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When browsing Doll Websites, does a doll you want to order have to be flawless?

Dec 4, 2010

    1. Or do you settle for a few flaws?
      I guess I'm not a very visual person, because it's hard for me to see what the sculpt is like if there aren't any bald pictures. The wigs usually throw me off. Which is unfortunate. x__x

      I'm not sure which forum this should go in... I'm still kind of new to posting, so please move if needed. >___<

      My other part of this~

      I'm just a little concerned. Lately I've been really interested in one of HappyHouse's BJDs. (Their DF-H 1/4 Air) I think he's adorable and my grandmother has even agreed to buying him if I'd like, but something about him bothers me.

      I'm concerned that if I purchase him, that something, whatever it may be ( I don't know what it is. ;__; ), will begin to bother me too much so I won't be able to bond with him, even though I do think his sculpt is adorable.
    2. I guess ,for me it doesn't have to be 100% exactly the same,flawless :X...I mean ,at least provide the viewer with the front and side view of the head sculpt -_-;....I don't think anything can be that perfect in this world....
      I was once disappointed by my Mix Black because I bought him on an impulse after seeing his side view,which in real,his front is not really what I like.
      I had to change his outfit and wig several tries to like him ....That was what I learnt after so long.If the sculpt has already been around for sometime,go around forums to look for what he or she has turned out to be after arriving at different homes.I'm sure different people has different taste for their dolls.As for the wig,I'm sure companies would have style it themselves,so even with the exact wig,the doll wont be completely the same as shown in the photos.
      A few flaws,like different in face up and slight differences in skin tone is fine with me though,as long as wow,this boy doesn't look so different from what he should be like originally shown in the photos.
      I'm sure you will be able to bond with him if you spent enough time :)
    3. One thing that you could do is search for owners pictures of him or look up reviews of the company! That is what I did before I ordered my first bjd
    4. When you buy anything online/ sight-unseen, it's always important to build yourself a mental shield of "Item may not always look exactly like pictures and/or may not fit me perfectly". No matter how much research you do into this-or-that doll before buying it, actually acquiring it always contains an element of faith. :aangel:

      You have to trust your judgment of what you like, but you also have to be ready to forgive yourself (and the seller) if disappointment strikes. I don't know what kind of "flaws" you're talking about, but if the doll's actually broken or damaged or defective in some way, that's one thing!... and can usually be remedied. But if it's a matter of just not being quite as in-love with the real thing as you'd expected, give yourself a chance to change the doll's hair/eyes/clothes, spend time with him and maybe turn him into what you had in mind. Your gut will tell you whether you bought the right guy.

      Also-- do remember that there are a zillion types/styles of wigs out there, so if your doll doesn't look perfect in the first one you buy him, just keep shopping. Shop shop shop and do not give up. I've had some dolls who took years to find a certain wig/eyes/etc. that's really flawless on them; a love-match doesn't always happen right away.
    5. Hmm...For me it does have to be flawless. But this doesn't include the wigs or whatever, just the sculpt itself has to fit my every need. It does take some skill to be able to see through the face ups and company stock photos, but with practice it's an acquirable skill :} Owner pics too, like mentioned above, are very helpful.

      I just feel like if one thing bothers me slightly when i'm looking at it online, it'll bother the hell out of me forever, so I shouldn't waste money and time on something that isn't exactly what I want :} I'm just A.R like that. The perfect sculpt does happen! You just have to be patient >U< <3 Being so picky this way also saves me from falling into 'oops i just bought 10 dolls i wasn't planning for' trap :}
    6. If I settle for a few flaws I would want the price to reflect it. Unfortunately most sellers think some flaws are "barely noticable", and they still want the pristine price.

      If your Grandmother buys it and you get this as a gift then you should try to love it. It would be easier to re-sell a doll if it isn't a gift, especially from a relative. That's a nice gift.
    7. I would look up whether the doll you want has flaws in it or not. ^^ You always have to expect these things though. (Especially how photos are definitely not always correct, plus you have to consider if you're getting the same face up, the wig, the eyes...all that stuff.)

      Personally if it's a doll I really like, I'll put up with the flaws. :sweat
      Ahah for the money you pay you'd think they have to be perfect...but I don't really think so; I personally didn't buy an expensive BJD so I expect the worse, ahah. xD Which is another thing; it DEPENDS, but sometimes how much you pay can say something too. I don't think this is always true, but sometimes this is the case. I did notice some things that I consider flaws on the doll I ordered but...I like the doll itself too much to really care about that and I completely overlook it; I'm just happy I have a BJD now. :sweat
    8. I have this problem continuously- I fall in love with a piece of the doll, for example: the shape of the eyes/lips, the face structure etc. and then I realize at some point down the line that I only like the doll for that one feature, and while that one feature is exactly what I want, it's not going to do me any favours to spend all that money. That said, you'd be surprised at what you actually get sometimes. I tend to forget that when X doll is mine, it's not going to look anything like the pictures, which in some cases is a good thing to remind myself of. That's where owners pics come in. However, if you can't find any, and you really think you love him for the most part, I'd say get him. Give it a few months in different wigs and eyes, and see if he doesn't grow on you.
    9. It depends I guess on what you mean by flaws. If I'm buying a doll for a character, then they need to look like that character -- sometimes it's hard to get a dead on match, but I prioritize what features are most important and what I can live with. If I'm buying the doll just because I like the doll, then there is clearly something about it that really grabbed me and the sculpt doesn't bother me in a way that would make me not want it.

