What's your ultimate dream costume for your bjd?

Jan 25, 2018

    1. What costume/clothes do you want to see on your bjd? (the one without any money or skill restrictions)

      I am crazy right now over the "Assassin's Creed" costumes! All those buckles and details! Let's dream!
    2. Definitely an elaborate sweet lolita / ouji style full outfit. Frills, details, accessories, ribbons, all that. The puffier and cuter the better.
      That, or a military uniform - similar to Ringdoll ones? I really love their full military outfits. I actually think it'd look really good on female dolls too...
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    3. I really like the romantic style, capes, ruches....
      This year i am really going to try it...
    4. I really love historical themed clothing, especially Asian clothing. I really want to make those classical Thai clothing with gold pieces etc. Overall, anything regal and oriental looking, mostly historical and traditional outfits! I also found this website that sums up what I'd love to make in the future.
      How to wear Heain Period kimono ¤ªÉþ
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    5. One of the really elaborate Chobits dresses, the kind with the cages and ruffles and veils and a million ribbons going every direction lol.
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    6. I have a couple:

      - Roy's/the masked bandit's costume from The Fall

      - Raoul's Masquerade outfit from Phantom of the Opera

      - Revolver/Major Ocelot's outfits (just in completely black/gray)
      LINK 1 LINK 2

      - Several Game of Thrones costumes, like Petyr's winter coat, Petyr outfit, Jaime Outfit 1 (with armor), Jaime Outfit 2
      All in full black again.

      - Those two outfits from Jupiter Ascending
      LINK 1 LINK 2

      - Count Vronsky promo outfit (I don't think he wears it in the Anna Karenina movie? Can't remember)

      - And so many more, like
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7

      Oh well :lol:
      Also stuff like fancy military uniforms I'd love to own more, and armor too. I think my easiest to get wish are still the two outfits from The Little Prince, his simple green one and the actual "prince" one with the fancy coat.
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    7. Something luxurious and ethereal, flowing and lace...really love historical/traditional styles. Planning on buying Ringdoll's Rc70-30 outfitゞ!
    8. I took on a commission to make an Assassin's Creed costume - not the leather accoutrements thank GOODNESS.... I spent the better part of a month just figuring out the pattern. Wow.
      I am looking forward to making a couple in late 1700's dress for my own dolls - just because I love that look & have the fullsize patterns to downsize. Also, I'm making a Josean era guard's costume (Korean). I have a couple more steampunk outfits to make.
      I just can't narrow it down to one :D
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    9. I have been in an early 20th century fashion kick recently. The things I want is for my Zuzu Delf to have that type of style. I know I want to make her a Sophie Hatter style from Howl's Moving Castle. The book and the movie.
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    10. I used to be addicted to this mobile otome game YEARS ago when visual novel apps were starting to pick up steam. It was called 'Be my Princess' and I ABSOLUTELY adored the Princes' uniforms in the game (link for reference here!). I wish I had the sewing know-how to make something like there costumes. MFW I saw that Freedom Teller made similar outfits but they were limited and made eons ago before I got into the hobby ;_;
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    11. A nice Scottish complete outfit with a kilt, for a muscular 70 cm guy.

      A grand evening robe in blue satin, without any frills or lace, with a loong skirt part. And matching shoes, of course.

      An Elvish set of armour.

      Each goal one by one. I really have to tell myself that it is impossible to do everything at the same time.
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    12. I love Ouji and Lolita, so I absolutely must have a doll in both of those styles at some point! Both covered in ruffles and ribbons, with cute little hats and bags... They will be so adorable!

      I also am a sucker for Classic Victorian and Gothic outfits, and have several dolls planned in those styles too~ (Gothic is going to be covered soon once I get my body, but one is never enough!)
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    13. Anything from the Chobits artbooks. There are so many tiny details and frills that I would never be able to pull off on my own, and I haven't found a Chobits outfit that 1) fits MNF an
      Yes!! I also was going to say Chobits. The only outfit I've seen was for Dollfie Dream, and it's incredibly rare on top of not being the right size. I would love for something slim MSD size from the For Your Eyes Only artbook.
    14. My grail outfit (for my grail doll!) would be a full on 1750s ball gown, complete with all the extras... and an extra head for a make-up look. But that’s something I’d have to custom make, I would think. >>
    15. I have a doll that is supposed to be Scottish so I would love for him to have the full Scotsman outfit, kilt and all including bagpipes!
    16. I want to make Kylo Ren's outfit for my Saint, just need the motivation to start.
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    18. An elaborate elegant elven dress in white with silver stars around the neckline.
    19. I saw some gorgeous hanbok on display once that I have been pining after ever since. And the historical outfits Switch uses for their promotional photos are also gorgeous.