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When did I get so many/much?

Jul 14, 2011

    1. Until I had to pack it all up to move I never thought I had that many dolls or stuff for them. I figured everyone could go back in their boxes, the SD twins' stuff could fit in that carrier, the MSD pairs' stuff could go in their carrier, the tiny babies just need a shoe box sized container, the small mini only has a couple of outfits that would fit in his box...

      The mini couple needs a suitcase, the twins need a person size shoe box just for their shoes, the tiny dolls need a double size shoe box, and I forgot all bout their props!

      Have you surprised yourself at how much stuff you've ended up with for your dolls and wondered when and where did it all come from? And is it impossible to part with because it would upset them?
    2. I'm a little shocked when I seriously look at it all, yes. The doll boxes and most of their stuff is all over the bedroom...I can't look anywhere without seeing a doll or a box! XD My Iple mini girl has the most clothing and right now it's all stored in two little shipping boxes. Luckily the dolls that have the most props came in boxes with room for them and the toys; I love FL's Littlefee boxes, lol. I don't know if it would make me sad to part with any of it; I gave a little laptop prop I bought for my Iple girl to my bestie for her girl. It made her happy and it looked better with her doll, too.
    3. Yep, know the feeling! I started out with larger dolls but found it so hard to find props so that's when my love of tinies came in, at first it was really no big deal with storage...the more dolls that came here the more stuff they needed. From 1/12 scale I moved on to 1/6 with the littlefee's ...... boy did stuff ever start to fall out of the closet at that point. I do have just way to much stuff and still looking for me. I think any time tinies come into the picture this will always be a problem...where to put all that stuff!
    4. Yes. Every day. The biggest surprise of all was when I was trying to explain how many shoes I owned...I said I had over 30 dolls, all of them wearing shoes. And enough shoes left over for all of them to be shod again. Some twice. I didn't realize how many I had until that moment. It was kind of a shock....

      I need to sell some shoes^^;
    5. Well ^^;; A yes for this question...I tried my best to avoid it though hehees.....I think I have a pretty big resin crew so I always get this thought that oh A has this but not B...I shall get something for him...and as this thought continues, their stuffs increases day by day-_-;...Now I could stuff at least one doll box full for each sizes from SD13~70s.......
      My wardrobe has been the same ever since I got my first doll,no,mine has been reduced,some old ones has been donated- -....now their stuffs are all packed in boxes and kept in my wardrobe to save space ^^;......I just couldn't decide which to sell since I find that almost all fit them so well=////=.................
    6. Three double size bags to keep six of the large ones and the tiny resin pet, two single ones for another large couple, two more for the extra of one of them and the spare bodies that are useful, an small bag for the two MSD, a large case with wheels for two of the biggest, a huge trunk with wheels as well which is not enough for most of their clothes, also a big box, and two small trunks for the clothes of the smaller ones, a wide shelf for their shoes and another little trunk and two little cases more, another wide shelf of the same wardrobe for their wigs, four full drawers for their many extra heads, feet, hands and eyes and there are still many things which need to be stored besides materials and props. I really wonder when it all became that much.
    7. I'm the same, I've always thought I had very little stuff for my two until a dolly friend was shocked at how much I had. ^^;
      I did just count 16 pairs of shoes (14 of them are my girls. Greedy cow. XD) That's 10 more pairs of shoes than /I/ have! And I have a tiny doll collection!
    8. Yes! I'm trying to get my stuff together now, since I'm moving in January and I don't like being rushed. But, my dolls have a ton of stuff. I have so many props that I don't have room for them so I'm taking them to the salvation army. And I still have no idea what I'm going to do with the clothes.
    9. Yes. It's really not the amount of dolls, though, as most of them can fit into a small suitcase together. It's the clothes, shoes, accessories and props. Boxes and boxes of them, overflowing into my small house. I sometimes wonder if I haven't gone mad.
    10. Not really. I'm very particular about the things I buy my dudes so I have a pretty good idea of how much stuff they all have which, in reality, isn't very much at all. I keep all their things all squared away in specific boxes as it is so I know how much space it all takes up. The only things that seem to get away from me are the amount of little foods I have for them. I'm addicted to buying miniature foods no matter how cheesy or fake it looks so the small box I have to hold it all had just about run out of space and it surprises me how much I've actually managed to accumulate!
    11. Not particularly, in retrospect. I don't buy clothing and shoes often, unless I absolutely want something/it's a good price/have some spare cash to play with. So I can easily fit all of my dolls' wearables into the one drawer of my nightstand. Sometimes I wish I had more clothing to be shocked at! lol. But when I find an outfit that suits one of them, I tend to leave it on for quite a while so I accumulate pieces slowly.

