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When do you consider your doll to be ''Complete''?

Mar 17, 2010

  1. Yes! You bet! Outta the question!

  2. Welllll.... I have been meaning too... butttt..... Fine! No! Gosh!

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    1. Hey guys!

      So, todays topic (hehe) is ''Complete'' dolls.
      What does ''Complete'' mean to you?
      I consider my First doll complete in the sense of, she has a good outfit, good wig, nice faceup, shoes etc.
      As for my second doll, she is almost complete in my terms, she is getting a wig soon.
      But in my own terms personally she isnt complete.
      Some people just need a good outfit or even just the doll itself.
      What are your terms of a ''Complete'' doll?
      Or if you dont really care.
      For me, im just paranoid XD
      I have to have my doll the way its character is.
      What about you?

    2. Good question! I think they are complete when they a faceup that reflects the personality - this is the most important to me, (My DES looks 'sweet' right now, but she is really an arrogant demanding punk) - and the eyes and wig that I want. Now I am not picky about eyes as most people are - the most I have bought for a doll is 1 pair. I pick very carefully and am satisfied with them. Wigs are much harder though. I decide on personality before the doll arrives, so that is not an issue. Now if there are big accessories that I need, like my girl needs a pair of wings, then I do want them, but I do not feel she is 'incomplete.'

      Only the incorrect eyes, faceup, and wig make me feel that she is incomplete.

      To me outfit does not matter. Of course I buy my doll outfits and shoes, but I like to change them. Thats why I only have one doll - so she can have a good wardrobe and such!
    3. I see, very nice!
      Yea, im not picky about eyes hehe
      I am HORRIBLE at possitioning them, i feel like a loser when my dad walks in and im on the ground grunting and yelling ''STUPID EYES HOW HARD IS IT TO GET YOU IN ONE FRIGGN POSITION!?!?!?!?''
      My dad just shakes his head and walks away hehe
    4. Yep, nice question!

      I'd consider my dolls *COMPLETE* when: Abstractically, they have names and clearly defined personalities. A back-story isn't necessary, but I should at least know who they are, what they are like, and their clothing style etc. Physically, they have THE face-up and at least one set of eyes, wig, clothes, and shoes that suit their character perfectly! :)

      That said, none of my dolls are *COMPLETE* right now. :sweat I'm still trying to grasp my first doll's character (right now, she's a cute, lolita-wearing witch?) and am getting suitable clothes/eyes/wigs for my other dolls.
    5. For me, it's when they have the outfit, wig, eyes and faceup that seem perfect for them and at the very least a name and basic character/personality. I had one who took almost two *years* to get to a point where he felt complete to me because that is how long it took to finally get everything I wanted for him. I had another who was complete in just a couple months because he arrived with a faceup I loved and it was incredibly easy to find just about everything I wanted for him.
    6. The right wig, a Good faceup, all tattoos etc, the right eyes, any defining accessories, and one whole outfit. By those standards only a few of my 13 dollies are Complete, but it's all in the journey!
    7. For me a complete doll means they have a head, a body, a faceup, eyes and a wig. Clothes don't matter.
    8. I only call a doll 'complete' when everything is done. That means face up, blushing, sueding, wiring (if required), the perfect wig, the perfect eyes, at least one complete perfect outfit (Including underwear, socks and shoes.) and the basic accessories I associate with the character. As a result NONE of mine are 100% complete! :...(

      Althamal is really, really close to complete. He is wired, sueded, face-upped, blushed, has one full perfect outfit, accessories and the perfect wig. The eyes he is using aren't perfect, but the Blue Jelly Mystics SHOULD complete him if they ever come. :|

      Chrys is close. I'm still buying him wigs in search of elusive perfection, but he does have several that are fine. I'm waiting on his sky blue Mystics, but he has some suitable Enchanteds. He has about four or five outfits, underclothes and accessories. His face up needs a tiny bit of touch up and he needs to be blushed, so he's still not complete.

      Little Chrys is also really close, but he could use wiring, sueding and a better wig.

