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when are tinies- too tiny????

Sep 15, 2008

    1. Okay, so my friend (marilyn in ny) and I were taking photos.. (her taking the photos) and everything is going well, except trying to keep the boat straight here.

      however, Litte Min decides she wants to flash us during her wardrobe malfunction..

      so is it that she is too tiny, or that we need glasses! LOL


    2. Very cute pictures.....in answer to your title, for me, never!!!!! :)
    3. I'm with you, Mim:) Never can they be too tiny! I love your Min by the way, Rolopuppet, especially that trucker cap:D So cute!
    4. That is such a cute photo. I think she was getting her own back for having to have so many photos taken, probably!!!!
    5. She looks like she's saying "why won't this boat go anywhere?"
      Love her braids, baseball cap and..."Wardrobe malfunction"... (too cute).
    6. Well everything appears to fit, and looks appropriately scaled, so I'm just going to have to say you need glasses!!! XD

      But seriously, it's so easy to get distracted in photoshoots... I always notice things later and think "how the heck could I have missed that". It's perfectly normal.

    7. I still have a photo of me on holiday in Spain aged 13 smiling happily at the camera with a 'wardrobe malfunction' - still makes me blush

      The answer to how small is too small, no such thing ;) Am still waiting for Tinybear's 1/24th scale elf she plans, have a home for him and everything!!!
    8. If that doll comes out I gotta get one! The 1/24, that is.

      Well, if it's not a child or infant. I like mature dolls.

      Your elf is a cutie!
    9. I haven't yet found a doll that is too little for me, but there are a few that are too big.
    10. LOLLL Well I don't think the problem is that she's too tiny -- it's just getting used to different issues with the tinies. One thing about the Elfdoll tinies is that the wig slippage can be so distracting that you can never get anything else right for a photo. I ended up gluing wigs to my girl's head caps.

      Also I think they absolutely have to be wired. And a little jewelry wax to hold their feet and hands in place would go a long way.

      If all of that is in place, then you can look for wardrobe malfunctions.

      Min is so cute BTW
    11. I hot-glue all my tinies wigs, wire them, and suede them with more hot glue. I also hot-glue their shoes on their feet, otherwise they make me crazy. Most of mine pose pretty well. I've also hot-glued them in place for photos, then peeled it off afterward. I love hot-glue.
    12. I love your Min's hat and braids! she looks so put out about not having any water!

      I decided that one of my dolls was too tiny one day, I was trying to take pictures of a 9cm doll in the Giant Redwoods! (not that many dolls could stand up to those trees effectively, but definatly WAY too tiny for the situation)
    13. DaisyDayes
      the wigs are easy to get on denver doll site.. they are 3 inch and fit nicely.. I think you can also find them at kemper and monique too.

      Mitya andTh1 the trucker hat/ baseball cap is from a Momoko doll.

      Linakauno and Marilyn in NY I will think about the gluing on, however I really love that she can change into different wigs.. Will have to buy more head caps LOL
    14. Rose I love the Alene's Tacky Glue for wigs. They don't damage anything, you just peel it right off. Min is so cute!
    15. Seconded! And it's just as normal to do this with large dolls (or people) as it is with tiny dolls, so I'd say the size of the doll in this example has nothing to do with it. ;)
    16. What is the tiniest tiny you all have? Is there something tinier than Puki? I love extremely tiny miniature dolls.
    17. LOL! Rose, don't you already wear glasses? :) We need to move onto those huge magnifying head gear thing-ies. I also think we just need to be able to handle smaller things better with our clumsy big fingers, too. She's not too small!
    18. Lati White. They're definitely smaller than a Puki. I think DD Anne dolls are also smaller.

      Rose, it's still very easy to change wigs even if they're glued on. They peel right off and you just glue a different one on. This works especially well mohair skin wigs.
    19. I use tacky glue too for wigs, and my Moona is pipecleaner-wired and my Kai is brilliant, the change of design for the joints means they keep position with no kickiness whatsoever
    20. My tiniest are Secretdoll Baby Fairies. They are really little, but wonderfully made.