Whats your favourite type of female Mini Doll?

Jun 9, 2005

    1. They're all so gorgeous :oops:
    2. 1 - DOD Mir FOR SURE *_________________________________*
      Followed by 2-Dana, 3-Twingkey, 4-Pitts, 5-Leya, 6-Be-a, 7-Cien and Jerome as girls ^^
    3. Sharmin is my fave, but a close second would be MSD Lilith/Phylis. :)
    4. Well, the MSD girls that I already own are the ones I love the most.

      But apart from the ones I have (DOD T. Bee-a & SDC Kurenai),
      I'd have to say U-noa Lusis.
    5. BlueFairy Jerome GIRL! :D

      Nahhh seriously... there are MANY cute MSD sized girls out there. I reallly love regular Bee-A, she looks so sweet and friendly. Angelregion girls are awesome... bluefairy May is SO CUTE ohhh i want one of those... DOD girls are SO CUTE, Mir is a favorite (Choco!)... serendipity Alice has such an expression (Dawn!)...

      too many favorites to pick just one!
    6. Any U-noa 8 8<3

      And I love Mir, too ; ;<3
    7. For now, Narsha girl, followed by MSD.
    8. For childlike dolls...MSD all the way. For older looking dolls that size Unoa.
    9. Gotta say Kaede's my fave by far!

    10. Definately AR Dana ^~ along with BF May though I do love all the bf dolls XD
    11. My favourites are definitely any Unoa or Serendipity doll.
      Sharmin wins as all-time favourite though.
    12. DoD girls all are cute and the Unoa girls :D :D and all? x3
    13. For me it's
      1. Unoa Lusis
      2. Unoa Sist
      3. Narae
      4. both super dollfie cute girls
      5. DoD Mir
      6. MSD Lilith/Phylis
    14. I love BlueFairy May, especially if she had a blossom body. SDC Kaede & DOD Pitts are lovely, too.
    15. MSD Myu!!!!!! <3


      but like everyone, that's the reason i own her. =3

      But second, I like MSD Mika or Phyllis/Lillith

    16. *delurk*
      If its a mature mini, Unoa all the way... I'm a bit biased. :wink: I love my Unoa Sist.
      For child-like, I love BF girls and MSD Tsubaki when dressed femme.

      Although I will always love MSD Hewitt girls since seeing one at dolpa last year. :daisy :daisy

      *goes back to lurking*
    17. *cough cough* MIR!!! *cough cough*

      But besides sweet Mir, Unoas. x3
    18. Oe..I love Unoa and the Blue Fairy Blossom body and Kaede!!