      I was surprised at how quickly I accumulated dolls this year however. It's probably not much for super avid hobbyists, but having gone a few years without buying anything new and suddenly owning 2 new boys within 2-3 months of each other, I was really taken aback! Having been out of the buying loop for so long left me wanting everything at once haha. So perhaps I'll be thinking 'how did I get this much?' sometime next year.
    12. Freya's only been back with me for a few days and I'm already shocked at the amount of clothes I've bought/made for her already :O I've got a feeling her shoe collection is going to be massive, I'm a little addicted to doll shoes lol
    13. I've never thought about it, but I have A LOT of doll clothes. I don't use them all though, so that's probably why I don't think about it. xD I have two dolls and a floating head, and yet I have two gallon sized zip-lock bags of clothes (one's nearly full and the other only has two dresses in it) and the same sized bag of wigs and eyes. A lot of the clothes came with the dolls when I bought them (I've bought all my girls secondhand so far), so I just keep collecting without giving a second thought to how much I've accumulated.

      I guess I should sort through them and find a plastic storage container for all of it. xwx;
    14. Yes, I'm definitely overwhelmed by how many dolls I've bought in a short amount of time. I took a two year break from doing anything doll related, and I've really went overboard buying new ones recently. I keep planning to not buy more, but then a new limited comes out or I see something on the MP I want. I don't really have a lot of outfits, though. As long as everyone has at least one high quality outfit, I'm satisfied. I've noticed my SD guys have more clothing than my MSDs, but my MSDs have more shoes. None of them have props, but I did buy a human sized bench for them to sit on.
    15. I feel bad because I've had my DiM Sergei, Akiyoshi, since May 2007......yet Makoto, my Delf Chiwoo that I got October 2009 has taken over and easily has 3x the amount of stuff Akiyoshi has T^T
    16. If I think about all of our doll stuff and the idea of having to move with it: :ablah:! I think having to pack it all would really drive home the physical reality of the hobby.

      We didn't have dolls the last time we moved. Now, between 40ish big dolls, a dresser full of doll clothes, several totes of shoes and wigs, a mini tansu full of eyes and jewelry, doll boxes/bags, craft supplies for dolls, props... it's like we increased what would need moving by 1/4. Our other big collection is art books which is heavy to move but adding fragile dolls to the mix makes me hope that we never have a long distance to pack for. It's a good thing I get rid of old things when I get involved in new hobbies.

      I don't know if anyone has seen that Japanese book about people who collect a single clothing brand? Each person is photographed in their living space surrounded by their complete collection, I think that would have a nice visual impact with doll collectors as a focus. :sweat
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    17. I'm not worried about moving with it... I moved last year. But I was thinking about it in the "disaster evacuation" thread... It used to be that i could throw my dolls into one or two bags, but now, NOT. If there is a fire or flood or whatever, and i had to get out fast, I'd be in trouble JUST trying to get all the dolls together, nevermind all the bins of wigs and clothes and shoes! But it's really worth quite a lot--so I'd certain still TRY.

      Things seemed to really explode in the last few years. I know how I got so much... I bought more dolls and more stuff for them all...

      It's not that I wonder about it. I know how I got it. And I don't worry about the doll's feelings about selling stuff. To me, that's silly. If I will miss it when it's gone, that's different. I can sell some stuff... but I have slight hoarder mentality about maybe needing something in the future...

      I'm not worried about getting rid of stuff. I have lots of other stuff I should sell first anyway!
    18. My whole family has a 'collector' streak. My parents found out how bad theirs was about a decade ago, when they moved -- and they were literally just moving from one house to the house next door. (Long story, short form being that my father's mother lived in a larger house, next door to the small one where I grew up.) They'd been living in that house for about 30 years without a move, so when it came time for it to happen... whooboy, was that an eye opener.

      If I had to move all of my dolls, I suspect the original boxes would have to go, unfortunately. There are simply too many, and realistically, they are not space efficient in such a large number. I'd end up ordering an unholy lot of Soom's zipper sleeves, using lots of bubble wrap, and layering the lot of them very carefully in heavy duty moving boxes. Likely a number of them would end up disassembled completely for transport. Their collective 'stuff' could likely fit into one moving box. Them? ...I still don't even really want to think about it.

      Their numbers really have crept up on me far more quickly than I ever expected.
    19. I don't have a lot for my dolls, but I'm still sort of surprised at how much I have. My second doll doesn't have a whole lot, but my first, Emma, has a lot of various things - about 1/3 are things I've sewn (that fit). She doesn't have a lot of tops, though; just a sweatshirt, a sweater, and the too-short-dress that I decided looked better as a top. I'm still getting the hang of sewing shirts, but it's different than sewing pants. Pants I could probably do in my sleep.

      But I do need a second container for my larger doll; Emma has a relatively small, tube-like can, and that's actually filling up fast. There's no room for the shoes and other clothes for him; OK, maybe his shirt, but definitely not his shoes.
    20. Just tonight I was changing my Resinsoul tiny's clothes, and realized she has WAY more clothes than I have. Just her jacket pile was alarmingly huge, not to mention the heap of skirts, pile of dresses, and mound of pants/shorts/capris. And the big box of wigs - she can wear Liv wigs, so she has LOTS. She only has a few shoes, though. Most of mine only have one or two outfits, but props and furniture are taking over my house. I have a whole large Expedit shelving unit from Ikea with drawer and cabinet inserts that is 90% doll stuff, in addition to the stuff in the room shelves and the furniture on top of the shelving unit, and the small set of drawers with all the cleaning/restringing stuff, and the two shelves of faceup supplies in the spare room.