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When browsing dolls, do you gravitate towards ones that look similar you?

Jan 26, 2017

    1. Do you seek out dolls that have similar facial features or eye-shapes like yours? (even when you may have a specific character in mind?)
      Do you end up having a collection of dolls that look eerily similar?

      Just curious ~
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    2. Nope. I feel like the few that I have look very different facial feature wise but they are all Fantasy inspired
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    3. I can't say I've ever found a doll that looks similar to me. Most dolls don't have the appropriate features or proportions to actually look like people, with the exception of companies like Iplehouse.

      However, there is a certain aesthetic I like, and I think all of my dolls reflect that. :kitty2
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    4. I think I've never seen a doll that look like me, and I've never wanted one. But my dolls all look similar, because I only buy according my personal taste, I like more realistic features, and faces that look like Final Fantasy Characters. I don't create characters, so I buy only what I find cute or attractive. Maybe if I thought about different characters, I would have different dolls.
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    5. I have a couple dolls my family say look like me :lol: (probably cuz they are blonde)
      But, if they do, it was definitely unconscious.

      Most of my dolls however look nothing like me :thumbup
    6. I don't think a doll that looked like me would sell!

    7. I can't say I do, because there aren't a lot of dolls who look like me. My body shape isn't the average sculpt of a BJD, especially Asian inspired ones. My exact hair color also seems to be difficult to find, the reds I find are either way too light, or way too dark.

      I would say in general some of the body shapes of BJDs are pretty close to each other, but the faces and how one customizes them makes the BJDs look different from one another. I also tend to like the looks of dolls who aren't human, or only half human looking.
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    8. Nope, not in the slightest.

      Starting with I collect females which I'm not.

      And they dress much better than I do.
    9. Sort of. I specifically chose my first doll to look like a cutesy version of me, and every doll I've purchased since fits the same aesthetic. (And now that I'm conscious of it, I think they dress how I'd like to. I need to build my own wardrobe more.)
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    10. The only thing that my dolls and I share is the shape of our faces, but I feel like the kind of pointed chin, rounded cheeks look is pretty generic for msd so I don't think that it was really something influenced by my subconscious. ^-^
      (I really like sweet faces, and my face is like the epitome of grouchy all the time so I guess I'm looking for the opposite!)
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    11. No. If a doll like me ever existed, I think I'd quit all kinds of dolls all together. Heh.

      I just buy what's cute, pretty or handsome. Like another poster said, I'm not into creating characters out of my dolls. I just want them to dress up in clothes and make items for them. I guess that's a pretty basic, boring objective.
    12. I may have 1 or 2 that may be reminiscent of me in coloring or facial features only but I honestly do not buy dolls that look like me.
    13. Yes and no.

      I have been analysing what I like and why I like certain things. While I find pretty, both downturned and upturned eyes, I am more attracted to upturned eyes like mine. I am also attracted to the same jawline like mine. For example, Baize from Loongsoul - jawline and cheeks, and You You from Doll Love - nose and lips. Although I do not own any of them, yet. My current dolls, Adori and L-bi, both have upturned eyes.

      On another hand, I choose such dolls not, because they look like me, but because I am attracted to such facial features. And unconsciously I am attracted to such facial features because they look like me.:? This happens not only for me, but for a lot of people. Just not a lot of people ponder about it.

      Moreover, I do not think, that this is something bad. In the end, what matters, is that collection brings happyness to the collector.;)
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    14. I can safely say I look nothing like my 5th Motif Venitu.
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    15. omg this is so true! i dress my dolls the way i would LIKE to dress. *sigh* wardrobe building for human-sized clothes is hard tho! Finding stuff that fits and looks good is difficult for me.
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    16. Never have I found a doll as ugly as me lol.
      Nah but for real, I rather look for my beauty ideal than for dolls that look like me. Probably because I don't like my look but as for dolls I pretty much have a taste and it is the complete opposite of me!
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    17. Nope. I like things that are different from me and from each other. My Switch boys are similar and my dolls from Russian artists have a similar vibe but all look pretty different...I think.
    18. I doubt I'd get a doll that looked like me...I'm sometimes curious about what sculpt could look like me, but there are so many beautiful dolls out there, why would I get one so bland? ;)
    19. No, not at all. My dolls are all over the place looks-wise.