it because it's strung to tight?
    8. The CP dolls are very often strung too tightly. My El can be a pain to get to stand, and when I pose him, his legs occasionally snap up and kick me. The elastic will loosen in time, though.

      As for stands... ...I can't help you there. I use a stand for a 23" porcelain doll I have.
    9. According to me, common stands for porcelain dolls are often too light for such heavy dolls as BJDs.
      Therefore, I've purchased a used Volks stand in white resin for my SD boy, but I hope I will find some more Volks stands in the near future.
      I'd suggest you to e-mail Volks and ask them to please re-stock some stands for large dolls. Maybe they'll do it if they see enough people are interested in them! :daisy

      As far as my Delf boys are concerned, yes, strings are a HUGE problem, especially for my Chiwoo.
      I still have to find the right string and string length for him... :(
    10. When I pose my dolls standing, I always use kaiser stands. I have a few extra from when I used to collect porcelain dolls. I also have a few SD sized chairs that I've been lucky to come across, so many times, my dolls just sit - depends on what they're wearing.
    11. I have a 2nd hand metal stand from Volks.
      It's the saddle type, bought on ebay 2 weeks ago.
      It's very stable and really perfect for those heavy dolls.

      My Megu lives in a showcase, but she is seat because showcase is 40 cm tall but Megu is 60 cm.
      Il'' try to remove one of the glass shelves to let her stand .

      It's hard because I have other dolls, expecially limited edition barbies, and Volks 1/6 dollfies.
      I need a new showcase!!!

      Manu :crushed
    12. I also have the Volks saddle stand. I have girls tho so it comes in really handy when they are wearing skirts and such.

      If you buy a Volks stand, just be careful not to tighten the knob too much or it will crack the part that holds the stand in place. Mine cracked a while back when I tried to tighten it really good and I ended up having to use rubber bands wrapped around the area to keep it stiff enough to hold up the rest of the stand.
    13. Thank you so much for everyone's reply. I hope I will be able to fix my Chiwoo's standing problem soon. =( It always takes me a long time to pose him in order to take 1 picture.

      As for stands, it seems like most people have found the saddle stand nice. Maybe I will try to get one off YHJ or something like that. (Just thinking about shipping cost is killing me)
    14. If you've got a boy, maybe you shouldn't go with a saddle stand...?

      My girl has one of Volks' new wooden saddle stands, i.e. a C Type, and it is top notch. But shouldn't you get an A Type for your boy, with a waist grip...?

      A saddle stand disappears nicely under a girl's skirt, but looks silly visible on top of a boy's trousers, IMO.
    15. I got myself last summer a stand from an ebay seller who her husband makes them for dollfies... I would highly recommened them, they are the adjustable type and works on both my CP and CH AI girls..
      Its a saddle type of stand .. Keep an eye on ebay :)
    16. I'm just wondering if anyone has an acrylic stand and where you may have purchased it? I was thinking it would be the least obstructive as you could see through it. I know I saw one somewhere in a pic with a BJD but for the life of me can't remember where or who it was.

    17. Hi
      Does anyone have any suggestions as where to get some stands for Mini Super Dollfie and Regular Super Dollfies?
    18. I think VOLKS carries them, but since they can stand on their own, I don't know.
    19. I've tried saddle stands, and I think waist grip stands are the best for stability and looks (especially on dolls in trousers) Volks and Happydoll both make nice-looking waist grip stands.
    20. I found a simple waist-grip stand at a dollar store.