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When BJDs Attack....

Feb 1, 2006

    1. I was reading about tightly strung dolls and the 'crazy legs' thing, and was wondering-have any of you actually been savaged by the little horrors?
      I dont expect any of you to have been KO'd, or anything (have you?!?)
      but I expect there's many the black eye, broken nail and kicked crutch out there...especially those of you with the larger dolls!

      I just want to have a kind of advance warning before I receive my two and start wrestling with the little limbs, and lose an eye or something...

      Ill still love' em, just....from a distance.....
    2. bump for horror stories
    3. heh, i've been pinched, brused and had fingernails crack when restringing ... but lucklily that's the worst :D
    4. xD A couple of weeks ago Aubrey head-butted me for the first time. It didn't hurt though, because I made him stand back up before he could hit me. o___o
    5. I don't have many problems with Sakiyo except for her right leg. It is her only crazy leg, and it was like that when I first took her from the box.

      I was sitting with her the other day without thinking and her knee snapped back quickly... her heel nailed me in my right knee (in which I have arthritis, according to my doc). So I'm a bit more careful with how I handle her for now.

      At least until I know how to loosen her strings. ~_~
    6. My Dawn doesn't so much fall over as she explodes. It's hard to describe; her legs kick out in every direction, her arms flail... She's smacked me a couple of times, but since she's a mini, she doesn't pack much of a punch, thankfully.
    7. One time I was dressing Mariah and she fell headlong into my chest (and boobs) so hard that it knocked the wind out of me >.<

      Another time my cousin Fishy, picked Spy up and she couldn't get him to stop pinching her n.n;

    8. I've had Jacinto topple over and whack me in the back of the head while I was posing R&#233;my... Of course my first reaction was to catch them both first, THEN check for bleeding.

      DoC Wis have *very* pointy noses, by the way.
    9. Ghaleon kicked me so hard in the knee when I first got him that I had a honking bruise there! No more injuries now that he's sueded and nearly 2, but my hound always pinches my fingers on his tummy joint!
    10. hmmm lets see Riddel has poked me in the eye, Nefret (on a CP body) has kicked me multiple times. Other then that nothing major :)
    11. QiXa has a kicky leg, but I have gotten head butted a couple of times-- I am too scared to attempt re-stringing!
    12. My Sharmin is a monster.
      She's hit me in the face poked me in the eye.
      But my favorit crazy leg story is;
      Me: "runs up to friend" Look at my new dollie XD "brandishs dollie"
      Friend: NIFTAy, she's so beutiful and refined.
      Fleur: "legs snap back kicking me in the stumich then her legs snapped to either side of her which spread her legs and gave my friend a AHEM good look at her...special "area"
    13. Mikos has kicked me on several occations, and thrashes about like a netted salmon when I try to put one of his wigs on him.

      He also got me in the eye once, just after I'd finished re-setting his eyes. Little thug...

      Mikos: hehehehe- t'was fun...
    14. Ashara likes to head butt me. You'd think it was a hobby. -_-
    15. Harumatsu seems to be a very gentle fellow. He didn't pinch me when I was wiring him... and in spite of having some *serious* Crazy Leg issues, he's never kicked me. The few times he's flopped over while we were working on standing upright, or when I was changing his clothes he's never done it with enough force to hurt me.

      'Didn't even give me a hard time when I pulled his head off and changed his eyes for a bit... ^_^
    16. God the Hound tummy joint! Just a couple of days ago Corpse pinched me so hard it bled, then his leg promptly snapped back and kicked my in, well lets just say I was really glad I wasn't a guy.

      You know there is an old spell I read in a voudoun book once regarding posession by the Gede (death spirits, very lewd and crude) which includes coating the subject in the Gede's colours, (purple black and white- his faceup and clothing colours) and then applying a small amount of blood..... Maybe I should have a closer look at that spell, it could explain a lot!

      PS, the Voudoun Gede info is really abridged (they are more complex spirits than mentioned), but the spell really is that simple!
    17. Let's see. First wound was when restringing Kyohei for the first time... Oboro was holding the elastic in his last leg out so I could hook his foot on. There was a flail, a kick, a flying foot, and when I looked, the hook inside of his foot had cut open my finger underneath the nail @_@ It bled all over and hurt ;_; That's when we decided that Kyo's not really a touchy feely person. ;D

      Wolf pinches me. A lot. It usually ends in me cussing at him and him glaring at me. o_o

      Myobi definitely got me the best, though ^^;; I don't think she -meant- to (at least, I hope not. She's usually so nice @_@ ) but I was attempting to get her to stand, had one hand around her knees to brace her, and the other messing with her ankles to get everything to stay straight and decent, and all the sudden she FLEW forward and clubbed me good in the nose with her eggish Juri head.. This, I might add, is also when I was sick, so not the best time to have a sore AND runny nose. It huuurt, sooo bad. >.< I didn't talk to her for a while. ;D
    18. my girl is sweet and nice, but she gets upset when i leave her alone for a long period, or even a cupple of hours..when i tried to stand her yesterday she stood, then her knee bent back, and she polped into my lap (i was sitting criss-cross-apple-sauce XD)..it was funny and cute, i should have snaped a picture..
      i guess that is my horror story..my baby loves me! :P
    19. My lishe kicked my cat in the nose once..
    20. While resting an SD, My finger got cut and I think I hurt my back.
      After that the b*tch had to go!