What's your FAVORITE thing to buy/make for your doll?

Sep 2, 2020

    1. I've saw the thread about things people hated to buy for their doll, so I wanted to do the opposite.

      For me, I love buying little props. Little drink sets, weapons, etc.

      Edit: I plan to start making Fantasy inspired props. Like from D&D.
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    2. Clothes and shoes! I think I have more fun buying those things than I do buying the doll itself.

      I also love props and furniture, but I currently don't have anywhere to build dioramas. When we eventually move, I plan to build a whole coffee shop and then I'll get back to collecting stuff!
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    3. For making, wigs. For buying, probably the dolls themselves. Or cute yosd clothing sets.
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    4. I like finding props and buying fabric to make them clothes from. One of my favorite things to do is make clothes for my dolls, and buying fabric to do that with is fun too.
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    5. Clothing is my favorite to make! Doesn’t matter what it is. Just love to sew.
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    6. I've never purchased anything for my dolls that I was completely satisfied with; I got a bunch of custom eyes with small irises when those weren't a thing, and some of them turned out okay, but not perfect. I used to love getting wigs for my dolls, but the extra-bulk was never my thing. I guess I just don't like shopping for doll related things. I do love modifying them, I need to mod a few of my floating heads and my fourth BJD, but I keep putting off because I loathe summer weather. It's getting cooler recently, so I might have to start getting my materials ready (I'll probably need a new batch of Apoxie Scupt, I didn't place mine in the freezer, and it's been years since I last used it). I also enjoy making wigs for my dolls, I don't like making the wefts, but I like the idea of having hair that' not too bulky, or actually the right color or style. I also make all my BjD's clothes, I used to find it relaxing to sew them by hand, then I found it a lot faster to sew them on the sewing machine, and now I'm too lazy to want to actually do it. I am not good at it any of those, but I like the customization that goes into making or modding my own stuff. I would love to make eyes as well, because I never got perfect ones, but I don't want to make them out of resin, and that seems like the easiest material to work with (I'm just not a fan of it). (:
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    7. Fun question :) I like making all sorts of things, clothing, wigs,shoes,accessories....

      My dolls are my muses, I like to create full ensembles, head to toe. It can be modern fashion, period gowns, themes, you name it. The fun for me is finding an inspiration, whether it is something I saw online, in real life or just dreamt up. I love finding ways to make that vision come to life. Creating each piece of the ensemble is special and many times a challenge. I love resourcing items to work into the creation. My favorite place to shop is my local thrifts stores and etsy
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    8. I love to make: Clothes, shoes, wigs, jewelry, drinks, food, fun little accessories like phones and parasols.

      I love to buy: Things I'm not quite as good at making, like fancy footwear and laptops and folding glasses.
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    9. I love to buy props... though I tend to overbuy jewelry, considering I have a boy-heavy collection (but they're boys who will wear certain styles of jewelry!). I'd call props my main weakness as shopping goes, though. Anything that looks to be in a good scale for any of my dolls will tempt me, even really silly things.

      Things I like making... I mean I like trying my hand at making anything, and I like doing faceups/body blushing... but I think my favorite things to make are accessories. Jewelry sometimes, but also just like... bags, hats, things like that.
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    10. I make a fair amount of things for my dolls because what i like is either too specific, or just not in style currently, but what I enjoy making is wigs (hard caps only though ^^") and easy clothes (leggings, t-shirts, etc.). Also faceups, but i'm not sure if that's considered "making" in the same sense as this question is asking ;)
      For buying, I think it would be the pretty frilly dresses that I could/would never wear, but look great on them haha
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    11. Making: Clothes. I have an Etsy shop for Smartdoll clothing and I absolutely love making stuff. I love making things that can easily be combined and anything that is colourful.

      For buying it's probably be fabrics. And props. I love going through thriftshops and souvenir shops to find little props for my dolls.
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    12. I love making clothes for my dolls, and I love buying wigs for them as well as little props. Shoes are something I really wanted to try making and never really thought of buying.
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    13. I love making accessories, be it necklaces, chokers, hairpins or something else. It's such a small thing but adds a lot to the outfit.
      As for buying, I absolutely love buying eyes. Especially artist ones with crystals or flower petals, they always have such unique designs.
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    14. Buying: Eyes. And wigs.

      The versatility in a doll sculpt that just a simple hair and eye change creates a whole new character from the same base is amazing.

      Making: Trousers.

      It's the only thing I'm pretty proficient at. And only in Granado Evol sizes. :sweat
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    15. I love creating outfits for my dolls.:) I just adore exploring different styles and researching fashion of all eras in general. It‘s always been a particular fascination of mine, and my dolls are the perfect muses to express my passion for it. It’s one of the main reasons I began collecting.

      And when it comes to buying, I’d have to say wigs (I’ve always loved them...even as a young girl) and hats! I’ve really indulged in that:sweat and have a large collection of stunning examples for my SD girls.
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    16. I love to buy the more complex items for my dolls, like shoes, or complicated clothing. Stuff I couldn't make myself. I also find that adding a really professionally crafted item to an otherwise handmade outfit can elevate the whole thing.
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    17. I like buying clothes, lots and lots of clothes. I also like buying wigs but that’s a bit more lovehate situation because it doesn’t always come out fitting and all sort of problems
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    18. I love sewing clothing for my dolls! Also making wigs for them. My newest favorite thing to make lately is eyes. I tried it awhile back and hated using the 2-part resin, but recently I gave it another go using UV resin instead and now eyes are so much fun. My favorite things to buy for my dolls are jewelry and props.
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    19. My favorite thing to buy is shoes, even before getting into BJDs I really liked realistic looking miniature shoes, and because nearly all of my dolls that require shoes have standard size feet it's also easy to buy them, so unlike all the other stuff I barely need to pay attention to the measurements.

      My favorite thing to make... hmm, kinda hard to say because it fluctuates so much, but if I had to choose one thing it would be clothes. Even though most of the projects cause frustration at least at one point, the times I manage to make something that looks good to me (which nowadays is quite often because I've finally managed to develop patience :sweat), I tend to feel very accomplished for multiple days, which is nice. :3nodding:
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    20. I love making wings. I'm not super good at it, but I enjoy it a lot nonetheless. It's slow and relaxing, and I can watch c-dramas at the same time. I also enjoy sewing clothes, though I'm more rarely satisfied with my results.

      for buying, I'm crazy about miniature props. Give me a chance to buy doll sized every day items and I'll jump on it. There's just something about tiny items I guess XD
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