      It's also true (as others have stated) that dolls don't look just like the pictures necessarily. In my own experience, they are better in real life, though if you're really sold on the doll looking exactly like the promo pic you may be disappointed as that promo pic is just one way the doll can be made to look in a picture taken under specific conditions. If you're having trouble looking past things like wigs and faceups, my suggestion is to check out as many owner pics as you can -- that way you can see the same sculpt done up in a variety of different ways.

      Also, these dolls are meant to be changed and fiddled with to suit their owners -- nothing about them is set in stone.
    10. agree xD I search around to see how other owners take care of their doll that is the same model as mine... and also before ordering, its better to see how the doll is actually like... because sometimes the official doll pictures has been photoshoped~
    11. Listen to the Jen. She is wise.
    12. I would only pick dolls that are flawless to me, because I only want a few dolls, so those flaws will be something I see everyday, and might bother me. If I'm going to shell out that much money, I better have picked a good one to spend it all on. You see? If I picked dolls that all looked 90 percent perfect to me, or 95, or 99, I'd always have dolls on my wishlist that I didn't 100 percent love. I would only pick dolls that I have 100 percent, and that does include consideration of flaws.

      The fact is, if it's a flaw to you, it won't be the right doll for you. Just keep looking.
    13. I don't believe there's a flawless doll out there. Perfect for what you want, possibly. But every sculpt and every body has flaws.

      I think it is important to remember that these dolls were designed to be customized, so what you start with isn't what you have to end up with. Not everyone wants to do it, but some people will do quite extensive customization to bring their vision to life. For me, the doll has to grab me for whatever reason. If it grabs me, I'll probably be okay with its "flaws". And it has to fit a character, by which something in its aura fits that character. No doll could be exactly like one of my characters, and nor would I want one to be, because that would be like, hey, doll company, get out of my head! :sweat

      Making a nice doll of reasonable quality is the company's job. Getting the doll right is mine. :)
    14. I don't think there are dolls that are flawless, just my two sense at play.
    15. My first (and currently only) SD doll came to be because she was flawed. Her original owner pulled a string and damaged her body. (It was pretty catastrophic. she cracked a wrist joint and destroyed the hook in the hand.)

      She put the doll up on Ebay, separating the head and the body. I bid on both but the body went too high for my budget at the time. I won the head pretty much uncontested.

      So I had an SD head and a bunch of MSD dolls for a while, then made a deal with Junky Spot (oh, how I love Junky Spot!) to get a Bobobie SD sized body for the head.

      So now I have a Jolly Plus Jise head on a Bobobie NS body, and the color match is great, my doll is gorgeous, and I never would have gotten an SD doll if it hadn't been for that previous owner who badly damaged her doll.

      I had never heard of Jolly Plus before the auction, and I am now completely in love with their sculpts. My doll, Lila, has a custom face-up that is stunning, and she came to me with slitted eyes. In fact, I have friends who are pursuing Jolly Plus dolls because they love my girl so much.

      So sometimes flaws are actually a draw for me. I'm a "DIY" and "Fix-it" girl, myself, and a doll with some damage or flaws just needs a little bit more care and love.
    16. The sculpt needs to be perfect for what I want it to be for me to order it anymore. No more "That's close enough" attempts because in the end they're a waste of money.

      I have very specific ideas of what I want my dolls to look like and if they don't meet them in photos online, they're not going to meet them in person either as you cannot simply remove deficiencies in the sculpt. Modding is out because I don't really like modding.

      Now, if you are talking about flaws in that the doll is damaged in some way, then no, I would not buy it.
    17. What I look for is a good base to suit a character of mine. The sculpt it self is the only thing that matters to me. I have never bought any fullsets or defaults.
      For example the Musedoll Re-Che was perfect for my character Patrick except his cheeks were too chubby so I sanded them down and now he is perfect.
      As long as a doll is close enough it works for me but that is because I have no trouble taking sharp instruments to my dolls and mod the hell out of them. :lol:
    18. Flaws are OK if they are not the kind that will really annoy me. No doll is perfect. BUT--we have to try and get the ones that don't have aspects that we really don't like, because we're paying lots of money and investing time and effort and care and all that. Why choose something that you don't REALLY like? Of course, if the things you like are HUGE and the flaws not so bad, then that's probably just fine.