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whats your ideal number of dolls

May 25, 2019

    1. i love dolls and i dont think i have much of a limit and maybe if i did id say my limit would be around 80 but given as both me and my boyfriend collect bjds the collection doesnt feel that big thrown out between rooms , at what point would you guys consider your collection complete or at what point is too much for you
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    2. i feel like it's easy to say a number like 100, 100 sounds like a lot of dolls and sort of outrageous but if spread through out rooms it might not really seem like that much because theyre not all condensed so it's hard for me to really choose a cut off point , i have friends that say 10 is already to much and others who say 80 isnt enough
    3. My ideal number is about 15, which is unfortunate because I have almost 30 and more on the way. I feel like around 15 is still a big collection, but not... unmanageably, dangerously big :lol: I don't even want to think about what I'd do if I had to move for some reason- transporting all my dolls and their boxes and everything else seems like a total nightmare.

      But I'm just the type of person who doesn't usually collect, so having a lot of valuable things is not necessarily a positive for me. :sweat I know there are collectors out there who love the idea of having a huge collection of dolls, but unfortunately that's not me...
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    4. The way I'm going?... The world may never know XD
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    5. I have one, and a second girl on the way. I don't think I'd go past 5, because that seems like too much for me. Plus I move a lot and I worry that they'll get damaged either by moving or being in the Australian climate. Our sunlight is harsh and we have a bacteria that perishes rubber really fast.
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    6. At the beginning and for some years, I only owned 4 dolls. Starting from 2017, I've been collecting more dolls. I currently have 12 BJD and 7 dolls that are not classified as BJD - following DoA rules - and I mean Azone dolls, Smartdolls and Pullip. I don't think I need more since the dolls I actually have are very different in style and sculpts. But, anyway, who knows ... :3nodding:
    7. From the beginning I always wanted to keep my BJD number at less than ten, and that's still a number I am keeping it at. I'm horrible at keeping other toy/doll collections small, so I want the most time/light/heat sensitive type of dolls to stay in smaller numbers. I currently own six complete dolls and nine floating heads with no current plans for bodies. If there were more BJD I liked as whole dolls, I would be very worried, but I don't mind owning a lot of floating heads as long as I keep my complete dolls to under ten of them. I already don't do enough with the ones I already own, so adding more would be a waste of money for me at this point. However, if I see a head sculpt I "can't live without," I might still consider purchasing additional heads. It hasn't happened in the past ten years, so I highly doubt I'll start purchasing more BJD heads again, but you never know. (;
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    8. I have 5 dolls (well, technically 4 bjds and one off topic doll) and I have 3 more dolls on my wishlist (whose heads are already on the way), soooo... 8 would be my ideal number.

      There are a few more dolls I'd like to have (some MSD sized dolls, possibly a Dollshe Saint and, if a miracle were to happen, maybe a 5th Motif Venitu), but even then, I don't think I'd want to get more than 10-12 dolls. As someone who mostly likes SD sized dolls and who doesn't have a whole lot of space at home, anything more than that would be too much ò___ò not to mention that I don't think I'd have enough time to properly dedicate to lots and lots of dolls... I already struggle to take care of the few ones I have D:
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    9. 10 (with 15 being the absolute max) and I've never exceeded that number in my years collecting. I currently have 6 full dolls with 2 on the way and I feel if it will ever go beyond 15 I would run out of place to display them and keep them dust free. I always cringe when I see huge doll collections (or houses filled to the brim with knick-knacks for that matter) because of the dust it will collect unless you have hours a day to clean it/keep bug infestations at bay.
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    10. For me 20 was always the absolute maximum, and I'm still below that gladly. More just felt impossible to take care of in terms of clothes and co., unfortunately that costs money as well :XD:
      I sooo often have thought about how it would be like to completely start new though. But selling everything off first is a hassle, and so many dolls I like tend to be limited.
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    11. currently i set my limit to 4, 2 at home, 1 on the way, and i am thinking to get the 4th. the limit is due to the energy i need to put into each doll to make them the way i like. work and other hobbies are taking my energies as well. haha
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    12. My ideal is whatever number of dolls I have at any given time. I don't set limits - high or low - on them, because I only buy what I love, I sell what I don't, and the end result is that my collection only consists of ones that truly please me. I never want to deny myself purchasing a new one whose aesthetic absolutely knocks me out, on the grounds that "No, I can't because I already decided I would only own X number of dolls." Of course that kind of choice is completely personal to each of us, but for me, it just feels oddly forced and quite random.
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    13. My absolute max is 10, and my preferred is 5. I'm at four dolls and a head right now. I move very, very often, usually without a large amount of space to spare, and if I want to take my collection with me, it has to stay small.
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    14. I always have this idea that my side of the collection would be more manageable if I had like, 6, but then I end up at more like 10. My attempts to cull the herd to only my faves over the years haven’t gone well, because as soon as I sell one it’s like “Hmmm, there’s some room in the cabinet now and I do like this other doll...” :XD:

      My real limit is what will fit in the Ikea bookshelf my wife and I store our dolls on. Once it’s full somebody’s gotta go before a new doll can come in, because with our marauding pets they need to be behind glass when unattended.
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    15. Um...just One More!

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    16. My ideal number would be 13. I’m currently at 17 full dolls and one floating head, and it feels a little overwhelming. And yet...I have 3-4 more on my wishlist....
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    17. This is something I’ve been asking myself lately. I had nearly 20 dolls at one point which was truthfully starting to feel pretty overwhelming. Now I am down to 11 and a floating head with one on the way and it feels much better. I think somewhere between 10 and 15 is my magic number.

      Edit: One thing that I think is worth mentioning is that my collection is now mostly MSDs with 4 small SD girls and 2 mature tinies, so they don’t take up as much physical space as 11 large SDs would.
      #17 dotworkdoll, May 25, 2019
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    18. My normal reply to questions like this is to paraphrase Pirates of the Caribbean. "At least one more, Miss Swan, as always"
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    19. Currently I have twelve full dolls (with a bunch of floating heads) and I'm waiting on two more dolls which won't arrive for a while. While I don't have a set limit, I try to make sure I really want the doll and it's not just an impulse buy. Recently I've been making the clothes I have for my dolls and the only thing I've been buying them are wigs, eyes and shoes. So what I usually ask myself is an I willing to start working on a new wardrobe for another doll. If that answer is yes and I love the doll, I'll get it.

      Also my other hobby, anime figure collecting, keeps me from buying a lot of new dolls because of space reasons.
    20. I'm trying to declutter my home so I'm hoping to take it slow with BJD collecting, but I don't have a set limit. That being said, I live in a small apartment, so probably not more than 20 until I move somewhere. (Which is fine, I only have one so far so that's a looooot of dolls to go)
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