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When did Luts change their resin?

Aug 11, 2007

    1. Sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place and also if this question has already been asked before. Does anyone know when Luts changed their resin colour? I am trying to get another pair of hands for one of my girls and she is the older resin that is a lot less peachy than the newer Luts resin.
      Any help will be greatly appreciated :D

      Many thanks
      Samantha :aheartbea
    2. As far as I know, they don't consciously change the resin color. It's just something that happens from batch to batch. If the newer resin doesn't match up at all I think your best bet would be to search for hands on the secondary market that were purchased around the same time as the doll they're mean to be used with. Hope you can find what you're looking for. ^_^
    3. This does seem to be the case. It just happens. A lot of people have complained about CP resin not matching itself.

      I have a head and body that weren't cast together but were cast near the same time and they don't match.
    4. I seem to remember reading somewhere that Luts did consciously change their resin colour at some point in time. Though I totally agree that even now if you buy a head and then a body or hands from a different batch there is a slight variation.
    5. Well you can always blush them to try to match the colour if worse comes to worse...either that or put out a wtb on an older set of hands on the marketplace.
    6. They do have a new resin called "Real Skin" but so far they're only using it for Kid Delf and Senior Delf, I believe.
    7. I believe they did change the resin batch early 2007/ late 2006, but I'm not entirely sure.
    8. They did change their resin at some point between 2004 and late 2005. I got a new head from Luts in Nov. '05, and got a body used off of DoA from late '04 or early '05, and the resins were very different. The old skin matched very well with Volks old skin. It's a very yellowy sort of resin that's lighter in color. The new stuff is a little darker, and has more orangey-pink undertones.

      Different batches of Luts resin can vary some, but I haven't seen as much miss-match as with that since then. I ordered a MNF girl also, in Jan. '07, and she very nearly matched the head I got in '05. She was a little darker and even more peachy, but it wasn't a HUGE difference. I almost wondered when I had them next to each other if my girl from '05 had faded some, and if that was part of it. I honestly can't tell.
    9. Hard to say... my biggest prob with the luts resin was such:
      I used to own a mnf lishe head that I bought second hand. I had no idea when it had been made... I had put it next to a NS Harang head that I also got around the same time and the harang was very much darker so I figured "oh it must be bw"..... So ordered it a bw body. Body came, body matched very well! Was so very pleased. Decided a couple months down the line when they released optional hands, ordered the set I wanted in WS.... very NO MATCH! Had the recent rehash of the beauty green white resin, same color as my bw body I ordered for my Yder elf (a year after yder elf was released). In the same order as the hands a friend of mine got a set of NS hands, which matched 100% perfectly with my mnf's skin, but her NS shiwoo was a tad darker than the hands.
    10. Yep... They changed the formula or some such in late 2005. Looking at my older dolls, the colors are a bit different. The resin seems quite a bit heavier, too.
    11. Thanks everyone :D That has helped me a lot. I knew there was a definite change just couldn't for the life of me remember when it was. So if I will be on the look out for old hands from about 2004, lol.

      I agree the new resin is very peachy compared to the old, it's still lovely don't get me wrong, just difficult to match.

      Hugs to everyone that responded :daisy