What's your favourite minifee sculpt?

Sep 20, 2015

    1. I wondered what people's favourite minifee sculpts are & why.
      My 2 favourites are Chloe, because she is so classically pretty, and I love her big eyes and her lip shape. She has a very sweet face.
      And Rheia because I think she is slightly moodier looking, but she is also super pretty. I like the way her eyes are large and sweet, but not as round as Chloe's.
      What are you favourite minifee sculpts? :)
    2. I've loved Juri 2013 since I first saw the sculpt! I've always had a soft spot for Rheia as well :aheartbea
      Recently Rin, Risse and Mirwen have really been growing on me!
    3. Juri 2011 for me xD; you can't beat that unique, smiling face. In comparison most minifees appear to be quite bland... and trust me I've got my fare share of them! xD;;;
    4. It's Shiwoo for me, he was the first that finally won me over to buying a MNF (and enough that I sought out a secondhand Delf in the same sculpt, too). For me, it's because that particular sculpt looks very much like a favorite character of mine, who I'd been trying with mixed success to shell for several years before finally realizing that Shiwoo was perfect, and was able to tip me over from "Minifees are too expensive and not quite my taste" to "I absolutely need that boy in my life right now."
    5. I've always loved Chloe, even though I more or less stopped loving Fairyland's aesthetic a few years ago. She's just got such a gorgeous face! I like some of the new ones, too, but I can never keep the sculpt names straight lol.
    6. I'm most fond of the older MNF Elf Shiwoos and Elf Shushus, I think... I don't really care for most of Fairyland's more recent sculpts. Something about the girls' mouths just seems off to me.
    7. My favourite has always been Chloe, and it stayed that way. :) After her, second place share Celine, Mio, Liria and Ante. :D I love Fairyland's aesthetic so much, they have been my favourite company since the moment I found out about BJD's, about 5 years ago, until now.
    8. I think my favourite has to be Shushu, she was my first Minifee and I just adore her. I love the moody Ruth sculpt and am looking at Tika and Mika/Mir. I have high hopes for the RFA that I am waiting to get and then I do like Chloe, I keep on saying I will have to get a Chloe some day.
    9. Marcia. Because she can look really, really bitchy when you half-open the eyes on her sleeping head and give her the right kind of face-up.
    10. I like most of them, but I'd love to have a Rheia boy one day <3
    11. Ante, she has a very cute face, i love her round features
    12. I think I like Chloe or Celine the most cuz of their eye shape and cute face^^
      Also love female Karsh, because ELF ;)
    13. oh, such a hard question...i love tan Mirwen's and minifee shushu's (they're always sooo pretty)
    14. Mirwen is my favorite. At first, she was the only one that I even liked but it slowly spread and now I want most of them in one size or another. XD
    15. Siean for me, with the smaller eyes and full lips, she looks a lot more mature then a lot of the other sculpts, also she has a decent size nose which a lot of otherwise pretty sculpts lack
    16. MNF Rin and Rheia are mine :D They're both so cute, maybe one day I'll have both :D
    17. Celine, vampire elf woosoo, and Chloe :) Especially woosoo <3
    18. MNF Rena is the one I think is the cutest, she has that mischievous look I adore!
    19. It has to be Risse for me, with Shushu as a close second, as I think they have more expression than most.
      ....Rin is also very sweet, with that innocent little face!
    20. I absolutely love the Juri 2010 sculpt. I can't really explain it but she's my absolute favorite. It has something to do with the facial expression and how the right positioning of the eyes makes her look like she's going "Oooooo pretty!" about some nice looking resin dude ;)