      None of the rest are even close. *_*
    9. To me complete is: If my dolls have the right face-up, wig, clothes, shoes and stuff. ^^
    10. a complete doll to me is when I'm happy with the faceup, body, eyes and wigs. I like each of my dolls to have a lingerie set to lounge around in when they're not working as sewing models.
    11. for me a doll is complete when they have the right "feel" to them. This usually means I got the faceup right, and they have the right eyes and wig (the eyes seem to have the most impact on me)

      A few of my dolls have important aspects that go beond that, such as accessories or accoutrements, or needing particular clothing...so it takes time

      Just recently i went to a doll meet, and finally found the right pair of boots for one of my boys. Something about him had always been off, then I put those boots on him and suddenly he was perfect! (thanks Catdancer :) )

      One of my dolls is perfect now, and feels complete, even though she has no clothes of her own yet

      But I think the answer is no, my dolls are not complete, and never will be, because I can always improve them
    12. Interesting topic!

      I have a few dolls that I consider semi-complete; they look close to what I envisioned,
      but are missing the right “accessories” (mostly eyes and wigs, clothing is not important to me).
      Others, like my Minimees, are still long ways to go – some still need major mods, or bodies,
      but I procrastinate, so it could take a while for any of them to be “complete.” XD
      Others are in “limbo,” I’m not sure that they work anymore, so I am still undecided about
      what to do with them anymore (certainly not sell them, but maybe get a second doll to represent
      a V2 of that same character – that sucks for me because I never sell anything I already own,
      but also don’t want to own more than 7-dolls! T___T).

      - Enzyme ^ ^
    13. Oh my dolls are far from being complete !!! I need to progress in make up and I must buy some accessories for them, then I could say that my dolls are complete....I hope one of them will be this year (cross fingers)
    14. I am glad everyone is enjoying this topic :D
      Yea, you have to think about it, personality is a biggy for me, they have to match my doll hehe
    15. I consider my dolls to be complete when they have names, personality, a face up that reflects that personality, proper wig & eyes. The perfect outfit & shoes can be hard to find, especially if you have a hard to fit doll, so I try to be satisfied with them even though they might not have the perfect outfit yet.
    16. Mine are complete when they have the perfect face, wig, eyes, and clothes for the personality I have made up for them. Many of my dolls are still works in progress, alas.
    17. I am in the same boat as most people. The right face-up, eyes, wig, one perfect outfit makes a doll complete for me. The only exception was Darastrix who was "missing" her wings for quite a while. Now that I finally have them, she is complete (even if she does not wear them 24/7).

      As for "complete", that does not mean I will never get anything for that doll ever again. If I find a nice outfit or an accessory that screams out that it must belong to one of my dolls, I am likely to pick it up to add to their collection.
    18. To me, a complete doll has head, allbody parts eyes wig and faceup.

    19. For me a doll is complete when you are 1000% satisfied with not only their physical being, but their background as well. I currently have two dolls that are 100% percent complete.

      Next week I'm giong to be offically four years into this hobby. And it took me all four years to get my original chracter Caleb together. He has gone though so many changes. At first he was a CP Shiwoo with black hair and purple eyes. Then his hair changed to silver with brown eyes. Then the wig changed to white. And then he moved into a Dia boy with a white wig and now his hair is back to black. And I finally have a wardrobe that suits him. So sometimes it may take several years before a doll is complete.

      At first I tried to force his chracter but eventually he story started to write itself.
    20. Basically when I feel I shouldn't change anything big about them anymore.
      All my dolls have only one clothing set, and one wig, and a faceup. Accesoiries might change overtime, and maybe a new outfit but in general they're complete when I go like... "yeaaaaah <3 " And want to take pictures of them aaaaaaall the time.
      My MNF Marcia is complete, allthough she could use a better body, but that's of later concern. Her overall pictrue if perfect, while my Littlefee needs a new faceup and my Resinsoul Ju needs new eyes and a new outfit and new shoes (and I've had her the longest!)
      Also, I'm not a big fan of complete roleplay backstories, mainly because they never make sense. But I do like to have a story as to why all my dolls are together and as long that makes a bit of sense, I'm happy :)